10 Plus Years Failing Inside Wealthy Affiliate For WHAT?

Last Update: July 28, 2019

Way back in 2008 I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate with HUGE aspiration's, Goals and DREAMS! I dived straight in after following the biggest name in "Bum Marketing" who is a was founding member here. I won't name this guy because he can't be found on the platform any longer.

But back then the way to get free buyer traffic was super easy using ezinearticles for traffic and potent backlinks. Site rubix was so much more different but still super easy to use, so it seemed like a great Idea to sign up.

I jumped on a highly profitable evergreen niche, and wrote article's to my hearts content which some of went straight to the top of google:) and the clicks and conversions started growing, and it was exciting stuff. I thought it was IT man, dreams are to be REAL!

I was making bad ass money from the internet !

For guy with a very limited academic back round this was amazeballs:) BUT!

I did stuff a little backwards and NEVER followed the training properly here which has COST ME huge delays in being the guy I want to be.

My website's also got first page ranking's and traffic was primo:) The belief that my future and retirement was to be secure. And then the big BOOM happened! I was away fishing on a commercial liner at the time, I used to come home from no phone or internet and loved seeing my earnings growing! But this one voyage left me Broken.

THE GOOGLE PANDA erupted the world of marketing and many website owners who did things backward or otherwise blackhat got totally burned in like the "lake of fire". Article sites stampeded just like my very own:(

I was crushed and kicking myself for being so stupid and LAZY.

If I had followed what Kyle and Carson teach here at WA by the letter I would have came through that update as an authority in my niche, like I have seen other diligent successful WAers over the time I have been sitting in the back seat watching followed...

The temptation to go off an find the easy street is very inviting in this game, and the gurus are getting better at attracting gullables into their funnels of deception.

And since that big burnout I have actually been sucked into just a couple of those FOMO promo's due to one really silly FACTOR of my "why" I am still present at Wealthy Affiliate.

THAT is MY Failure to REACH OUT to the wonderful fully supportive community here. So many have offered over the time, and I have let this other ONE HUGE problem of "self" take those opportunities's with both hands that would have been humongous leveraging to my online business.

FEAR! False Evidence Appearing Real.

I'm sure I am not the only person here that lets this little voice prevent use from moving UP! But looking back if I just said "HELP" I would be full/partime earning more than enough to make my dreams a reality.

Now. I am sure that their would be a few who come to my profile and be like WOW, this guy has been here for a long time, he must be cracking it:)?

All I can say is I'm GOOD, but if I had stuck to the way wealthy affiliate teaches My success would be way better.

It's Not all doom and gloom however. I still own the burned by google website's and with the https update it was like a second chance, and I still have a chance. In fact they are all just sitting around the corner of some very rewarding keywords and I am being very careful.


I haven't been so active with much of you all, but I do intend to change that, I want to be just as "HELPFUL" as I want to be in business online. With big mistakes comes great lesson's.

So the two main reasons I am still an active premium member is not to host my websites, but.

  1. The Training and Community is the best in the world for longevity, support, and friendship
  2. This Moari Priest Prophesied of the internet way back in 1906 to be the way the truth of Jesus and would be the way of his return, And that also fits with the book of Revelations:)

It is time for me to turn a Brand New leaf in my endeavors and go for gold with the help of Wealthy Affiliate!

# Get engaged in the training

# Reach out to the community

# Set target goals and Execute

Thanks for hearing me out.

And with some final words if you want some encourageing guidance and pathways to get your mind in the right place, I highly recommend WA's latest and greatest Grandma:) of personal development who's training "and songs" have been a real treat to helping me breakout:)And DRIVE My INTERNET EMPIRE into a REALTITY I truly give thanks Aunty -->Vicky3<--

Her training has been a GOD sent message to me, she is truly blessed with the right things to say......!

Peace and Love


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TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Awesome Rob!

Wonderful testimonial from you, a member for 10 years that has truly seen the ups & downs and has learned.

Thank you for sharing with us all my friend so that we may take your advice and learn from it.

OrgainITGuy Premium
Thank you Tony,

I really have seen a lot of comings and goings, as much as sitting on the back fence,
I feels great to let go of the what if's etc and share to the community. Knowing my offering will help others grow.

Wishing you well
DarrenNicola Premium
Good post and telling us how it should be said.

Wishing you all the best.

Will be reading this again and again.

OrgainITGuy Premium
Your very welcome Darren
so glad you found it helpful

It's been a long time coming but the TIME is NOW:)

All the best of blessing to you guys!
Cav1966 Premium
Yep you got to love Vicki she has kept me going at times with her words of encouragement
OrgainITGuy Premium
Her music too is heartwarming:)
Cav1966 Premium
Yes i have listened wonderful
Carson2 Premium
Hi. I'm a newbie. Hmm, I guess we all have been. Any way i loved reading and rereading your post. Great stuff. Another fine nugget. Thanks so much. Blessings.
OrgainITGuy Premium
Your experience is an honor Carson. Its going to be great having you here:) and I look forward to seeing your journey.

Thank YOU:)
TDenise Premium
Wow! What an interesting story and a great testament of the power of the training if you trust the process. It's a slow startup with SEO, so many people get wore out and distracted. Thanks for sharing this as a sense of encouragement and focus.
OrgainITGuy Premium
Thanks Tiffany:) and that's exactly the key words in making it here huh, :trust the process" love it. SEO is can be slow and frustrating, but using youtube I am finding is pretty quick for getting SEO traffic for low comp niche keywords. The New Bum Marketing way say:)
TDenise Premium
I'm using Youtube also and really enjoying it. Great tips!