A False Sart.

Last Update: January 30, 2018

A false start. Okay so who has suffered from the false start? Come on hands up. I have with W.A. In mid 2017 I was looking for a way to boost my income prior to retirement I came across W.A. It ticked all the right boxes.

The possibility of a gradual increasing income.

A healthy income within five years.

Interest in computing (though a technophobe).

Not physically demanding bearing in mind not as young as I used to be.

Fit the hours around existing job as a mental health nurse.

An interest/hobby/pastime that could generate income.

Create something from nothing.

To succeed or fail on my own efforts.

So a seven day free trial – nothing to lose.First discount $19 for first month. Okay.

$49 per month. Education, training, great community. Yes I'm in.

$299. Black Friday bargain. Brilliant. A years commitment.

But then I got a little lost with Christmas, work and other things getting in the way that stole my time and motivation.

A period of reflection followed and I came to the conclusion that there is nothing like W.A. on the market.

If I cannot do this then I may as well hang up my boots and slide into an obscure and impoverished retirement.But no, that's not me. I am not a quitter. I owe it to me and to my family.

I do enjoy my job. I enjoy the structure of work. Whilst I appreciate the occasional two week period of annual leave, after a third week I get bored. If I was ever ill and off for a month I would go stir crazy. Retirement scares me. All that TIME.

Work has a structure of its own. I start the day with people to see, appointments to make, meetings to attend and the ever incessant telephone to answer. Then before you know it the day has gone, the week has disappeared, the month has slipped by and the year dissolves into the next.

W.A. like any self-employment requires a major shift in attitude and perspective. I feel as though I have a foot in both camps. On one side, steady employment which gives a guaranteed pay packet at month's end, a 40 hour week that pays the bills and provides for the family.On the other side the unknowable. How many hours and how much effort to achieve who knows what and how much over how long?

Therefore I set my goals. Realistically you do not always reach your goals but it does give you something to aim at (ask any footballer).But to reach your goal you need to plan. So with a little experience now under my belt I will learn, from my experience, absorb, make my goals, construct my plans and take up the challenge of W.A.

Win or lose its down to me. I take responsibility for my future. It always was, it always will be.

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MKearns Premium
Nothing false about a dedicated start with WA Paul!
PaulMunns Premium
Thank you Mike,
Its just whatever I do, my internal critic tells me that I could have done more!
MKearns Premium
A major springboard to success!
JeannineC Premium
I've also been a travel writer, and I learned from an amazing, disciplined teacher. When she was trying to establish her travel writer career, she worked for 8 hours a day as a clerk at Sears, then came home and worked 8 more hours on her writing career. She did that for 6 months, and gradually her writing earned her more than Sears, so she was able to quit that job and focus exclusively on writing. Ultimately that career took her all over the world; she authored over a dozen books and met all sorts of wonderful, fascinating, amazing (and often famous) people.

Work hard, do both for a while, and it will pay off.
PaulMunns Premium
Thank you for the encouragement.