(REVEALED!) The SECRET to Google Number One Ranking (A Refresher)

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I felt it was time to have a new look at my keyword research techniques.

Much in the same way that your website articles could do with freshening up after a year or two, I’ve done the same for you here.


There will be a few more things added, which may not have been in my original posts.

So, let’s get into it.

Keyword Research With Google

Okay, those who know me will know that I’m not a huge fan of keyword tools.

But, in reality, ALL the software that you use to help create your website are simply there to give you TIPS and ADVICE.

In other words, software such as keyword tools, SEO plugins, etc. don’t actually do a great deal.

Case in point, ALL my websites DO NOT USE keyword tools SEO plugins.

Guess what?

All HUGELY successful websites, I rest my case!!

This is NOT to say that you shouldn’t use Jaaxy or another keyword tool for keyword research


Once you’ve found a “decent keyword” go and LOOK WITH YOUR OWN EYES at page one of Google for that keyword to see if it’s a viable option (I’m going to teach you how to do this).

Anyway, my preferred method for keyword research is to use the Google search bar.

Basically, Google has evolved so much over the years, they now actually TELL YOU what people are searching for.

You’ll notice that when you go to the Google Search Bar and just type in ONE LETTER, you’ll automatically be greeted with “suggestions” relating to that ONE LETTER you typed in.

This is known as Google Autocomplete or Google Autosuggest.

Well, actually about 99.99% of people call it autocomplete, but THIS IS ME people, I have to be different, LOL!! So I call it Google Autosuggest.

But, in my mind, Google is AUTOMATICALLY SUGGESTING queries based on what I’ve typed into the search bar.

The beauty of the phrases that Google SUGGESTS is that these are REAL queries that have been typed into the Google Search Bar by REAL PEOPLE.

See what I mean?


So, use this to your advantage.

Let’s Do Some Keyword Research

Okay, today I want to concentrate more on using “question phrases” and “seed keywords” to find great articles to write WHICH WILL RANK ON THE FIRST PAGE GOOGLE.

All this means is that I type a “question phrase” into Google, I then add some spaces, a letter, two letters, or even an asterisk, and then a keyword that is based on my niche (don’t worry, I’m going to show you how to do this, it will all become VERY CLEAR very soon!!)

So, some of the “question phrases” that I look to conduct keyword research with include:

  • Why Can’t
  • Why Can’t I
  • Why Can’t You
  • Why Should
  • Why Should I
  • Why Should You
  • Why Does
  • Why Do I
  • Why Do You
  • Is it Okay
  • Is it OK
  • When Sould
  • When Can
  • When Does
  • When Can’t
  • Should You Ever
  • Should I Do
  • Can I
  • Can You
  • What Does

You get the idea.

All you’re really doing here is coming up with the BEGINNING PHRASE of your article title.

And as a HUGE part of niche blogging is about HELPING PEOPLE, it makes sense to concentrate on answering their questions.

There are obviously many, many, many, many MORE “QUESTION PHRASES” to use


I’m NOT going to you them ALL.

Yes, I love you, but I’m NOT YOUR DAD!!!


Stop being lazy and go and work them out for yourself.

If you can’t think of any more question phrases that YOU & OTHERS use in everyday life, then perhaps BLOGGING isn’t for you.

Then again, being a human being probably isn’t for you either, if you can’t come up with at least ONE MORE question phrase.

Okay, so we have our question phrases, now to our seed niche keyword.

The THREE biggest CATEGORIES online are


If you think about it, these are the things that most of us worry about in our lives.

  • We worry about our health and the health of those we love.
  • We worry about money, how much we’re spending, how much we’re making, etc.
  • And, of course, we worry about those who are in (or we would like to be in) our lives.

So, for today’s keyword research blog post I’m going to concentrate on RELATIONSHIPS.

More specifically, let’s do something along the lines of a successful site I created a few years ago.

Remember, when defining your niche it’s best to focus on one specific individual.

This specific individual is the person who you are writing all your articles to.

You do this, and your article writing becomes far more natural.

So, my specific individual in my niche is a 30-year old man, we’ll call him Rob, and he has a girlfriend, but he is questioning many things about his girlfriend and their relationship.

