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May 12, 2015
Doing my good deed for the day, and my bit for WA (Is everything rhyming so far?)A fellow member of the community, Little Clare, is looking for people in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle niches. to come together and form a sort of community and focus group (She explains more in her post)If your site fits the description, may be a great way for you to network, and share ideas with like minded people.Heres the link to Clares post
How many aticles are you writing for your website weekly - 2, 3, 4 or even one a day?If you are at the higher end of the scale, can you say honestly that you have written first class content - an article that your proud of, an article that will be shared and liked by many.Also, have you done everything, to get this article on the first page of Google, have you performed throrough keyword research, checked the competiton of the keyword you are targeting, ensure you have optimized the page correct
Hey friendsJust thought I would give anyone using the Google Pagespeed service the heads up, that they are closing down the service on 3rd August 2015. is a great shame as it was probably the best free CDN (Content Delivery Network) service available, and I have used it on my sites since its inception in 2011.This morning I have installed Max CDN, this is a paid for service, but is looking like it is giving equivalent, if not b
I have just read a post by a fellow WA member, who himself, had replied to a person who was struggling to rank their website.The answer he gave is arguably the best reply that I have seen here on WA, and I thought that it would help out many others who are having the same problemWA is a great community, and loved by many, and Mike's reply to someone in need, just goes to show whyHeres the link to the post!Paul
Sometimes, you will get an alert in WordPress telling you that you have a new pingback, this appears in the comments section, and you will need to moderate exactly as you would any other comment.So Firstly Lets Understand What A Pingback Is...A pingback occurs when a post you have added to your own website or blog, is linked to from another WordPress post. This could be from somebody else's website, or it could also be from a post on your own site.Let Me Explain....I write a post on my website t
Hi Guys If any of you are using Wordpress SEO by Yoast or Woocommerce, you need to update your plugins immediately This is due to a security vulnerabilty in both programs, that could leave your site open to hackers. Both companies have issued a fix, so you need to update to the latest version of the plugin For further information go to
If you want your site to rank well in Google, it needs to load FAST! Its no secret that the search engines, want websites to load quickly, and if your site is not competing, it may be that your site just needs a bit of loving care and attention. Each time we add an image, a plugin or a script to our sites, it will take a little longer to load, as it needs to read the code. So as we grow our site, and add more content and images, the load time will become even slower still.So what can we do abou
Well, my very first post here at WA seemed to attract a surprising amount of attention (Massive thanks to all!) so I thought I would capitalize on my five minutes of fame and share some headline ideas For those that missed my first post here's the link - I hope you find it useful! Just Who Do Kyle And Carson Think They Are So this week I decided to share some examples of titles, that get will help you get clicks and additional visitors to your sites. Each of the titles shown in the descripti
I am guessing that if you are reading this, you were intrigued by the title. So today, I would like to talk about the importance of using powerful, enticing and captivating titles to get your content read. And if you are Kyle or Carson, welcome, and sorry, but there's no dirt to dig on you here! Just a quick lesson, on the power of great titles and headlines, which (hopefully!) the community may enjoy, and find useful. So to get started, I am going to create a hypothetical situation.Meet Bob B