Here's How to Rank No.1 on Google (Everything Revealed)

Last Update: June 25, 2021

Those who know me well, it’s probably time to get a cup of coffee, some snacks, a blanket, and start your online Christmas shopping before you settle in.

Those who don’t know me well, you’ll probably want to read the following in installments, but PLEASE take the time to understand every single word (trust me, it will help you).

And those who are in the “I don’t read long posts” camp, See Ya!! You may as well hit the back button now (although “can’t be bothered” is rarely a good indication of success, just sayin’).

Okay, I’ve been working on a “test” site since September 2nd 2020.

This website is free for all of you to see, read, ignore, whatever you wish. You know where to find it.

My aim was to prove that you can be successful by following a very simple strategy and working hard.

I write articles, lots of them, and THAT’S IT.

I’m not bothered about designs, logos, social media, beautifying, videos, emails, or anything that takes me away from my main purpose.

What AM I Going to Achieve?

I am looking to have this website at 1,000 visitors a day (almost entirely from GOOGLE) by the one-year mark (30,000 visitors a month).

The website is currently on that upward trajectory (in terms of traffic) when you know you’re writing the correct type of content.

Basically, the traffic after the 9-month mark typically doubles every single month.

At a guess, I’m not quite going to make it to 1,000 visitors from Google per day by the 2nd September 2021, but I will be very, very, very close.

I would say I should hit the 30,000 visitors a month by October 2021.

Oh and by the way, knowing this niche very well, and the type of ads I can receive from Ezoic (I rarely if ever use Google Adsense) I can expect $20-$30 per 1000 views in ad revenue.

And this is ON TOP of the affiliate sales that the site is currently making, and will no doubt continue to make.

At the moment, this averages around $75 per 1000 visits.

At a guess, by the end of 2021 I should be above 50,000-60,000 visitors a month (I’ll let you do the maths in terms of affiliate and ad revenue).

Then it's onto outsourcing article writing (after I’ve taught the person/people how I like to do it), outsource other promotions that I haven’t bothered with yet, and then do the same again with another website.


My point being, as I’ve always said, it’s ALL about the TRAFFIC.

I’m not overly bothered by anything else to begin with.

If I’m getting that much traffic, then it’s easy to monetize it.

So, get the traffic first, the money will come.

Deconstructing a NUMBER ONE Ranking Article

The website in question is an exercise and fitness website.

I guess it helps that I have a huge love of exercise.

And even though my background is in Finance, I also happen to be a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (I completed the study and exams purely out of interest).

These qualifications would cast me as an “expert” in the search engines eyes (always helps with ranking).

Okay, I’m going to take one article that I’ve only written quite recently.

In fact, the article was written and published on March 22nd 2021.

So, it’s only 3 months old.

I’ve often spoken of allowing an article 8-9 months to really get an idea of what it may potentially achieve.

Therefore, the rankings and traffic figures I’m about to reveal could (and should) go up substantially (then again they can also go down - Google is a weirdo after all).

The article in question is titled:

“Why Are My Abs Sore After Jumping Rope? (Here’s 5 Reasons Why)”

This is something I have experienced myself and am well aware of.

Right, I don’t want to overload you with stats, so let’s take a look at the article’s performance over just the last 7 days.

We do this via Google Search Console.

So, in the last 7 days the article has received around 1,610 impressions in Google.

This simply means that it has appeared in 1,610 different search results.

The article has received 127 clicks, so 127 people have visited my article.

Now this works out to approximately 18 visitors per day, so over the period of a month, this ONE article should receive 540 visitors.

I typically view an article as having “hit the mark” if it’s receiving 600-700 visitors a month.

Some articles will receive far less (30-50 visits a month), and some articles will receive substantially more traffic (thousands and thousands of visits a month).

However, a nice average is in the 600-700 visitors per month range PER ARTICLE.

Basically, if you get 200+ articles achieving this you should be earning a pretty decent income.

You then rinse and repeat and do this again and again and again with more and more websites (if you want to, you can just stick with making one MASSIVE website) and you have a portfolio of sites all individually making a full-time income.

That being said, ALWAYS concentrate on ONE site to start off with. Make that a success first, and then move on (if you want to) to another project.

Okay, back to the point, SORRY!

This one article hasn’t quite “hit the mark” yet, but remember it’s only 3 months hold.

At a guess, this is the type of article that should regularly be producing 1,500-2,000 visitors per month after it’s had a year to mature.

So, I’m happy with it at this early stage.

