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Thank you Rick from the bottom of this old broken heart.Your tribute to Lucy was kind,thoughtful,and beautiful to me.Things like this are unrepayable. I've cried all over again,but a good cry.Yes my Lucy I really truly want you back with me but your 14 years were wonderful,joyous years.Good bye my baby, I will always love you.Rick,I am in your debt. Thank you from the bottom of this old broken heart
Today at 7:45 in the morning I had to put my beautiful beagle,Lucy down.She was paralyzed for a day. Vet tells me a vertebrae in her neck. Prognosis poor for recovery. So with a heavy heart,on the basis she was suffering I did what I never wanted to do.I am very very sad. My heart is broken.I got her 14 years ago to cheer up my son when my father passed away.My mind is so bad right now I can't even remember how to add her pictureI just had to release some of the pain.Thank you for reading this.
January 14, 2015
I know sometimes I'm in a little bit of a hurry to leave a comment. I look back and see grammatical errors. How could I have sent this out there? Well folks there is a way to actually retrieve that comment and re- write like you wanted it to go the first time :) How do I do that Papi you say? Simple: to the right and under your comment is a little box that says Actions. Click it. It will say Delete,and below that it will say Edit. You want to press Edit. Voila! You can now go back and correct,c
January 12, 2015
Let me start by saying I speak fluent Spanish and English. I translate both. I am NOT impressed with Google,Yahoo,or other translators I have seen. There are phrase,sentences, that simply get lost in the " translation". I've seen this on many sites. Yes,I know many members here use them. But if you took the time to really see how they " translate" what you want to say,and what the "translator" says could be quite different. A word to the wise. Just saying.
January 12, 2015
Hi gang :) I recently had to change my email to receive WA messages. It did work,but I forgot to add my picture,in my case profile pic,thru Gravatar . So of course if I left a comment,like I did for Philadelphia Phil and no pic :( Went to,reset and voila! Used it right away and - nada,zilch,big goose egg. Why? Because I was too impatient.It will take about 10 minutes to upload and show on your comments. I'm good to go now :) So, don't forget to add this if you change emails.
Hi gang. I can get in to WA thru my Gmail but Not when I try to log in directly. I get the above message. I have checked and rechecked my username and my password,all to no avail!! I am certain they are indeed correct. Any suggestions?
January 06, 2015
I have not received emails from WA since Sunday. So I changed my aol address to gmail. I am now receiving them :) After a few days I'll switch back to AOL all while keeping a close eye on my emails. Anyway,something has gone right ! 2015 has been trying!! I am keeping a positive attitude; as much as this flu will let me :) Everyone: Stay Healthy :)
September 23, 2014
When you're hungry for knowledge, every seed in the garden counts! Here at WA, we are all gardeners planting the seeds of knowledge that help others to blossom. For example, even I, a newbie, was able to help another new member who was searching for growth. Pam, fresh to WA, told me a blog of mine, "You'll Never Get it Back," helped her to get a, "jump start when she was at a standstill," and that it, "inspired her." Knowing that I was able to help her grow, only further helped
September 08, 2014
As the " Godfather of Soul," James Brown once sang, "I feel good, I got you!" This Wealthy Affiliate member feels GREAT because I've got YOU, a wonderful supportive community! There is extra pep in my step, and a bright smile on my face because I know I've made the right choice. I feel good about Wealthy Affiliates because even though I haven't generated a single dime, YET, I already feel successful. I have only been at it less than two weeks, and I already feel better about myself knowing t
September 06, 2014
TIME!! We really do have so little of it, yet we tend to waste it. I've decided that the program here at WA is worth putting a lot of time in, if my business is to succeed. Make time to take time to set small goals and achieve them. A lot of little goals will make a larger dream come true! Let's not waste our time here at WA! Time is ticking and time waits for no one! The opportunity is HERE, the time is NOW! If we waste it, we'll NEVERget it back!!!