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June 30, 2016
Howdy from a very warm Texas, Wealthy Affiliates!Today's lesson is really simple, but applying it to your life and business isn't as easy as it may seem (as with so many other things!).I'm writing about this today because I reconnected with a follower a few weeks ago, who initially found his way to making money online here at WA, and is now making just shy of $20k per month.Which is awesome, and I'm so proud of him and all of the hard work he continues to pour into his business. The dude is a b
This is something I've struggled with personally for a long time.A few years ago, the last time I worked for someone else other than myself, I grew to hate my job so much that I worked on my business endlessly.I used a "park and ride" to get to work, so I could work on my business while commuting.I also worked on the way home, after a long day at work.Then I'd get home and finish up my work, usually taking 1-2 hours.And I'd frequently spend the majority of my weekends working as well.Don't get
I promised you all that I’d share the lessons resonating with me in my personal business once a month. Today, that lesson is conversion optimization. More specifically, not putting conversion optimization off. I knew one of my niche sites was WAY under-optimized, but I just dreaded putting in the legwork because it’s not a project I enjoy working on very much any more. But lo and behold, I hit a standstill with one of my other projects. Instead of using it as an excuse to take some
Good afternoon, beautiful WA peeps! Here I am to continue sharing the biggest lesson I'm currently experiencing in my own business with the community here at Wealthy Affiliate, in hopes that it brings you significantly more success in your own business.Today, I'm asking for your forgiveness in advance. Those of you that know me, know that every piece of content I put out it is as high quality as I can possibly create.Today won't be an exception to that, but I'm in the middle of putting this les
As part of my 2016 personal commitment to the WA community, I promised to blog once a month to share personal growth challenges I've encountered over the years (many of which I still encounter to this day when launching new projects) as well as how I've learned to push past them.This particular problem will no doubt hit home for many of you - novices and veterans alike.A Budding Internet Business is Born...There's nothing like setting out on a new business venture. It's a combustion engine choc
February 01, 2016
Wealthy Affiliate's 2016 Conference was incredible this year. All of WA's top affiliates (that could make it this year) were flown out to Vegas for a week where we bonded, laughed virtually 24/7, and even talked a little business.This was the biggest year yet, with about 15 of us at the "round table" (only a handful of us are in the picture above, thanks to our shortsightedness of getting a picture before half the group left... whoops).Who the Heck is the Guy On the Left?A lot of you know me, b
I apologize in advance if what I'm about to say ruffles some feathers. I love this community, what it represents, and what it means to all of us, so please understand that this criticism comes from a place of love and because I believe it's very important to protect the quality and integrity of this community. And none of this is meant as scolding, only meant to improve Wealthy Affiliate as a whole.I just received a very disturbing email from one of my followers. She was given some absolutely a
June 23, 2015
I was just exchanging private messages with one of my followers when I realized the rest of the community might benefit from what we've been discussing. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by everything you have to accomplish to succeed in internet marketing, this is the system that I use for my IM business and all large projects I set out to complete. It's produced great results for me over the years. Hopefully you find it just as useful.Just for a little context, I had suggested creating
January 20, 2015
Now that I've proven that I have at least as much of a grasp of the Spanish language as "the King", let's get on with namedropping and humble bragging. We picked up exactly where we left off last year with a night full of laughter, sharing recent successes, and far too much alcohol. I even got to meet a really paranoid guy from Brooklyn that was far too nervous about getting his stuff stolen (lookin' at you, V!). Despite all of the fun and laughter, this trip is about you, the Wealthy Affiliat