Figure It Out, Then Do It.

Last Update: March 31, 2016

Good afternoon, beautiful WA peeps!

Here I am to continue sharing the biggest lesson I'm currently experiencing in my own business with the community here at Wealthy Affiliate, in hopes that it brings you significantly more success in your own business.

Today, I'm asking for your forgiveness in advance. Those of you that know me, know that every piece of content I put out it is as high quality as I can possibly create.

Today won't be an exception to that, but I'm in the middle of putting this lesson into action in my own business as I write this, and I need to get back into crunch mode (but I didn't want to miss my monthly commitment to you and the rest of the community!).

What I'm sharing today is simple to read, but hard to implement. It may sound like a "no brainer" to many of you, which makes it even easier to blow off, but it's something that all of us (myself included) can likely improve upon.

This lesson comes from a recent promotion I'm doing for one of my sites. I'm creating a virtual reality review YouTube channel/niche website, and I'm really enjoying the process so far. A really important virtual reality headset is currently shipping its first preorders (the Oculus Rift CV1), and since the site is less than a month old, I wanted to "think outside the box" and capitalize on it with a newsworthy event.

I asked one of the Oculus communities on Reddit if they'd be interested in seeing a 30+ hour live stream where I don't sleep, I take minimal breaks, and I spend an hour with each official "launch title" available upon the headset's release. The response was overwhelmingly positive, but...

Within an hour, I started to think, "Oh sh*t. What have I just committed to?"

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach, and I had so many different tasks that I needed to knock out in the coming days that my head was spinning. So what did I do?

I started figuring it out. Piece-by-piece, bit-by-bit, step-by-step. I made to-do list after to-do list, and as I write this, I still have a TON of work ahead of me before the event kicks off on Sunday.

You can use these little obstacles as an excuse to stop for the day (or the week/month), or you can plow through them. Almost everything you need to be successful is available here in the community/training at WA, and if it's not, you can always ask the community with a question of your own or write your referrer. Almost every top affiliate here at WA does all they can to help their referrals become successful, myself included, which means personally answering questions, responses to profile posts, messages, etc.

And you know what? A lot of it is available on Google and YouTube when it's not available here! We live in an incredible age where information is in very high supply.

The people I've seen become successful time and time again in this industry aren't the ones that give way to "analysis paralysis". They figure it out, and then they do it.

They make mistakes, and they learn from them. Then they encounter another obstacle, figure it out, and do it.

In my blog post last month, I talked about moving the needle just a tiny bit each day, and before you know it, you'll be successful.

Here I am now, talking about how you will hit obstacles, figure them out, and then hit more obstacles.

This industry is starting to sound very cyclical, isn't it? That's because it is.

We're all on the same roller coaster that's going 'round and 'round and 'round. Some are getting off, and some are soaking up every lesson/detail they can with each time around the track.

Don't give up and get off. Figure it out, and then buckle back up for the next time around.

Don't use it as an excuse to delay or feel sorry for yourself. The next time you push through an obstacle may result in your first commission. Or if you're farther down the road in your journey, maybe it's what earns you an extra $1K per month.

Don't delay or stall. Figure it out, then do it.

Now I've got to get back to doing this in my own business! I wish you all an incredible April full of growth, and hope at the end of it you're more successful (or closer to success) than you've ever been before.

See you guys on the roller coaster ;)

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Kyle Premium Plus
Wow, a 30 hour live stream. I heard that if you mix redbull and coffee you can stay up for 2 days straight. lol

Sometimes if you commit yourself to something that others (and even yourself) may find totally unrealistic and do so publicly, it makes us accountable for achieving something you never would have done before.

And perhaps your 30 hour live streams might become a weekly thing if you thorough enjoy the lack of sleep and the overload of "uppers".
NORZ Premium
On the side note: Please be careful with redbull as it can cause cardiac arrest.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, maybe not a good idea. Stick to the coffee, ideally espresso shots around hour 25.
NORZ Premium
Haha! Yeah, that would be better. :D
pribs Premium Plus
Hahaha! Totally agree on the accountability part - it's a real kick in the a**. If weekly marathons = success than I'll probably end up doing it, don't tempt me!

Something something selling soul to the devil something something am ginger don't have a soul.
EddySalomon Premium
Well said Ian! I hope this virtual reality stuff does really take off and its get better and better where you won't need big doofy glasses to take full advantage of it. LOL
pribs Premium Plus
It definitely will, man. It's just where the tech is at right now. But I think most people that experience it firsthand will "get it" and not give a crap about the headset long before the tech catches up.

Not Eddy, though. I know how much you hate it when things mess up your hair.
EddySalomon Premium
I put a lot of work into my hair Ian. Stop hating. Lol
EricHere Premium
Thanks it and I have a life hack niche site that I have thought about over the last year that I just may resurrect now that I have a forum like WA to learn in called Full Time Life Hacker - with a motto of “Do it, Just Faster!”

Another interesting practice that I have found helpful (when I am faithful to it) is creating a daily "Did List" - listing out and celebrating what I accomplished that day provides self-encouragement :)
pribs Premium Plus
For me, it's seeing a line through each item on my "to do" list that I've typically created the day before ;) All the same concept, though! Little bitty dopamine releases.
ecomtom Premium
Thanks Ian. Your posts are always helpful/encouraging. I look forward to reading your material. Tom
SZev Premium
Yup, figure it out. Here's a great, short inspirational video about this very topic: Good luck on Sunday!