Therefore, every single time I find a keyword, I am writing the article for ROB.

No-one else, just ROB.

As I say, you do this, and your writing will be far more natural, which in turn helps your audience connect with you better.

AND this is what you want - YOUR AUDIENCE TO CONNECT WITH YOU!!

Don’t believe me, here’s a narcissistic view of it:

How Many of You Simply Read My Blog Posts Because it’s ME?

You don’t care what I’m writing about, you just want to read it because it’s ME!!

YOU are my audience members I have connected with.

That said:

How Many of You Can’t Stand the Sight of Me, Have a Grave Disliking For Me, BUT JUST CAN’T HELP YOURSELF, you JUST HAVE TO Read What I’ve Written? (I know you’re there, I see YOU!!!)

Once again, I HAVE connected with my HATERS, possibly not in the way I hoped for, but a connection has been made.

However, quite clearly, you want the FIRST ONE.

SO, always have in your mind's-eye the ONE individual you’re writing for.

Mine is Rob.

Right’s let’s find some queries and questions that Rob would like answered.

Let’s Use Google AUTOSUGGEST

Right, first things first, you’re going to need to download a browser extension to help with website metrics.

I mainly use this to check the Domain Authority (DA) of websites.

Basically, I want to find out the authority of the websites ranking on page one.

All browsers, e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MicrosoftEdge, etc.will have browser extensions.

My favourites include:



And the one I’m currently using

Keywords Everywhere

You can simply type into the Google Search Bar

Keywords Everywhere Extension

And then download it.

DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING - it is NOT required.

Keywords Everywhere will not only give you the Domain Authority of websites, but also things like their Spam Score, List of Backlinks, etc.

Plus, you’ll notice they also provide a list of “related keywords” for every search result you type into the Google Search Bar.


You can sprinkle some of these “related keywords” throughout your articles (don’t overdo it, 1-2 is fine), and this will help Google (and the other search engines) UNDERSTAND your content better.

Anyway, go download one of these extensions, as I say, I currently use Keywords Everywhere.

My preferred method of doing keyword research is in a Google Incognito tab, so a private browser.

The reason for this should be obvious with GOOGLE AUTOSUGGEST - Google “REMEMBERS” EVERYTHING (bit like my wife, I can’t get away with ANYTHING!!!!)

In other words, Google will REMEMBER your searches, and if it feels that you FAVOUR a particular search result or website, it will stick it at the top of the page.

Hence, the reason why so many people get excited, “I’M RANKING NUMBER ONE, I’M RANKING NUMBER ONE” and then they can’t work out why they’re NOT getting any traffic (or at least a few thousand visitors every month).

SORRY!! You’re NOT ranking Number One, Google just feels that your website is a FAVOURITE of yours (of course Google does, you log into your website everyday, you look at it everyday, you add content regularly), and this is why it shows at the top of the search results.

Don’t Be Fooled - Check your rankings in a Google Incognito tab.

That said, the Keyword Everywhere chrome extension (and all other software extensions) DON’T show up in private browsing.

So, unfortunately, in order to use these extensions, you will need to do your keyword research in “Normal Google”.

Now, we go to the Google Search Bar and I’m going to type in

Why Does My Girlfriend


Can you see how powerful that is?

Google is literally listing KEYWORDS in order of popularity.

The higher up the list of results a keyword, the more potential traffic it has.

Now, immediately I like:

Why Does My Girlfriend Like to Bite Me

I mean who wouldn’t like that!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Alright, Sorry YOU PRUDE!!!!

Maybe, it’s just me then!!! LOL


At number one in the ranking is a website with a Domain Authority of 62 (DA62).

This is pretty BIG.

DA goes from 1-100.

To give you an idea, Wealthy Affiliate has a DA57, and think about how many “articles” WA has (Every Single Blog Post, Question, Training, Video, Profile Page, Live Chat, is in effect a separate article).

That said, Domain Authority is typically based on the NUMBER OF BACKLINKS and a few other factors.

So, it’s perfectly feasible for a website to have 5 articles on it and be a DA70 website, purely based on backlinks pointing to it.

