Can You Really Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: February 11, 2018

I see this question come up a lot.

"Can you really make money with Wealthy Affiliate?"

I have been a premium member for several months, under a year, and I can confidently say that you absolutely can make money with it if you are patient and willing to learn.

I had a success today that I wanted to share, that absolutely proves this point. And I invite anyone to share, if you need some evidence that the training and community here are the real deal.

How I Made Money with Wealthy Affiliate - Today

A friend of a friend was looking for someone to "build" a simple webpage for their business. My name came up because someone had seen one of my Wealthy Affiliate websites through my Facebook profile.

I spoke with the company that was looking for the new website and, long story short, I was offered a very simple job that I know I can do in a couple hours, for a very nice price.

While I'm obviously excited about the money, I'm extremely excited about the achievement and the opportunities that I've been opened up to.

This is the single biggest amount I've been paid since I started learning with Wealthy Affiliate, and it didn't even come from a purchase through my websites as I was expecting.

I've been trying hard to focus on just building content and continuing to learn, without even realizing I've amassed this arsenal of abilities with endless opportunities to work for myself.

Before Wealthy Affiliate, I would have laughed in your face if you told me I'd be able to build a website.

Over the past several months of absorbing information through the courses, blogs, comments, live chat, and amazing community here, it's amazing to realize I can not only build a website, but I can do a ton of other things I didn't even realize I was learning how to do!

Real Online Income Opportunities at Wealthy Affiliate

What other income opportunities are available through what I've learned at Wealthy Affiliate? I can think of a handful right off the bat:

  • Blog ghost writing
  • Web research
  • Keyword and SEO consulting
  • Logo design
  • Social media marketing

And the list goes on....

These are great things to think about when you're wanting to promote and refer people to Wealthy Affiliate.

Don't wonder if you're trying to sell some sort of scam. You are absolutely not. You are selling a huge window to opportunity, at a very fair price.

If you're on the fence about upgrading to premium or sticking with it, just take note of the opportunities you will not be prepared for and could miss out on.

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SijitThomas Premium
Wow! Opportunity knocks through unexpected ways. I am glad how you linked it to WA.
Definitely after few months or before the end of a year I will have similar story to right.
PreshusLove Premium
It's true! And it absolutely links to my training here at WA. I definitely believe you will have similar stories as you progress and learn.
tobocrs Premium
Thanks, Jaimie....
How did you know this was my question as I logged on this morning? Oh, I know, 'cause it's my question EVERY morning as I start my routine....
Much needed, definitely by me but probably most of the rest of us, as well
PreshusLove Premium
So happy to help, Tim! Thanks for your feedback.
GaryHill Premium
I joined this week and this post is encouraging me and confirming that I made the right choice. Thanks
PreshusLove Premium
Welcome to WA! I'm so happy you did make the choice. You will definitely see for yourself all there is to offer.
laurenjean Premium
Hi Jaime, stunning post! Congrats! Isn't it amazing how money starts flowing towards you from unexpected sources once you've put the initial work into your own site? Really cool. So happy for you. You are in the right place and you are doing the right stuff.
PreshusLove Premium
Thank you!
gtusa91 Premium
Really inspirational. Congratulations! I want to upgrade to premium but I'm extremely short on funds at the moment. I know I'm going to do it within the next few days. I'm ready for the next step.
PreshusLove Premium
I have been there and I'm sure you'll make it happen. :)
AngeloP Premium
Can you look at my website and see what you can do for me for a price
linda956 Premium
Great post!
DMcCalister Premium

buffetearns Premium
Nice post!

Symanica Premium
Congratulations! Thanx for pointing out future opportunities too
Edi67 Premium
Great post Preshuslove, Many blessings. Edi
arielharris7 Premium
So well said! And i have also come to that realization that me this blonde space cadet can actually talk about tech subjects with some ease now.. how amazing is that? Yay and Thanks to WA for how it changes our lives. Great post. Thanks
In peace and gratitude, ariel
MarkBa Premium
Fantastic Jaime! Great news.

You highlight an important fact. As we move towards the goal of becoming successful online business owners, we are also becoming multi skilled, skills we can use to help others.

In so doing we're able to create additional income streams.

HennieSteyl Premium
Thank you, Jaime for sharing your success. It should inspire us to keep going. I love reading success stories like yours.
Keep going and remember to have fun.
Swangirl Premium
Congratulations Jaime! I am so so happy for you!!!

I just wrote a post about this sort of thing 2 days ago too and today my sister-in-law and friend signed up for WA!
PreshusLove Premium
Woo hoo! That's awesome, Jessica! :)
Dhind1 Premium
You are correct we are learning marketable skills here in WA. I am, very happy for you that you have found a local outlet for your skills and an income source. Well done.
AlanJE Premium
Congratulations Jaime, thanks for sharing, Best Alan
MiaL Premium
Wonderful - I do love to hear about success stories :)
pitofly Premium
Show me the money!!!!
Great post and congratulations!!
Yes, the list goes on..,

joerice Premium
Congratulations on your website building gig!!
Melissa901 Premium
This is truly great thank you for sharing this with us
Luxxn1 Premium
Congratulations on your opportunity.
DNicholas Premium
Congratulations, Jaime. Success stories are always inspiring. It tells us we're on the right track. Thanks for the info.

reonna3 Premium
Thanks Jaime for posting this awesome and encouraging update,,just goes to show what great wealth we have here and the opportunities ahead
gardenguy Premium
Love to hear stuff like this Jaime. Nice going.

Cindyda1 Premium
Great stuff Jaime! Haven't gotten my website where it needs to be yet but on my way! And I'm getting a bit ahead of myself too because I registered 4 more domain names this evening...all I have ideas for in the future!
PreshusLove Premium
I confess, I am also a domain addict. I also had to rein it in so I could focus on one thing at a time. Nothing wrong with future ideas! :)
lmridge Premium
Thank you for sharing this. It is amazing the things we pick up on the way to our learning destination.

TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Jaime

Whooo-hooo! I am SO glad for you! Congratulations and THANK YOU for sharing!!!

You are so right, we learn a TON of skills here and we probably don't realize how valuable it is! Not yet, in anyway, as your experience clearly prove!

Well done, I'm so happy for you! Sending you a tub of your favorite e-ice cream! ;-) (Just add a bit of imagination okay?) ;-) LOL!

Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
iJared Premium
It Wouldn’t be here if you didn’t...
prakk46 Premium
I totally agreed.
I joined WA in 2016....realised I have to build a website. Without exploring the site and join the community, I just put aside WA.
Fast forward to end 2017...happen to read a review of WA, realised that I have missed one opportunity. Straight away upgrade to premium. Now I have a website with some content and selected to join super affiliate group. What a turn around.
PreshusLove Premium
Exactly. I had a similar experience going out and back in, but no regrets. Just excited to see how amazing life is in another year. Congrats on being chosen to train as a super affiliate!
ElaineSmith1 Premium
That's so very true.

Tried and true