How Making A Lot of Guesses Will Lead YOU to Success.

Last Update: July 24, 2019

Today I want to talk about a very simply idea, but one that is very important to put into perspective in particular for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is the difference between a "guess" (and often times an educated one), and no guess at all.

To help you with this, I am going to offer you an explanation as to what I am talking about here.

Let's use an example that applies to all of us. In school, you write a Mathematics exam. You aren't quite sure of the answer, so you end up leaving the answer blanks. I think most of us have probably done this at least once in our lives, we don't have the confidence to respond to a question, so we just leave it blank.

Is that a good approach. Heck no!

But it feels safe. In your mind, you have potentially saved yourself the ridicule of your teacher thinking that you don't know what you are talking about by making stuff up. The reality is though, the blank response shows that you are not even THINKING, which you aren't. It is a cop out, and the biggest form of failure.

Inaction is WHAT will lead you to failure.

It is the quickest and most efficient path to failure (which is not a good thing). Inaction will lead to failure in a very predictable way.

That is the reality within the entrepreneurship world too. Those that are succeeding are willing to leave an answer or do something, knowing that they could be wrong. Those that are failing at the highest rate are those that don't try something at all out of the fear of being wrong.

I can honestly say that in business there really aren't many mistakes that you can make through taking action. Action with consistency, regardless of the outcome will lead to success. You hear people jumping in "feet first" like it is some risky maneuver. But the reality is, the risk lies with those that are unwilling to take that risk.

Those that take action and fail at something, or don't do it quite right, are those that are going to learn how to properly do something with the most efficiency. How do you expect to learn if you don't apply what you learn and actually implement it.

I can't possibly get a Math question right if I leave the answer blank. I can successful shoot a basketball into a hoop if I don't shoot it in the first place. I can't build a successful business online if I don't take the action required to build that business.

Theory and reading will only take you so far in life. Applied knowledge and forcing yourself will lead you to succeeding at very high rate.

Get outside of your comfort zone. Take action, maybe fail a little....and have fun doing it. You owe it to yourself.

When was the last time you found yourself NOT doing something, out of fear of being wrong. I bet failing at it wasn't so bad.
If you have any experiences you have dealing with the "fear of failure" that lead to inaction, I would like to hear it. Also, for those of you that are action taking what do you think when you are taking action with the potential of failing? What is your approach and your mindset going into it?

Perhaps you are currently struggling with this idea and I would love if you could share your experiences, and if you have overcome this, how you went about doing that.

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KenPe Premium
Thanks for the swift kick. It pays to remember why you joined in the first place. To make a better life for yourself and your family,
this is the place to be. It is hard to get ahead until you take the first step and keep moving forward. A great reminder for those of us just running in place.
RichBrennan Premium
My weakness isn't so much fear of failure, but of being a perfectionist who wants to have everything perfect before he doesn't anything.
In truth, if we wait until the time is exactly right, everything looks nice and symmetrical, etc, we'll more often not even get started, never mind finished.
Great article, Kyle, with some home truths to take on board AND apply.
TJCannefax Premium
I believe that is how a person becomes wise in life is by taking chances and by failures along the way. If we don't fail at some things in life how would we learn anything and become much better at it in the long run.

Sometimes it may take more than once to learn something you are striving for. The point is not to give up but as you point out, you have to put forth the effort and try. Fear is a terrible thing.

Thanks for writing this Kyle. I needed to read this.
I recently got stumped on something and haven't gotten back to it. I think I can now.

I read something earlier today that stood out for me today.

"Are you going to be overcome or are you going to overcome today"
namil7 Premium
Hi Kyle - I used to be a perfectionist personified and mistakes were a big issue for me. To some degree I still am but I've come a long way. Perfection is something to strive for but in reality is never completely achieved. Striving for it makes us better in the long run but we also have to be realistic.

I've learned that mistakes are a part of life and attribute to growth. I'm still cautious and try to make as few as possible but I've grown enough to learn from them and move on instead of beating myself up.