Anyway, a DA62 website is going to be hard to beat.

But still, let’s look at the rest of the results.

Nice, Quora in position 2.

One of my things about Keyword Research is to look for User Generated Content (UGC) on page one.

User Generated Content is usually a community (just like Wealthy Affiliate) where people hold discussions, ask questions, answer questions, socialise with each other, etc.

The main reason that it is easier to outrank UGC is simply because you can’t authenticate EXPERTISE, plus, usually the answer to a question is just a few sentences.

So, as an example, the TOP Quora result for

Why Does My Girlfriend Like to Bit Me



Yeah, cheers for that Gaurav, clearly a man of many words, but still, you’ve kinda nailed it!!!

So, in effect, if you write an article with more words (2 words!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!), with better explanations, more media (images, infographics, tables, charts, videos, etc.) then there is a HUGE chance that you will rank above this.


This is also why you NEED TO CHECK THE INDIVIDUAL RESULTS WITH YOUR OWN EYES ranking on page one.

Quite often, you’ll find that a Quora result has an in-depth article written by an expert.

As an example, in one of my niches, a guy called Oliver William writes 5,000-word articles to answer questions on QUORA.

PLUS, Oliver is a well-known bodybuilder.

THIS is when you may struggle to BEAT USER GENERATED CONTENT on page one.

So, always read the articles that you are COMPETING AGAINST.

This also provides a clue as to WHAT GOOGLE PREFERS & IS WILLING TO RANK ON PAGE ONE.

So, the top result for this query, the DA62 website, READ IT.

  • How is the article structured?
  • How many words have they used?
  • What type of media have they used?
  • How many images?
  • How many videos?
  • Is there a table/infographic/pie chart?
  • How many subheadings?
  • Do they discuss another topic apart from biting?

Basically, Google thinks that this article is “perfect” to rank number one for this query.

So, you can “legally steal” their IDEAS, but NOT THEIR CONTENT.

I would suggest that for ALL keywords you find, read and check the top 3 results (because that’s where YOU want to be), and see how they have structured their article, what topics they discuss, subheading, images, videos, etc. if you can mirror that WITH YOUR OWN ORIGINAL CONTENT, you’re onto a winner.

Anyway, scrolling down the page I can see

DA6 Website


Anything below DA21 you should be able to outrank or rank alongside.


The fact that a DA6 website is ranking for this term tells me TWO THINGS.

  1. This person is GOOD at keyword research.
  2. They are targeting lots of LOW HANGING FRUIT.

Guess What?

Save that website to your favourites and STUDY IT!!!

AND “steal” their keywords.

They know how to rank a BABY website, they know how to do keyword research, so why wouldn’t you piggyback off their success?

DON’T STEAL THEIR CONTENT, write your own, but I see no harm in “stealing” their keywords!!

Scroll down some more, low-and-behold, a Reddit result.

For me, you want to find AT LEAST TWO User Generated Content or BELOW DA21 on page one for it to be a viable keyword.


There is a medium(dot)com article at the bottom.

Now, while Medium is a DA95, it is once more, mainly user generated content.

However, it is what is classed as Web 2.0, which is typically quite easy to outrank.

Other examples would be social media platforms, articles directories, PDF directories.

And it just so happens there are also TikTok results on page one, PERFECT.

In fact, I know the TikToks are likely to be funny around

Why Does My Girlfriend Like to Bite Me

So, I will no doubt be adding a couple of these humorous videos to my blog post.

Is the Keyword Worth Going After?

Now, there are certain things on page one of Google that MAY make a difference, as to whether you should target that keyword or not.

So, you could actually have lots of User Generated Content and Low Domain Authority websites on page one, but it still isn’t a great keyword.

Realistically, if you want to rank on Google page one, you’ll want one of the top 3 positions.

Yes, ranking on page ONE of Google is great, but the difference in potential traffic could be HUGE.

You could be ranking at position 10 and only receiving 10 visitors per month for that ONE keyword.

However, ranking at number ONE could see this increase to 1,000 visitors.

A HUGE difference, I’m sure you’ll agree.

What you’ll want to check is what is “above the fold”.


