Will I ever get a sale?!

Last Update: February 21, 2015

Hey guys, if you don't mind I feel the need to vent my spleen. I've been learning the affiliate bootcamp for about 3 months now, I'm doing everything by the book and also thinking creativley and in doing so standing on my own two feet.

Don't get me wrong, I am very enjoying the learning process but at the same time I really want to see some results from the blood, sweat and tears I'm putting in to my website etc. I totaly understand that these things take time, but how much time?? The question is obviuosly retorical as I know that no one can answer it :)

Is any one else here feeling somewhat frustrated here? Or is just me being a moaning git lol

Cheers guys


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dj-drea Premium
I feel the same way. I made 2 sales randomly, a few months ago, and have had literally nothing since!. It can be very frustrating. I want my hard work to pay off! But I keep trudging along, because I can't give up....I know that eventually, I will get it right....and if my site starts getting a lot of traffic, but still doesn't make any money... I know that I am doing something wrong...
magistudios Premium Plus
Hi Peter,

I am happy to offer some feedback on your site.
What is the URL?
Peter36 Premium
Hi mate, really? Thanks :) howtomakemoneyonline2015.net and before you think it; I realise now that I shouldn't have put a date in my
URL is it is going to outdated by next year. DOH!
magistudios Premium Plus
Coolio, will take a look!

P.S. I will be nice by being blunt and honest with no sugar coating! :)
Peter36 Premium
Superb, I'm looking to you making me cry lol :)
magistudios Premium Plus
* domain name with date in it: need to address this
* need more images
* target certain keywords for each page or post
* content seems thin, need more personalization (find your blog voice)
* navigation is confusing (how to get back to blog roll)
* very little or no social sharing with your own content
* text is small
* right column needs to be filled with more stuff
- latest comments
- latest posts
* change your name from admin to your real name (pete) so it shows up in comments
* get rolling with feedburner to capture emails for when you post new content

First off, I think you have put a tremendous effort in your content and it is obvious that you are serious about your online business. Keep up this momentum!

Now, some reality..
What makes your site stand out from ever other WA bootcamp site out there?

You need to find some sort of edge or unique angle that makes your site unique. I think you go through my above list and work on those that you will be closer to having something unique.

And finally, I have some questions for you:

* what are the steps taken after you post content?
* are you actively building a social following?
* do you have Google analytics and webmaster tools for your site?

OK, there you go!
I hope this helps and expect you to take action! :)

Peter36 Premium
Thanks Jay, I obviously have a lot of work to be getting on with. Do you think I should put the Bootcamp training on hold while I concentrate on these issues?
gadifi Premium
Hi Peter I haven't had a sale and I was here since late October I haven't had a click on my referrals's for but I know why I didn't get a sale as my niche is not the best niche it was a learning curve for me I have good ranks on google, yahoo and bing don't get enough traffic so I will be patient to get my other website over to WA and then working on that to get traffic and get sales and I will now what I heard was it sometimes takes up to 6 months before any money or commissions from other vets.
Adeng Premium
Hi Peter, I'm moving really slow at the moment, one reason is I try to figure out If I'm really passionate about the niche I picked about 1.5 months ago, then if the answer is yes, I'll go all in with a time frame attached, if answer is No, I'll just simply change to another niche b4 wasting anytime time. I did read many success stories in WA recently, someone even got sales within 10 days. I was told it took Kyle 3 months getting his 1st sales, so 3 months might be just the least time for majority of us to see positive result.
I truly believe the training here, and you'll get sales one day if you just stick to what you've been doing.
Peter36 Premium
Hi, yes you're right; you do read a lot of success stories and I really enjoy the training here. I personally believe that you won't find training and community support like it anywhere else, this is I why I wanted to promote WA in particular instead of my own niche.

I think, well I know that I'm just being inpatient lol. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply buddy :) Speak soon! Pete
ChrisTowers Premium Plus
you are a moaning git :) lol

Nah I think you are experiencing what most people go through - playing what seems like a never ending waiting game.

Even with my site I am 4 months in. .. 30 pages and 30 posts to my name .. lots of followings in social media... but just still waiting for the breakthrough.

I just keep adding content and trying to increase my rankings... I think it will be one of those instances that you will see it happen when you are not ready for it.

I know Google takes time to index and rank stuff so just keep doing what you are doing.

Wishing you all the best :)

Peter36 Premium
Thanks Chris, your words genuinely mean a lot to me :)