So I think things through and when I decide to go, I accept the possibility that it may be mistake.

kenburgess70 Premium
Thanks for that post, Kyle....waaay back in 2000-ish, I went to truck driving school in Wisconsin for Schneider (The Big Orange Trucks). I had about 3 days left to go in my training when I had a breakdown while I was driving. You see, I have a lazy right eye, so I am left-eye dominant. I was in the left lane of a 4 lane highway and my instructor told me to make a right turn into a highway onramp. We were on a bridge at a stoplight, and I was in the completely wrong lane (in my thinking), as I was in the left-most lane. He asks me to make a right turn, and I cannot see the cars that I KNOW are on the right side of the truck in the next lane. So I sat there for I don't know how many red lights. I was afraid I was going to crush a few cars like tin cans because I could not see them, and I did not want that on my conscience. So I gave up. Right there. My mind could not remember how to shift the gears to get the semi-truck moving again. I quit right there, gave up my seat to the instructor, then took the next Greyhound bus back to Akron, OH, a 3-day journey in hell. I don't regret my decision as I tried and failed. But I would never have known that I could actually drive a semi unless I tried. It didn't work out, and that's ok. 19 years later and here I am, trying to reinvent myself again (with less tin can carnage!) As far as I am aware, no one has died or killed someone else from writing a blog post, so my path is looking bright, indeed!
FikFikzo Premium
Thanx kyle!this is one thing i struggled with,i think my whole life,and i have never looked at this challenge of not taking action this way...and suppose i did,i believe i would have archived so much...but thanx again;for bringing me to this light,now i can see.
Kyle Premium
Glad I could off you some perspective here Chris. :)
ChgoKurt6 Premium
In the beginning was the word, but words are spoken out loud, an inaccurate translation. In the beginning was thought. Yup yup the subtle energy we are all asked to employ. A simple focus, change of thought. Don’t allow yourself to dwell upon any horrors. I left home 36 months ago, 1750 Miles from here and I’m motorhomeless. My mom all ready lost two sons, I couldn’t do it to her again. Shew! They said I’d die at the hospital, preparing for it, but I found the way to eliminate my cancer, the worse kind. I would not charge a red cent to help cure someone’s cancer. Live and let live.
mmussehl Premium
I used to be afraid of speaking up, almost not wanting someone to correct me or prove me wrong. I have totally put that way of thinking by the wayside now. What I have learned is to hat I am actually right more than I am wrong and there is no shame in saying “ I am sorry, I was wrong”
Thanks for the reminder Kyle!
3rdbaseman Premium
To be honest with you Kyle, I think learning by "trial and error" is the best way to learn, and it's probably how most people learn anything any way. But you are right, if you don't try in the first place you'll never know whether it was right or wrong or how to correct it if it was wrong. I've made mistakes so many times but I always learned from my mistakes.
Julia39 Premium
I would always say to kids doing exams, don't leave it blank put in an answer you never know you could be right! The outcome might surprise you! So relieved they would jot down an answer right or wrong at least they had a go. For me the blank has been filled in with WA. .in the hope that the outcome for me, will be 100% right 👍🙂
Thanks for that insight l feel that l am holding my nose and jumping in with a big humongous SPLASH🤭🤸‍♂️
Paul1916 Premium
I am working several niches across various sites at the moment - some are working well, others are not. The good thing is that I am not putting all my eggs into one basket. Some fail but I am seeing more positives now than negatives which is a good thing

My biggest fear at the moment is taking on a site for promoting WA, I see from others that it requires a great deal of time and work - I am not sure if I will be able for it (I have 5+ sites already)

But my PPC skills are getting better, so I am thinking about building a site to promote WA based on 2 avenue only
- PPC with Bing
- local media marketing

I'm still on the fence with this - not sure which way to go - it would require an investment on my behalf which is fine too as long as it would work out. From your experience, would these 2 avenues be enough or am I better off waiting and do the 100+ reviews in getting organic traffic? Thanks
SDiTullio Premium
Great post, Kyle. I like to think of it as the '50/50 vs 100' RULE.

If you provide an answer, you have a 50% chance of being right
(or wrong.)

But if you leave it blank... you're 100% wrong... EVERY TIME!'

When I'm faced with that choice, I still have the fear of being wrong, but knowing I'll be 100% wrong with no answer, always REQUIRES me to take action.