Let’s face facts, as a race, humans are LAZY.

Yep, we are that lazy that even SCROLLING down a page seems like too much effort.

This also shows why there is so much of a difference in traffic levels between ranking at NUMBER ONE and NUMBER TEN on Google.

We just can’t be bothered!!!

Remember, you have to bring HUMAN THINKING into everything that you do.

This is NOT a case of

Build it and they will come


So, you always want to see what is “ABOVE THE FOLD” (What you can see WITHOUT scrolling).

Often you’ll find that Google places a

  • Video Carousel
  • Image Pack
  • Local Pack (Google Maos with LOCAL AREA Results)
  • MASSIVE Featured Snippet (that takes up the entire top of the page)
  • People Also Ask (that takes up the entire top of the page)

Realistically, if you can only see ONE THING at the top of the page, it’s going to be harder for you to get eyes on your article.

As an example, many queries will have a Video Carousel at the top of the page.

This is ALL that Visitors can see WITHOUT having to scroll.

The likelihood is that the vast majority of people will click on one of those videos to ANSWER THEIR QUERY.

In other words, if you want to rank for that keyword you would be BETTER OFF CREATING A VIDEO.

This way you can slot in nicely to the Video Carousel at the top of the page.

Even if you write an article and rank at NUMBER ONE you will find that your Number One ranking is BELOW the video carousel.

So, in this instance, even ranking number one may produce no traffic (people are LAZY, people are FICKLE, they MAY NOT scroll).

The same can be said if you see a MASSIVE Featured Snippet at the top of the page followed by the People Also Ask Section.

Once more, this is ALL that people will INITIALLY see WITHOUT having to scroll.

This is a little easier to rank for, as the Featured Snippet is usually WRITTEN Content.

However, what this means is that the best way to get traffic for that particular keyword is to dislodge this website from the Featured Snippet.

That said, remember what I said earlier?

Read that article, see how it’s structured, what subheadings are they using, what types of images, any videos, any infographics, etc.

Your aim is to write a better, more detailed article than them.


They have given you a major clue as to WHAT GOOGLE LIKES in order to rank at the top of the page.

Other Ways to Use Google Autosuggest

You can actually place different “things” between words in Google Autosuggest in order to give you even more queries.

So, the one that you’re used to is the alphabet soup technique, which involves placing ONE letter of the alphabet in the Google Search Bar.


You can do this anywhere between words and you’ll generally get different queries.

Here is a couple of examples with

Why Does Girlfriend

Being typed into the search bar and then placing the letter “a” in different places.

You can see it produces different queries.


You don't have to restrict alphabet soup to JUST one letter, get creative people:

Another great option is to use an asterisk - * - once again in-between different words.

And here’s one you’ve never thought of


Oh yeah baby!!

We all LOVE a list post, here’s some AUTOSUGGEST queries using different numbers.

All I’ve put in the search bar is

My Girlfriend

Now, let’s try some different numbers (and remember Google Autosuggest are REAL queries typed in by REAL people, so if you’re seeing results, then you KNOW people are SEARCHING for those EXACT QUERIES.

Final Thoughts

I will go into further detail next time, but I didn’t want to give you too much here, even if it is a “refresher” of sorts.

However, I hope there’s a few learning points for EVERYONE, and perhaps even things which I hadn’t discussed before.

Additionally, I will say that keyword research is a learned skill.

In fact, you’ll eventually get to the stage where you even know what type of keyword queries you should be targeting.

I guess this comes with experience.


Don't be discouraged if it takes FOREVER to initially find keywords, it takes TIME to LEARN A NEW SKILL:

You weren't able to juggle 5 balls the first time you tried

You weren't able to Bench Press 225lbs the first time you tried

You didn't cook the perfect meal the first time you tried.


However, one thing I will say is that keyword research is the MOST IMPORTANT skill you need to learn.

Forget worrying so much about how to write your articles, how many words, whether your website looks pretty, where to source images from (I will teach you soon how to make you own images for FREE), etc.

If you haven’t got your keyword research right, unfortunately, you’re pretty much wasting your time.

Here’s an analogy about poor keyword research and your website in general.

