Remember to allow comments on your site

Last Update: November 12, 2017

His Guys and Gal

This is very important and often over looked

Imagine that you just wrote a new page on your site OK

What is one of the most import thongs that you want?

When a person reads your page you would love a comment from the person reading and so you have to make sure that you have the comment turned on!

Where is it? Go to you all pages section - see below

Next put out mouse over the one that you want and it becomes active and have chosen my last page 'Learn to play the guitar online' - see below

Next click on the quick edit tab and this opens - see below

look over to the right and you will see a box that says allow comments so all you have to do is check this box - see below

And that is IT now you will allow conmments ok

BUT WAIT now you have to UPDATE this now. Look to the right at the BLUE update - box see below

Click on the UPDATE button and you are done


You can only do one at a time!!!!

all good fun


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NickV1 Premium
Thank you for that.
paulgoodwin Premium
always welcome
MKearns Premium
Terre it is! You go Paul!
paulgoodwin Premium
what can I say Mike
DBeatty Premium
Thanks. I hadn't noticed that before. I'm going to update mine now.
paulgoodwin Premium
bobrseno Premium
Thanks again, Paul. Great tip!
paulgoodwin Premium
always welcome buddy
natekidd Premium
Very good tutorial. Thank you.
paulgoodwin Premium
you are welcome