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My name is Ian and I first began making money as an affiliate marketer when I was 19 years old. A lot of projects have come and gone; thrived and failed since then but I wouldn't choose anything else to do for a living.

The project that is currently my main focus is a blog called StoppingScams.com/FIMP/ where we write honest internet marketing product reviews and I publish **SUPER** high-quality, 100% free IM training. Little by little, I'm trying to do my part to renew and rebuild the face of this industry as a little brighter and a lot more honest.

I make it a point to respond to every contact and message I receive personally, so if you have any questions or think I might be able to help you with anything please don't hesitate to reach out. I'd be happy to lend a hand any way I can.
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JAscensao Premium
Howdy Ian,

I was looking for a review on Traffic Brokers as it was sounding pretty shoddy to me and I stumbled upon your review. That's what brought me here.

I'm an university student who found himself spending too much online without having any income. And so I thought: If I spend it online, why not earn ir online? And this is how my journey into here began.

Now it's time to roll up my sleeves and break some eggs!
pribs Premium
Haha, awesome! Thanks for stopping by to introduce yourself, Jorge! I started all of this while I was in college too - it's a good time to get things going while you still have some spare time without having to work a full-time job ;)
kiahami Premium
Hi Ian,
I'm Victor.
Read one of your review and got led here.
I've tried internet marketing a few years back.
Paid for online courses. Set up website. Set up blog. Paying for some ads. Wrote a few blogs. That's about it.

One of the reasons I stopped is the thought of consistently dumping a sum of money on affiliate memberships and paid ads without knowing when I can actually start seeing results. After just a few months of doubting I pulled back.

I did try to do it the 'free' way, except for the cost of webhosting. I tried writing blogs, but then couldn't do it consistently as doubt sets in, thinking this might take forever if I can't tell whether I'm doing it right or not.

Another reason is I felt overwhelmed, some pricey affiliate membership (at least to me) offer a lot of contents, seeing their community's energy, I felt that their way to success is through massive MASSIVE actions and massive MASSIVE money on driving traffic, buying ads. I backed away. I feel like I'm more comfortable being a quiet stream than the Niagara falls.

Above are some of my stumbling blocks.

I never stopped thinking of internet marketing as my way out to freedom. But I've stopped taking action. Still every night I'm losing sleep surfing the internet for hours aimlessly which I could have put to good use if I have a clear direction.

Ian, could you offer me some insights?

Aside from webhosting cost, If I were to choose a path of internet marketing which requires the least monthly cash investment like paid ads or paid traffic (if that even exists...). How much is the least that one have to invest monthly to start building something that will generate results like say, 6 months - 1 year (as suggested in the Day 1 lesson)? Would you have a figure on that? Which path would that be?
Like a business, I prefer to know the expected 'overhead' before I venture into it.

My experience with some affiliate programs is after joining, I was told to invest into paid ads, invest into driving traffic. I don't mind investing more, but spending more and more and more money without knowing the 'bottom' freaks me out.

If you could help me with the question above.

Thank you Ian.

"Desperately seeking to make my 1st dollar on the internet!"
pribs Premium
Hey Victor, that path can be achieved with just the premium membership here at WA (which includes web hosting). It's going to be a LOT of work, a hell of a lot of it, and you're going to have to work very consistently and stick as closely as possible to the training here to see results within your first 6-12 months. It's possible, but it requires working your butt off. There aren't any additional fees, unless you wanted a premium keyword research tool (which can be helpful for saving a lot of time), which costs $19-$47 per month depending on which membership level you buy.

Paid traffic isn't required at all. And it's something I advise all new internet marketers stay away from anyways. Maybe down the road, but I don't recommend it now. You're absolutely going to make mistakes (all of us do), and it's best that happens with free traffic rather than paid traffic.

If you're not in the mentality to try and tackle the most challenging thing you've quite possibly ever encountered in your life (and quite possibly still fail several times along the way), internet marketing is not an industry I'd recommend getting into. But if you can get into that mentality early on and commit to pushing through all of the challenges ahead, you have a chance.

I hope that helps!
TedWildman Premium
I am at the crossroads, I have completed the course in 2 days and my site is complete, It is now on to the next step, going premium! I really need to talk to you about a few things that I am having to make a decision on. When you need help you go to those with success. I need to find my wallet now. :)
pribs Premium
Feel free to drop me a private message after upgrading! I believe PMs are only available to premium members, but I'm happy to help however I can!
Deece Premium
You're free 'How To Build A 5-Figure Monthly Income Using Local SEO' course was amazing. The icing on the cake was to realise you are part of this community. Local SEO is where I want to go as a career. The more I read about it, the more I love the idea of doing this work for the small businesses in the region I grew up in. Really happy to find you in here! Cheers, DC
pribs Premium
Hey David! I'm really happy to hear that you found that course helpful! Thanks for connecting here on WA - shoot me a message if you have any questions down the road as you build that business.
Deece Premium
Thank you Ian! I most definitely will do that. Much appreciated. And yes, the course and your whole ethos is top notch course indeed!!
Hello Ian, I found you on your blog while researching something else and you have led me here. I am a little blown away and extremely excited. Your encouragement right off the bat is very uplifting and I just wanted to say thank you. Your knowledge is a resource I hope to be able to continually tap into, thank you for your dedication and hard work...you have a follower here :)
pribs Premium
Hey Cameron! Thanks so much for taking the time to introduce yourself, man! I'm really glad you're enjoying your time here so far and finding it to be a helpful resource. I think this is a great "starting point" for the journey you have ahead of you, and of course if you ever feel "stuck" because you can't get the help/answers you need from the community here, don't hesitate to message me directly! I'm happy to help however I can.