Where is the Traffic Coming From?

I am solely focused on getting Google traffic.

I’ll openly admit that my social media game is severely lacking.

My email marketing is a disgrace.

And my YouTube account is non-existent.

Now I know you shouldn’t “put all your eggs in one basket”.

But, for now, I have thrown all my other baskets away, and concentrated on just this one “basket”.

Remember, I’ve only really been working on this site for around 9 and a bit months.

There’s plenty of time to get everything else up and running at some point in the future.

As many of you like to state, it’s a marathon, not a sprint (but, as I like to say, you have to sprint every once in a while)

(Don’t forget my 90% rule - find the ONE THING that will drive your business forward and then spend 90% of your time doing that ONE THING).

So, let’s have a look at some of the keyword phrases that people are typing into Google to find my article.

As you can see the top four phrases are all ranking at number one.

And the main phrase is bringing in the bulk of the traffic.

Don’t forget, this is just one week’s worth of traffic (7 days).

Now, just to prove my point, and the fact I do things a little differently (Sorry Kyle), let’s plug a couple of these phrases into Jaaxy.

Not very impressive I’m sure you’ll agree.

In fact, the vast majority of people would typically look at Jaaxy and say that the figures tell me that this isn’t a phrase I should be targeting.

And yet after ONLY 3 MONTHS the article is averaging 540 visitors a month, and this will definitely go up and up and up, month-after-month.

I guess many of you know, I’m not a fan of keyword tools.

For me, everything is based on historical data.

And what was true last year, the year before, may not be true as of today.

My aim is to rank in GOOGLE and get traffic from GOOGLE, so all of my research is conducted in GOOGLE.

Why would I go anywhere else?

I have explained exactly how I do keyword research in Part 1 and Part 2 of these blogs.

Partha's Keyword Research Explained Part 1

Partha's Keyword Research Explained Part 2

So, no need for me to cover old ground.

However, for this article, I simply did the following:

  • Pick an exercise - Jumping Rope
  • Go to Google (incognito tab/private browser)
  • Pick a question word - Why
  • Go through the alphabet - a,b,c,d,e,f…x,y,z.

As I say, I’ve fully explained how I do keyword research in the above blog posts.

My simple aim is to find question-styled phrases, check Google Page One to see who my competition is.

If I find more than 2 or 3 Q&A sites, forums, or social media sites (Quora, Reddit, FitnessExchange, Facebook, Pinterest) on Page One then I write the article.

How much traffic will I get though?

I don’t care…

I use Google Autosuggest to find keyword phrases.


Jaaxy tells me my phrases will receive NO TRAFFIC.

And yet here I am ONLY 3 MONTHS later, already getting 127 visitors a week (and don’t forget this will increase with time as the article matures)

Here’s the article sitting proudly at NUMBER ONE waiting for more visitors.

How I Structure My Articles

I also want to give you a quick insight to the article.

I typically find that “response posts” work very well using my methods.

This means the title of the article is a question.

And the content of the article is the answer.

The article doesn’t need to be long.

In fact, depending on the subject matter I would say 800-1200 words would suffice.

Most of my articles now are in the 1300-1600 word range, but as you know, I like to chat.

With all my articles, I have a short introduction, no more than 100 words.

You can see that I use a Table of Contents.

This outlines the separate points to my “answer”.

I then have an H2 Heading with just the “keyword phrase”.

And then I immediately provide the answer to the question (although I expand on each point within my article).

And, as you can see, I highlight the “answer” in a bright-coloured block.


This is to tell Google, “Here is the Answer”.

Not every time, but fairly often, this “wins” me the Featured Snippet.

Or the coveted Google Ranking Number 0 (so above no.1).

Questions, Questions, Questions

I believe it was Neil Patel who said a few years back that 14% of all Google searches are questions.

In reality, this means that 86% AREN’T.

Now, I’m not one to go up against Neil, but I think he may be a little wide of the mark.

Plus, he did say this a few years ago.

And two to three years in SEO is almost a lifetime.

I actually think question-style searches are much higher with the introduction on Alexa, voice search, etc.

Plus, I always feel that question-styled article titles seem a lot more natural.

This is what real people want to know.

As an example (and going against all the training, Sorry again Kyle).

Rather than “Wealthy Affiliate Review” (BORING… that will be the 1,056,987th “Wealthy Affiliate Review” to hit the internet in the last 2 years).



“Can You Make Money as a Free Starter With Wealthy Affiliate?”

“How Long Will It Take Me to Complete the Wealthy Affiliate Training?”

