A Pickle Spot for Pandora!

Last Update: February 09, 2014

I'm about to crawl back in bed-new snow and late night will do that to the mind...but I had to share this. You all know my cat, Pandora. I kept hearing a cat meowing. They are all (4) quite chatty, and I thought it one of the others who had already come out of the laundry room when I opened the door. It did not click that Pandora (unusual) did not race out in front.

Well! The meows changed tone and volume. I started to look around and it was NOT the other cats but her! Somehow-not sure how-she had fallen (thankfully, right side up) down between the water heater and the corners of the walls. Her head wouldn't fit between the heater, nor would her body and Lord knows how long she'd been there. I had to wake my daughter up to help in retrieval, my head kept getting whacked on the piping. It definitely had it's moments of both humor and relief...

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KD6PAO Premium
As long as the cat's happy!
Jaweda2k Premium
I am a cat person to a degree, as I do love the interesting things they get themselves into. Glad you were able to find the humor in the situation and resolve it without any injuries!
tntgoodrich Premium
I heard that cats are chatty only in an environment with humans. Have you ever heard that? Glad your cat is okay.
yancbren Premium
Glad you retrieved the cat. HAHA now sleep?
Poetman Premium
Thanks to all :) My daughter was a good sport (thankfully) and left me wishing I had the flexibility of youth! I hadn't heard about cats being chatty only with humans, but we have a no-kill shelter down the street and those cats talk a *lot* (at any one time there are over 100!). Pandora has been sleeping all day in recovery mode :)
techhound Premium
I'm glad everything worked out. What a scary experience!