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Last Update: April 12, 2015

Today I want to talk about my progress or lack of it at Wealthy Affiliates. I came to WA to build an Internet Marketing business. I came here with a schedule that was already tight, and sometimes made even tighter by the way in which I handle things (situation)

Your blog here is supposed to be about your journey here at WA, so today I am going to talk about the websites that I have put together here at WA, the rationale behind each one; what I want to achieve and my progress so far.

Someone here at WA once said to me that I seem to be very well organized. I use this method to organize me. It helps me to put every area in perspective with everything else that is happening in my TODAY.

These websites are not in the order they were created, they are just how they were laid out on siterubix. Also after today I will upload each one to the Namecheap domain that I have bought for each on.

1.Male Impotence and You

This website is the newest website I put together and came out of a concern (burden) I developed over the past few months.

There have been a lot of both bad and good things happening too, in and around me on a very regular basis. In our Men’s meeting which is held fortnightly, more and more this topic seems to be raising it head.

So I started to do the research and was surprised at how many of us men are affected by this and the very early age at which many of us begin to lose it.

So I have decided to build this site and will upload it as www.maleimpotenceandyou.com

2.Ways to Avoid Scam

This is my most embarrassing moment here at WA; I went off and bought this website in my first few weeks at WA for two (2) reasons.

The first was my bank card got skimmed at local ATM where a device was placed over the card slot to read the magnetic strip and

The second is where I got an email from a so-called internet guru who incidentally was recommended by another internet guru who I had great respect for; until he recommended this guy (I am deliberately not calling names).

For me this guy is the pits – he makes no pretense at hiding the fact that he is looking to rip you off – He is what you call a high-pressure salesman, very brass faced – he tries to make it appear that if you don’t buy his plan you will never make it.)

So I went off and bought the website again at Namecheap.com – planning to deal with all types of fraud, but especially fraud against senior citizens. Now here is what is embarrassing (at least to me) – I did this before going into Affiliate Boot camp – there I saw the name of Kyle’s website.

That kind of turned me off a bit, but I will still put it up as I have the domain name, it would be the waste of a good name. It will be uploaded as www.waystoavoidscam.com

3.Vessels of Honour Ministries International

Vessels of Honour Ministries International is my home church where I sit under Apostle Sandra and Apostle Waldo Francis. We had a website up called www.vohministriesintl.org. It was a website built and hosted for us by a so-called website hosting company (again no names).

In December after paying the annual fee, the website disappeared. So I volunteered to research (something I would never have done if I had not joined WA, only to find that our supposed paid for website was up for sale.

I should mention that the committee responsible had been unhappy with the performance and progress of the website. So to cut a long story short, I then volunteered to build vessels of Honour a new website, went off and bought the domain name.

Now I have a mandate to have it up and running by 11th May, 2015 – Let me tell all of you in front, I am going to need a lot of help to do this. So this will be uploaded as www.vesselsofhonourministriesinternational.com.

4.At The King’s Table

At The King’s Table is my heart’s desire, my own personal website to share the Good News about Jesus Christ.

This was born out of my own personal need to know the God whom I serve, which brought me to the recognition that many people misunderstand the message of Jesus the Christ and its overall simplicity.

More than just preach, I want to teach and make clear to as many as God will allow God’s message of love and deliverance. My calling is deliverance – deliverance comes from dispelling darkness and revealing light – hence education. All are invited to sit at the king’s table. This website will be uploaded as www.atthekingstable.com

5.Best Security Systems for the Home

The idea for this came while doing keyword research and again lined up nicely with where my business was. I owned a business called Chetwyn Electronic – This Company sold home security systems.

It’s still a very good idea – but to some extent coming to WA has changed my perception of what constitute a good website. Nevertheless, I will upload this one as www.bestsecuritysystemsforthehome.com

6.Cellphones at Best Prices

This was my original idea for a website after going through my first few lessons here at WA, which Nathaniell advised was a dead-end website.

The idea behind this stemmed from my own country where cell phones and their related accessories are active sellers. This idea came out of where I was with my retail business. This is one of the areas which show how much a person grows after coming to WA.

I have found it difficult to carry this idea forward. Hence little of activity – I have seen one website that intrigues me in this area – so I will research that. I will not give up on it, at least not yet.

Perhaps I may be able to sell it as a going concern. So this will be uploaded as www.cellphonesatbestprices.com

What’s the Point?

As I stated in the beginning I always have to stop and lift my head to see where I am and whether or not I am heading in the right direction. Whether the plan I set for myself is being optimized or whether I need to make some course correction.

I originally set out to build a website business within the parameters of the business structure that I currently possess. In lifting my head I recognize that that vision is to narrow – As the song says – WA is a whole new world, a new exciting point of view – I would be a waste if I did not allow this new exciting point of view to help shape my business plans for the future – So that is exactly what I am going to do – use what I have learnt at WA and move my business operations in that direction.

One thing to note – I hate loose ends or put a different way unfinished business; often we start and don’t finish what we start. I will finish all these websites – good or bad – no fixed time frame – but I will finish each and every one.

I thank you for spending this time with me

All the best

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AngieR2 Premium
This is impressive. I have three sites and I have serious trouble keeping up. But you've been busy, active. I could learn a lesson here.
And about the "howtoavoidscam" site.. I think that even Kyle would tell you that it's a great keyword, and you should do all you can to benefit from it. Perhaps it's even more beneficial to you because of his. This can be your personal challenge to make it better, rank above his!
Good luck to you Paul...
PaulChetwyn Premium
Thanks Angie
Would you believe that inadvertently copying Kyle was of great concern for me. I would say it actually stopped me for a while as it affected mt enthusiasm. My fire (urge to go forward) is on the inside - so I always have to keep my core being settled and true. I appreciate your comment very much.
gadifi Premium
You must be a very busy man with all those sites but you will make those sites if you can get those websites working good you are going to be very busy please keep up the good work
PaulChetwyn Premium
Hi William

I love activity - no activity I go to sleep - however never busy and yes will get every site up. Thanks for your support. I appreciate it - It encourages me
bsmith1222 Premium
You are a busy man. I know you will get through it and better for it. Keep up the good work!
PaulChetwyn Premium
Hi Brian - Thanks for your support - it is appreciated. All the best
wendai Premium
Crikey Paul, it makes me realise that I am a bit of a 'safe' operator and maybe I should be a bit braver and branch out more. I wish you well with all your projects and much success. As for the 'scammers', now we have discovered WA, we can leave them all behind. Wendy.
PaulChetwyn Premium
Hi Wendy - Thanks for the support - not brave, just prefer a do-it-now approach. So much happens, that at my age if I don't do it right away, it does not get done.
Christabelle Premium
Wow that is a very full plate Paul! It is good that you are allowing yourself no fixed time frame so you can just steadily work at and enjoy working at building your sites! God's Blessings to you, Christa :)
PaulChetwyn Premium
Thanks Christa
It's been a very busy time for me and it does not seem like the level of activity will decrease - with prayer and God have to learn to work smarter to achieve my goals.
All the best
Christabelle Premium
All the best to you as well Paul, He will lead you! :)