You own a hot dog cart.

There is a football game every Saturday between 3pm-5pm in your local football stadium.

You take your hot dog cart to the football stadium every Monday between 10am-12pm.

How successful is your hot dog business going to be?

Do you get me?

It’s ALL about keyword research and writing about WHAT YOUR AUDIENCE IS INTERESTED IN.


Find keywords that your audience ARE ALREADY SEARCHING FOR.

Check page one of Google for User Generated Content and Low Domain Authority Websites.

Read the top 3 articles, take notes, plus take a note of their article structure and media used.

Keep an eye out for what is ABOVE THE FOLD.

Use Numbers, Asterisks, and MORE than ONE letter when researching in the Google Search Bar.

And you’re not going to become an expert immediately, keyword research is a LEARNED SKILL.

So, start learning it!!

Thank You For Reading


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Featured Comment

Why Does the Wealthy Affiliate Algorithm HATE ME?

I totally get it.

From a Marketing perspective it is better to have "quick wins" and "newbie-friendly" blog posts displayed on the homepage.

So, I understand that certain posts are placed at the top of the page, and even in the "Top 10 Blog Posts". within 5 minutes of being written.

How exciting is it for a newcomer to read, "I've been Indexed", "I've been ranked", "I'm an Ambassador", "I'm celebrating 7 years at Wealthy Affiliate"?

Even if a newcomer doesn't completely understand these concepts, it sounds great!!!

So, these 100-word blog posts are placed where everyone can see them.

Nothing against this, everyone deserves their chance.

PLUS, Wealthy Affiliate is a marketing platform, and getting newcomers to upgrade is the name of the game.

My Blog Posts ARE NOT Newbie Friendly (Well, actually they are, but someone wouldn't know that unless they actually read it).

That said, I have noticed that 7 out of my last 10 published WA blog posts have been shoved to the bottom of the homepage IMMEDIATELY in favour of the some of the above titled blog posts.

Don't believe me - check out my last 10 published blog posts for "likes" and "comments" and you can see which ones are near my "normal" numbers, and clearly which ones have been shoved to the bottom of the homepage, as they have very little interaction - THIS BLOG POST IS ONE OF THEM.



But, why do it at the expense of someone who writes a blog post with ACTIONABLE ADVICE <=== THINGS THAT CAN ACTUALLY MAKE YOU MONEY!!

The fact that I spent 6 hours, writing, testing, and putting together this blog post ABOVE, for it then to be shoved to the bottom of the homepage IMMEDIATELY makes me NOT WANT TO BLOG @ WA ANYMORE (I asked 3 different members to let me know if they could this blog post anywhere, they couldn't unless they scrolled for over TWO MINUTES or checked the "New Blogs").

Yes, perhaps somewhat childish, but it's how I feel.

Rant Over!!


i would prefer you didn't stop writing on here....
i know that most of your followers shouldn't either...
but most won't put their heads above the parapet...
i really don't blame you for having a rant as what you are creating is very good actionable content...
i know it is a lot more than that ...all your time hard work and effort that goes into these blogs...
i do appreciate them, even though i might have a little snooze half way through...lol
but please keep them coming Partha....

Yes, I completely agree, and I find the same thing happening all the time.

We often release WA posts on the same day, and despite them being useful, with actionable tips that genuinely could make a difference to someone's business, we often end up languishing in the bottom half of the top 10.

A couple of days ago, a blog from a brand-new starter went straight to number 1 with only 2 comments.

He only has 4 followers, so how did that happen?

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, I guess it's not that important, but, as you say, when you put time and effort into helping people, and it's not recognised or rewarded, then why bother?

Many of the algorithms here don't work.

I have mentioned to Kyle that the list of top helpers in the lessons includes people who are no longer members here or who haven't been active for years, or who have unfortunately passed away.

And what about the "Motivating" section - top of that list is a post from 4 years ago from somebody I've never seen on the platform!

And a couple of the other posts are from 4 and 5 years ago.

Better shut up now; no wonder Kyle hasn't invited us to leave a WA review on Trust Pilot, as he has done with some members!

PLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Don't Stop Blogging, Oh Great Teacher. :D

That is not sarcasm or anything like it. I have only gleaned a mall part of what I have read in your blogs, but I have learned some. I want to keep learning from you. It will take time, and I will probably have to re-read some of the posts, and it did take me at least two tries to finish this blog, but that is because I had to do other things. I intend to read it again, and hopefully learn some more just from this one post, not to mention any others you write or any old ones I find.

Blessed Be.


I agree Phil,

I periodically check Partha's profile for new content anyway and will refer to his posts from my blogs and questions (which hopefully helps others). But yeah, I can understand the 'rant'.

Glad you spoke your mind. I was wonder yesterday why wasn’t your post getting more attention. Like with in 6 hours you only had like 15 comments. Which had me to think it wasn’t being seen as much. I say please do not stop blogging. Maybe there is something those of us who commented on your blog can do. Maybe like resharing your post? Or linking back to it. That is something I will do, since there is an algorithm issue. I do not want you to stop publishing.

Hey Partha,
Please do not stop writing these gems. Although I have to read them several times, I read them, as well as many others here on the platform do. I appreciate the time and effort you put into these posts as I am sure MANY others do as well.
I am always on the lookout for new posts from you as well as Diane @DianeScorpio.

So what if it isn't in the top 10, WE KNOW who the Prince is. (oops, I"m sure your head just got a little bigger, hahaha)

I have bookmarked this post as well as many others you have written. And I always know when you write a new post( I get an email notification)

I do understand the sentiment, we all want to be recognized for our valuable contributions, (and yours are valuable) but please do not let this stop you from continuing.


It seems you must have woken up the algorithm genie I see you are No 2 now.

Please don't stop I have saved all your helpful posts under SEO tag to help me with ideas.

Hey Everyone,

Thank you ALL dearly for you replies.

Just to clarify, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH RECOGNITION.


Neither of these things bother me in the slightest.

I published this post yesterday, and within 4 minutes, it was "downgraded" to the bottom of the HOMEPAGE!!!

When people publish new blog posts, or ask questions, they are usually found quite high up on the HOMEPAGE.

Unless, it has been decided to promote other blog posts on the homepage.

Nothing against those who were HEAVILY PROMOTED at the top of the HOMEPAGE, and I mean HEAVILY PROMOTED - a blog post that was 7 days old, had 49 words, and was simply to say that a certain amount of clicks had been achieved - Great, I'm so happy for this person, honestly I am, but why is there a need to promote a 7-DAY OLD BLOG POST, and "demote" mine to the bottom - Oh yeah!! I get it, a newcomer blogging about success is more appealing to other newcomers, whereas reading actionable advice and learning something is just too much HARD WORK!!!

Got It!!!

I look forward to blogging about my pet hamster marrying a squirrel, and being indexed, very soon!!!





Hi Diane…I too wondered why posts from “helpers” like you and Partha are (sometimes I’ll see one) not always featured in the top 10!

Thankfully for me, I have you both in my network so I get a notification when you publish a WA Blog. I usually save them or add them to my favorites list.

Thank you for what you do to help us all succeed!


P.s. I’ll be sending Partha this same message.

Hi Partha…I too wondered why posts from “helpers” like you and Diane are (sometimes I’ll see one) not always featured in the top 10!

Thankfully for me, I have you both in my network so I get a notification when you publish a WA Blog. I usually save them or add them to my favorites list.

I know you wrote this not for any recognition or pat on the back, but I just wanted to let you and Diane know you both have (especially your potions) made me better and have helped me tremendously.

Thank you for what you do to help us all succeed!


P.s. I’ll be sending Diane this same message.

Mine was there early this morning and logged in this afternoon; it disappeared ??? Nowhere to be seen. Thou it is NOT as important as yours! Looking closely, yours knocked mine, as it was in the #2 position.

It seems unfair that mine was knocked out, or wasn't replaced elsewhere?? Or allowed to juggle. But may be it didn't get enough engagement? We may never find out what happened?

And it is NOT the first time this happened. However, the co-founders have the power to unlist or relist certain content. Also, not everyone will have the same content dashboard; it may be aligned with how WA wants to market its site's content.