“Why Does Wealthy Affiliate Have 2 Core Training Modules?”

“Has Anyone Ever Made Any Money With Wealthy Affiliates?”

“How Long Will it Take Me to Earn $1,000 per Month With Wealthy Affiliate?”

Do you get me?

These are all individual articles, but still promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Don’t be boring.

Go to

Type “Wealthy Affiliate” into the search bar.

Then put different question words before “Wealthy Affiliate”, obviously one at a time.

Why, Who, Will, Can, What, Are, Could, Should, Would, etc.

See what GOOGLE comes up with (and don’t forget to check page one of Google for “easy” competition).

Then place letters of the alphabet (individually) after the words “Wealthy Affiliate” and see what Google comes up with.



If you answer questions that no-one else has, you’ve hit GOLD.

If you answer a question better than anyone else has, you’ve hit GOLD.



Final Thoughts

This was actually quite short for me, LOL.

If you made it this far, well done.

As always, any questions, I shall try my best to ignore them for about 3 days before eventually answering.

I realise my way of “doing things” is a little different, but it definitely works.

I guess what I’m saying is, Don’t Be Boring in your article writing.

Don’t write the same articles that everyone else has before.

Use Google autosuggest to find REAL QUESTIONS that REAL PEOPLE are asking.

Check your competition on page one of Google.

If you find lots of “user-generated” content (Question and Answer Websites, Forums, Social Media Sites) you’ve hit the jackpot.

Thank you for reading


p.s. QUESTIONS, it’s all about answering people’s QUESTIONS.

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Aussiemuso Premium
This was super fun to read Partha. I love your style of writing it makes me feel like you are in the room and we are having a lively chat.

I'm sure that you write your articles in such a way and that also would make them popular. I'm really enjoying this new research idea and it makes a huge amount of sense. Not that the training here isn't great but I've always felt quietly concerned that I didn't know what to write about. Now it's easy 'ANSWER THE QUESTIONS'. lol

Such a simple system and one that I am implementing today.
Thanks so much for this detailed account and points.

smben69 Premium Plus
After reading this I have come to the conclusion that I certainly don't have time to write 200 articles it takes me now about a week and a half to write one article so I would need about four years with all 200 articles ranking well. I don't think that this much effort for a remote chance of making money is perhaps the best place for me. Too bad more people don't tell the truth about what it really takes to make money online. I thank you for your honesty.
ParthaB Premium
Hey Steven,

Okay, I'm going to be 100% honest now, many people may disagree with what I have to say, but it's the nearest thing to the truth you'll ever hear in any walk of life.

Firstly, blogging or writing articles is simply ONE way to make a living online.

There are actually 100s of way to make money online that don't even involve writing.

However, It is the main option that Wealthy Affiliate promotes.

You write lots and lots of articles and make sales of someone else's product and earn a commission.

No doubt about it - it works. And the possibilities are endless.

In essence, you could become a billionaire by writing ONE article.

Realistically, this wil probably never happen, unless you wrote something that is particularly lifechanging, e.g. The Bill of Rights, The 10 Commandments, Statute of Limitations, etc.

So, when it comes to blogging, more is better.

You never know which article you write is going to be a winner, so you work on the law of averages, and carry on writing

That's a look at blogging from an "earning-money" perspective - This is the WRONG way to view any business in my mind.

YES, we all want to start a business online or offline to earn money - but when money is the most important aspect in your mind, you are now working a JOB.

The most successful people in the world typically don't "work" they follow their "passion".

I include hugely successful businessmen, politicians, high-ranking law enforcement officers, chefs, barristers, financiers, etc.

They all have a "passion" for their walk of life.

If you are looking to "earn money" online then blogging may not be the ideal direction.

Basically, what we learn at WA is much the same as creating an offline business.

You don't open your own restaurant thinking you'll earn a few dollars, pay off your debts, and then when that's done, you'll just let the business fizzle out.

No, you work in that restaurant business (hopefully) for the rest of your working life, until you decide to retire and sell the business,or even pass it down to your offspring.

If you want to "earn money" from the restuarant business you get a job and go and work for someone else.

The same options are available online.

You can indeed work for someone else online, and even earn very good money doing it, but of course you need to have a skill that other people require, e.g. graphic design, animation, video editing, etc.

In fact, many people do voice or "face" work online (someone has to supply the voices for audio books or front a video for someone who deosn't like to appear on screen)

However, what we mainly learn here at WA is blogging - writing articles and adding them to a website.

