Dog lovers,animal lovers will understand

Last Update: October 13, 2016

Today at 7:45 in the morning I had to put my beautiful beagle,Lucy down.

She was paralyzed for a day. Vet tells me a vertebrae in her neck. Prognosis poor for recovery.

So with a heavy heart,on the basis she was suffering I did what I never wanted to do.

I am very very sad. My heart is broken.

I got her 14 years ago to cheer up my son when my father passed away.

My mind is so bad right now I can't even remember how to add her picture

I just had to release some of the pain.

Thank you for reading this.

I cancelled my tutoring classes.

I'm just not right as of now.

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EricKarch1 Premium
I have had to do this multiple times. Pets are family, and they are always in your heart. Lucy is in a better place, no more pain. Be strong my friend.
Papi Premium
Thank you Eric.
Always hard to do.
I know she is,but I will miss her snuggling up to me tonight.
I am doing my best to be strong.
Thank you for your concern Eric.
KeithMaki Premium
Papi, I have tears in my eyes as I know how hard that task is and I remember the times I have had to do it! Take the time you need to grieve and say goodbye...Her memory will live on in your mind and your heart forever! My picture is of my last dog Maggie who really helped me when I found out about all my ails and this is my tribute to her and all she meant to me! My thoughts and best wishes are with you my friend as it is hard to lose part of your family! Take care, Keith
Papi Premium
Thank you Keith.
Your words ring true.
So sorry to hear about Maggie. I'm glad she was there through your ails.
We buried her this evening. All my children were there.
We said our good byes.
Thanks Keith for your kind words.
Catwoman1459 Premium
I am so sorry for your lose. Losing a pet can be very devastating, Take the time you need to grieve. You didn't just lose a pet you lost a friend, a family member, only time will help. I understand what you are feeling, the cat in my pic was my baby and I lost her over a year ago. Hope you can get back to work soon, it will help keep your mind off of it.
Papi Premium
Thank you Kathy.
Your comments are true.
Sorry to here about your cat,I know she must have meant the world to you.She is with you on your profile :)
A couple of hours ago we buried her in our back yard.
The kids were all there.
Tomorrow my eldest and I will pour a pretty slab for her.
Thank you.
MKearns Premium
I don't think any loving family can avoid these moments Edmund. We've been through 4 guinea pigs 1 cat and 5 dogs.14 years is a good time for memories and life.
Papi Premium
Thank you Michael for your concern.
Yes,14 wonderful years she gave me.
Your comment means a lot.
Always hard right Michael.
But as you say,loving families at some point must go through this.
Brendie Premium
So sorry to hear about Lucy. This is something I fear every pet owner may have to face in the future. Including me, two pets. It is heartbreaking to do this.
Papi Premium
Thank you Brendie.
True at some point difficult decisions have to be made.
She gave me 14 wonderful years :)
Thank you for your comment.
Brendie Premium
You're welcome.