Algo = BAD - Because you are downplaying the need for Jaaxy? LOL. Or maybe it's the same reason thin, crappy content ranks well on Google.

A couple of questions for you:

* Can we please call him Bob instead of Rob?

* Did you actually mean "soccer" not "football"? LOL

* Can you please write a 5k word blog post about "why do losers have girlfriends" or "why am I being a mean girlfriend"? I REALLY want to hear your insight!!

Love this stuff!!

Please don't stop! You are needed! THANK YOU!

Forgot to mention that I have a special folder where I save all your posts. Please don't stop!

Partha, this Blogpost is at #2 as I just clicked it at 2:34 pm LA Time. Why the rant?


I think you have hit the nail on the head here. It is better for WA if new arrivals see that others are immediately accepted into the program and their content is "valuable".

Wow, a new member is part of the group. This is for me.

From what you have said WA does need to look at the algorithm that is doing this......

Bad news sells, good news does not. All of your posts require people to work for results. (I am not saying you are bad news - far from it). I am just trying to understand what is happening.

Thankfully, you have made these posts, and I am definitely grateful for them. People should work for results and WA does indeed state that this is a program that works if we do. It is not a get-rich scheme.

Your methods do work - I have first-hand experience with this.

Thank you again for sharing.

Please do not stop, your content is very valuable.


Looking forward!

I agree, Phil!

Please keep gracing us with your wisdom, advice, and insight Prince P, we definitely appreciate you!!!

By the way, you're great too, Phil :)

Zach "The Prosperous View"

I’m with you, Diane!

You and Prince P, are always so giving of y'alls time and it is definitely not wasted on me and I know a lot of others too!!!

Y'all provide such excellent, on-point, & useful information!

I'm so thankful for y'all :)

Zach "The Prosperous View"

SO the main skill as a sport to automatism.....HOW to write articles HOW to search for keywords
I want to suggest one sport exercise
It's funny and intreresting.....One hand on the head and the other the stomach
Hitting you head to stroke your belly....and then vice versa It's like juggling 5balls

Rookie boletus
So this is my first post Iwould like to share my impressions of the WA
Ihave been in the community for two months now Iam Premium
So much information that breaks the head.

I started by wathing all the lessons . And then I was brought to the best blogs .
O! what happines and joy ther I met Partha !.... Super Boy .......Humor and sarcazm.........
But the main content of the content...I even got to his site about exercising with my body

This is the first time I'm commenting on any WA blog - I'm a new Premium Member & a just-started-taking-action WA member. As a starter member I read ALL your blogs - in fact, I had a blog-creator-crush on you - whatever that means! And frankly I think reading your blogs was a big reason I finally joined Premium to give this a real shot. Other than the training, I don't read any blogs except yours - I specifically type Partha in the Search Bar to read your blogs! Yes, at times, I skim through the "non-technical" (ahem!) pieces in them, but I genuinely want to thank you for writing - I have learnt/ I am learning a LOT from them. Your blogs have been an inspiration for me to try to find my own (writing?) voice, to stay true to what's true for me, and saying things as they are! IF you ever stop writing about this stuff here, please, please, please tell me where you'll continue doing so!
Thank you, again!

Hey Prince🤴 P,

I certainly hear where you're coming from!

You, Diane, Phil (feigner) and others (sorry everyone else who always helps and provides useful content, I don't have time to mention everyone, but thank you too!) should have a spotlight put on y'all!!!

The quality of the content and direction that y'all provide is second to none!!!

Prince P, I for one, have learned more from you on my online journey; about Keyword research, writing content, & ranking on Google than anyone else thus far :)

So, I'm not one to beg, but I'm begging you...Hahaha, PLEASE DON'T STOP WRITING YOUR POSTS, Prince P!!!

Also, know that I and a lot of other people appreciate you more than mere words can express!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, again, please, keep on keeping on...lol :)

Zach "The Prosperous View"

Please keep blogging Partha, when I was at a loss, your method and advice was the only thing that worked. It's RELEVANT and gives me hope for my new website endeavour. As I said before, I don't know why these kind of tips are not in the standard WA training.

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