In reality, you could earn a full-time income within 18-24 months.

However, this will only ever happen to those who go all in, and spend just as much time on furthering their education, as they do working on their business.

All successful business people and entrepreneurs do this.

And they evolve with time.

Mark Zuckerberg initally created a way for college kids to communicate with each other. Little did he know years later that Facebook would house over half the world's population.

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne created a computer. Little did they know that 40 years later that computer could be put inside a telephone that you carry in your pocket, as well as the various other Apple products there are in the marketplace.

Jeff Bezos atarted out selling books. Little did he know that he would go on to create the biggest company in the world, as well as becoming the richest person in the world.

It's also interesting to note that both Mark's Facebook and Jeff's Amazon started out as websites (well they still are, just massive ones).

These websites probably weren't even as good at the very beginning as most of ours our today.

How do we know what our websites will be in 5, 10, 20 years time?

Reading your personal story Steven, I'm blown away.

You're certainly someone I could sit down with, have a beer with, and listen to your life story for hours, days, weeks, and months.

And I know you would captivate me throughout.

I will say what we are taught here at WA isn't for everyone.

In fact, I would guess that the vast mjority who come to WA never "make it" - I mean this in terms of their initial aims and goals, whether that's to earn $500 a month or become a millionaire.

I'm sorry to say this business isn't for everyone.

Not everyone is born with an entepreneurial spirit or a business mind.

Many people won't be able to create an offline business and see it through. I view working oline in exactly the same way.

You can certainly earn lots of money online WITHOUT EVER WRITING.

However, you either need a skill that other people require, or you need to learn a skill that other people want.

Trust me, there are many, many millionaires online who have never written a word in their lives.

But they still all worked extremely hard for many years, while fruethering their eduation on a daily basis.

Even people who make money illegally or with underhand methods online still had to learn a skill.

I will say that if you enjoy your time here at WA, and you actually enjoy writing (whether it takes you a week or 2 to write an article) you can definitely stick with it.

Much the same as anything in life, the more you do something, the better you become at it.

What may take you a week and a half to complete today, could take you only 2 hours in about a year.

I wish you luck moving forward Steven - and I'm in awe of your life story and the journey you've been on.

YvonneBray Premium
When I first started out I was in the same boat as you.

I used to feel overwhelmed at producing the recommended number of posts because it used to take me ages to just finish one.

Now I’ve been here nearly 12 months and find I can do about 3 a week, go to work, and housework. Yes it certainly took me time to adjust and it will you.
smben69 Premium Plus
Hi, Partha thank you very much for your candidness. And for your kind words. I too am blown away by your work and I have no idea how you find time to write any more than the training in your blog. Your training is like reading 20 pages of the encyclopedia. I have to reread things and evaluate what you've said and then try to implement that in my own work. The story that I'm writing now on my website is about my passion for flying airplanes and I fully intend to continue because it may help someone. Not only do I enjoy writing it it's a great deal of fun to look back in my logbooks and see all of the things in places that I have been plus all of the wonderful people that I've met in my journey. Believe me, I've met some incredible people right here at wealthy affiliate and you are one of the people that I could sit down and listen to for a long time and learn a great deal from. as well. That in itself is refreshing. I knew that I would not find a quick way to make money here but I didn't realize just how tough it was gonna be. But it took me years to master the ability to fly an airplane properly and know how not to panic when shit hits the fan. Each of your blog posts holds information that it would take me months to research so for that I thank you because it's made the job a little easier. This is really about the extent of what I can do at this point in my life having lost my leg and the use of my hands. I do not intend to let that hold me back as long as I have clarity of thought. It's really my only way of giving back, and who knows it may create some success. I've found it very difficult to find products to promote on my website as most of these companies don't have any type of affiliate program but the ones that do I use. I would appreciate any comments or guidance concerning my website. I'm sure there are some ways I could tweak it but your comments are most welcome. I think though that you could probably spend your time writing more training. Like anything else sometimes we do not get the desired outcome out of a particular task but I would be a damn fool for not trying. By the way, I did enjoy reading your website. And good work with the physical part of your life as it is so important and then so neglected by many.
Thank you Partha I appreciate you. It is refreshing to know the truth.
Rohan34 Premium
Lol your reply is as long as your original post Partha :-)
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Steve, I am enthralled by the discussion between you and Partha (the Prince, as we call him).

I am one of those who has been at WA since 2019 and who has achieved what I consider to be a relatively good success, BUT, without blogging.

Well, kinda.

