How Many Articles Do You Add To Your Website Weekly?

Last Update: May 10, 2015

How many aticles are you writing for your website weekly - 2, 3, 4 or even one a day?

If you are at the higher end of the scale, can you say honestly that you have written first class content - an article that your proud of, an article that will be shared and liked by many.

Also, have you done everything, to get this article on the first page of Google, have you performed throrough keyword research, checked the competiton of the keyword you are targeting, ensure you have optimized the page correctly for on page SEO. included relevant images, and/or videos

Have you promoted and shared your content, with your social media platforms and groups, requested comments from fellow members here at WA, and given great replies to the comments.

Did You HONESTLY answer YES to ALL of the above?

If you can answer a resounding yes, to ALL of the above, then fair play to you - I would think that you are prolific writer, with outstanding organization skills, and probably don't have much time for sleep.

Now, if your thinking to yourself, that your content could be better, or you have not promoted your article as well as you could have then you should stop, and re-think.

There is no set amount of articles you need to write for your website, it’s much more important to promote the posts you already have to get them to #1 in Google.

Quality Is Far Better Than Quantity

The thing is that google ranks PAGES - not size of the website so keeping your website updated with new posts every day really isn’t going to help that much with ranking individual posts.

If you have limited time to spend on your internet business then the bulk of it should be spent on promotion and back linking of your existing pages. Period.

Am I Saying That It’s Bad To Add New Content To Your Website?

Of course not!

The more posts you have, the more opportunities for people to find your blog or website.

It’s great to add as many posts as you can provided you are doing the proper keyword research and on page SEO for each post.

All’s I’m saying is to rank for 1 keyword, then thinking that you have to update your blog with new content every day can derail you from the more important job of promoting your work

Now it goes without saying that its critical that you have fresh posts so that people come back over and over, but one AWESOME post a week or a fortnight, promoted properly, will far outweigh, 4 or 5 posts that have little depth, and offer little value to your customers,

One or two first class posts a week will ensure that you gain a great following, as people look forward to reading what you have written, and will naturally share your material,

This is what will get you to the first pages of the search engines.

Let me know how much content you add weekly, or if you have any additions or arguments to the post

Kindest Regards


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MarineMom Premium
Once per week for both of mine. Great blog.
PaulOsborne Premium
Thank you - that makes you, Robert and myself on one per week,
OldMCSEGuy Premium
For me as a small business owner, looking at all of the other things that I do, this will be an impossibility. However I am putting 5 people on writing content and general articles for all of our websites... Including the two new web sites that we have coming online. All of these people have many years writing experience. I think we will do quite well. Time will tell.
PaulOsborne Premium
If you have full time writers, you should be able to take your content creation and promotion to the next level without doubt,

I have outsourced work writing in the past. I found good writers, but found that I still had to edit a lot to add my own personality to the writing.

Also as business owners, no-one knows the business as well as us,

I wish you well with your new sites, and thank you for commenting

boomergp08 Premium
Being that my website is 19 months old I only publish once per week. I prefer to pace myself and submit quality over quantity and stick to an SEO posting schedule. It has been working great for my SEO and rankings.
PaulOsborne Premium
Same here Robert - I feel that one quality article, is enough for one person. I know you write great content, which proves the point quality over quantity
laminar Premium
Thank you for Sharing this, I believe that quality is the aim here, but the site health is going down due to the low frequency. What do you think please? Should I just ignore the health issue?
PaulOsborne Premium
I think if you read the comments above that one per week works well.

You say your site health is going down, what do you mean by this .

If you are adding weekly content - great content that people love, you will have 52 awesome articles by this time next year, and over 100 the year after.

You can also make updates, and share older content on the site, in-between times, this is showing Google that you are updating the site regularly.

I would post a question or ask for a critique here on WA, if you are concerned about your site health - myself and others are always here to help


laminar Premium
Thank you for the great help, I was asking about the frequency, the site health in general is (( pretty good)) but the frequency percentage circle is up when I publish but in the following day it goes down. Why?

Really appreciated.
jvranjes Premium
I can say that you are thinking wisely. I am at about one per week or even less, and it is hard to keep it that way. Jovo
PaulOsborne Premium
No set rules Jovo, one a week, three a month - great content is the key here.

It can sometimes be hard - especially thinking about what to write about, but planning is key.

Do your keyword research, and decide what to write about the week before, and then write your article, early in the week.

You then have a week to promote - just get a routine going, and try and be consistent.

Hope that helps