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Last Update: March 21, 2019

Wealthy Affiliate Backup and Restore

It's great that Wealthy Affiliate backs up our websites on the SiteRubix server on a regular basis.

It means that if something goes wrong at their end, like a hard disk crash, they'll have a recovery protocol in place.

My Personal Backup

But in addition to that, I like to have my own personal backup, on media that I control.

Which means my own local hard disk and if I want to be totally safe, I'll also transfer it to a USB memory stick.

Then as long as I can restore from the backup, I'm protected against any contingency and can sleep easier at night.

A lot of WordPress backup and restore plugins have issues, the two most serious being:

1. They can be very slow.

2. The restore only partly works, requiring you to do a lot of manual tweaking to get it right.

An Effective Backup and Restore Plugin

I've found a plugin that works quickly and restores perfectly.

It's called All-in-One WP Migration and you can search for it and install it from the Plugins menu in your WP back office. It's a free plugin.

Once installed, it appears in your WordPress menu (left column) and you can choose Export or Import.

How to Backup

Choose Export to backup your site.

Click on Export to and you will see a number of alternatives for destination. I just choose File to export to my local hard disk.

The plugin will create the backup file, tell you what size it is and download it. Depending on factors such as file size and internet speed, it might take a few minutes.

And that's it. You now have your website backed up on your local hard disk (or whatever other destination you chose).

How to Restore

You would use the same plugin to restore from a backup file. Create an empty WordPress website, install the plugin and restore from your saved backup file. Everything is restored, including the password.

The free version will handle any size backup but restore is limited to a backup file size of 512 MB. If you need to restore from a larger backup file, you will need to upgrade to a paid version. But only if you actually need to do a restore from a file larger than 512 MB.

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Thank you for sharing this important and efficient plugin. I thought the WA backup would save 100% of my data.
I will be safe than sorry by making personal backups.
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