Very early on I realised that it would take a lot of time to get a profitable blogging business going.
That is what we are taught here at WA - Content & Affiliate Marketing.

However, I also picked up on extracting all the other components such as, hosting domains and websites, designing SEO strategies, building personal and organisational brands, doing keyword research and coaching.

I also started to buy and sell domains.

Those pieces now earn me a good 5-digit monthly income.

My coaching and training business service are kicking off now and while that is happening, I am building out my WA affiliate (MMO) website.

I am on the edge of a 6-figure income BUT not from Content & Affiliate Marketing.
That, I know, will take time because, as the Prince said, I want it to be a legacy.

I hope this helps and gives you some more ideas and motivation.

smben69 Premium Plus
Thank you, Cassi, I do appreciate the information but it just gives me more stuff to research it looks like. I've seen a lot of you in the two years or so that I've been here I finally took a look at your sites and I can't tell you how impressed I am. I am very glad to hear that you are doing so well financially here it's something we all strive for obviously. It is a bit hard to stay motivated when you know that it takes years. So I am pleased to know there are other options available if I just wanna learn it, I did look at the opportunities with domains and read some interesting articles about buying and selling but I'm not very far into that and it would take some extra income anyway to get that started. I certainly have no intention of quitting, not after it took me so much time to build out what I've done. Since I am so physically limited these days I have nothing better to do than to study and read and then motivate myself to write another article. Thanks again for your thoughts
your friend
ParthaB Premium
Hey Steve,

Sorry, it's taken a while to get back to you.

Firstly, I immediately knew you weren't a quitter.

That much is obvious simply by following your amazing life story.

Plus, I cannot tell you how happy I am that your site is following a passion of yours, and the fact that your reason for doing this is to help others.

The most successful businesses typically come about from those who want to help first and foremost.

I have had a look through your site and I'm certainly impressed by your knowledge.

There are a few quirks that need ironing out, but I don't want to confuse matters more by discussing these now.

In fact, I am more than happy for you to make me an admin user on your site at a later date and I'll "iron out the creases" for you (while explainijng what I've done).

If you don't mind I've actually done some research for you and found 5 new article topics that you can write about when you get the time.

I've found question/answer style article topics that have low competition and so a well-written article will see you rank on the first page of Google.

What you can do in the meantime is check out my blog post about finding keywords, research material and structuring your article.

Here it is: The easiest way to view writing an article is to split it into parts.

So, if I am providing 5 tips in my article I divide the article into 7 parts

Tip 1
Tip 2
Tip 3
Tip 4
Tip 5

My introduction and conclusion are simply introducing what I'm going to write about and then summarizing what I've just written about.

The bits in-between simply need 150-200 words for each part.

If you try to break the article down into separate parts it's easier to write.

This is all explained in the blog post I've linked to above.

As for your website, the content is great, however, in order to do well online you must focus on what other people want to know.

There is a tendency to write for ourselves.

We try to share our knowledge on a specific subject.


The best way to write online initially is to forget about ourselves and write for others.

By this I mean find out the questions that people are asking in our niche and then answer those questions.

Only once you have an established website should you start writing more about the stuff YOU want, but even then, I'd still rather focus on what my audience wants.

I could write the best article ever, but if no-one is interested in that subject matter, it will never garner any visitors.

Okay, as I say I've found some articles for you to write.

However, they are focused around questions asked about commercial pilots and flying.

Is that Okay for you?

If you're happy to write around these topics (which will bring you rankings and traffic) I will send them through to you via Private Message.

However, first read the blog post I've linked to above and that should give you a far better idea of where I'm coming from.

And don't worry Steve, it's not just you, everyone tells me they have to read my blog posts about 2,345,778 times before they "get it" Hahahaha.

Plus, I'll talk to you about monetization in the future, let's get you some visitors to your site first.

I own 2 websites from before my return to WA that both individually earn a full-time income and I don't sell a single thing!!

I shall show you how you can do that in the future.

For now, read the blog post above, take your time, when done, let me know, and I'll send you the 5 article subjects for you to write about.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Steve, the Prince has got you with a comment packed full of immediate "what-to-do"s.

I have really happy that you are staying with us and we will continue to support you as much as we can.

Thank you for your very kind feedback.

smben69 Premium Plus
Thanks for the nice post Cassi, very informative. I would ask you this other than my blogging which I need to increase frequency on what direction would you suggest I start? Studying the choices that you gave me.
smben69 Premium Plus
Thank you Cassie yes I just finished reading Partha's post to me and yeah he's got me busy thanks again
smben69 Premium Plus
Thank you Partha I read the article and I understand. And yes I'm very curious about the articles that you think I should write. It really doesn't matter what area of aviation because I really do know the whole game. I will gladly put you in as an admin on the site. I think I remember how to do that. I have a new article that I'm writing and titled "a brand new pilots license things you didn't know you didn't know." and another article about why a person should own a private jet. I am curious to see what you came up with.
You're an Angel in disguise, my friend.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Excellent, Steve!

As difficult as blogging may be when we get started, it does help us to learn all the other aspects of the business - all the pieces that go together.

From there, it becomes easier to branch off and start supporting others through the provision of services.

I will keep checking in.

the8thorder Premium
Well said. Definetly true, if you want to become better invest in yourself. And by investing means learning. And learning takes time.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
An excellent summary, Plaridel.
ZachK Premium
Hey Prince P!

I forgot to mention in the comment I sent you from the meta descriptions thread, that even though it's still real early (little over a week since I first posted articles) I already got on the first page of Bing and Yahoo for a few of my articles and like you said I checked with incognito tab.

I know it's not google, but I believe that it shows you definitely know what you're talking about and that your system works, along with others and your own outstanding website statistics of course!!!

You're the Best and keep leading the pack, I'll definitely be following, until it's my time to challenge... just kidding... lol

Zach :)
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Zach, while you are getting close to the prince, I am tailing right behind.

Congratulations on your rankings with Bing and Yahoo!!!!
Do not underestimate them at all.

I am so very proud of you and your achievements and welcome your warm seriousness in this profession.
It is a VERY rewarding profession and one that will treat you so very well . . . IF give it the due care and attention that it deserves.

Have a great week!

ZachK Premium
Cassi, Thank You so Much for the encouragement!

I can't wait until I am at you and Partha's level.

You are both doing so great and are excellent role modes in what we are trying to achieve here!!!

You have a great week as well :)

ParthaB Premium

That almost sounds like you doubted me.

Tut Tut.


Well done, very proud.

Google is a hard nut to crack when your site is very new and doesn't have much content.

I always say to allow each article 8-9 months to mature before you can ascertain their effectiveness.

Plus, you will typically receive very little or no organic traffic whatsoever for the first 3 months.

This is why the Internet is awash with abandoned 1-2 month old websites.

However, if you're writing the correct type of articles, i. e. very little competition on page one, you'll start getting a trickle of organic traffic by month 4, maybe 300-500 visitors.

It will continue to grow month-on-month and then something amazing will happen to your organic traffic by month 9/10.

But this is only if you write the right types of articles and remain consistent.

You can speed the process up by taking HUGE action, but this is not something I'd suggest to someone new, or who isn't outsourcing.

I'm talking 50+ articles published per month.

That said, the mere fact that you already have rankings in Bing and Yahoo is basically confirmation that once you do get noticed by Google they are more than likely to follow suit.

And this could be even sooner than the 4 month mark... You may already be a month or two ahead of "standard protocol".

I'm guessing that's due to the type oe of content you're producing, plus you're targeting queries with very little competition.

A huge well done from me.

Head down, focus, full steam ahead.

ZachK Premium
Prince P

You know the old saying, trust but verify.

I'm just kidding though, I never doubted you for a second my friend!

What you wrote was to intelligent and made to much sense to me.

Thank You ever so Much for all your instruction, advice, and encouragement!!!

I will definitely keep my eye on the ball and keep pushing forward.

To all our Success :)

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You will be there and perhaps sooner than you think, Zach.

Keep up the consistency and stay close to the Prince. 😉

ZachK Premium

Thank You so much for everything!

Zach :)
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Anytime, Zach.

I will enjoy your progress and celebrate with you as your successes unfold.

ZachK Premium
Thanks, Cassi,

I really appreciate your support and I always look forward to hearing about, learning from, and celebrating your successes as well!!!

Your friend :)

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Hey Partha,

It's impossible to read something so good, and pass on by without telling you what an impression it's made on me.

FABULOUS. God Bless you. I don't quite know how I can be more thankful.

You are probably going to change the way blogging is done, led of course by the worthy Wealthy Affiliate warriors, you have just educated, I included.

hmommers Premium
Hey Partha, well, you set me already on the track of putting aside all my websites safe one. :)
And this article, again, is really valuable.
I am slower than you, so I don't manage an article a day, but the turtle gets where it wants to be as well, doesn't it.
Thank you!