I'm with you Kyle... many times we guess right!
rose442 Premium
I can relate because this is where I am right now with regards to my involvement in the WA community. I love being a part of this community and what to be able to contribute more. I am afraid of being wrong in answering a question or making a comment that might sound stupid. It is a challenge to change my mindset, your post is motivating, and I appreciate the help. It's like you are a mind-reader, but realize it's because you know people and how they think.
Thank you, Kyle.
RussellO1 Premium
In my eyes, I am struggling. I would like to write and publish a post a day. Most times I don't publish one per week.

But I haven't given up and I am not going to give up. I know that each post brings me closer to the success that I crave. One day I will begin to publish 2 posts per week and continue to increase until I get to my target.

I am determined.
Kyle Premium
Excellent, if you can use this post as a motivator to push forward with more speed and efficiency, then it has done it's job. :)
Foxhenley Premium
Greetings Russell!
Keep up the good work!

God Bless and Good Luck!
Janice 🤗🌷
RussellO1 Premium
Thank you for your encouragement Janice.
God bless you too.
AllChristie2 Premium
I am stuck in the an animal. One problem after another, mostly because of lack of knowing how. Yes, I admit I have been afraid to type in those sentences for "answered questions" because the few times I have...the answers did not apply to my question. No one followed through with asking if their answer assisted me. I know, it is not their problem, it is my problem. Where can I turn? There is my inaction from fear of failure. My husband and answer-man is gone. I see you playing your violins, right about now. " pobrecito, little cabbage"
Maybe you are right, I am afraid to fail, so I fall.
How does one go about climbing back up the mountain of possibilities?
J-KWest Premium
Hi Christie, I think all of us have found ourselves at one time or another staring up that mountain of possibilities, wondering where to begin.

The thing is though, is that it's not really a mountain. And that's good, because mountains are hard to climb :-)

We often think of it as a mountain. We call it a mountain. And sometimes it feels like a mountain. But it's only a mountain if we make it one.

It could just as easily be a flat field with a light breeze on a sunny day. And the only thing you need to begin is to take one step. That's it... one step, because that's all any of us can do.

You can only do what you can do in this moment... which does not include climbing an entire mountain :-)

I get it though, I do the same thing when it comes to going to the gym. It's not the the big thing I make it out be in my head. I haven't even left my house and I'm exhausted, LOL.
Foxhenley Premium
Greetings Christie,
What is your main problem?

If I can help, contact me,
Janice 🤗🌷
AllChristie2 Premium
Thank you
Gary2019 Premium
Failure is like a cleverly disguised friend that teaches you what will not work on next try. See it as a big learning process.
When Benjamin Franklin created the light bulb he viewed each failure as just one more step closer to the configuration that would work. After several hundreds of tries, success!Thank goodness! He and the all the other inventors didn't give up and leave us in a world of darkness. 🙂
NeverFail Premium
Are you sure Ben Franklin invented the light bulb?
Gary2019 Premium
Thank you like I said failure only helps you to learn or in my case remember as well. It was Thomas Edisons that developed the light bulb. Franklin did invent a device that eventually led to inventlons like the light bulb sorry I did get confused on that.
mybiz4u Premium
Great article, Kyle and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

TODAY, I had to make a decision on something and finally, I decided to take an actionable step - not knowing the outcome, however, in anticipation of a pleasant one - and this article just reinforced things for me.

If I do not take action - whether I know the possible outcome or the expected one, then nothing will happen - it will always be 'status quo' - so, 'Heck,no!' - I will fail if I must but succeed trying.
kmer6 Premium
It is better to at least try and fail than to not try at all. The old cliche of doing the same thing expecting a different outcome also applies. Taking risks to get a different outcome is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. It is learning from mistakes that make us better at learning the lesson. Thank you for sharing and hopefully, it will take us from failure to success.
waltfair Premium
When I was working in engineering, I had an idea for an innovation for analyzing data.
I asked my boss and he told me not to think about it. So I worked on it at home nights and weekends. I was able to publish my results and won an industry award and became the youngest person ever promoted to a Staff level position. Doing nothing would have been safer, but I prefer the results I achieved by taking action.
Calvinator63 Premium
Hi Kyle,

Great article, very mentally thought-provoking from within. If you don’t at least take some kind of action eventually nothing is going to happen. If you leave the questions or situations that you are unsure of blank and/or take no action; failure is no doubt in the near future.

Then again, once you decide that you must move in a direction that you might not feel comfortable in, and if you want to succeed this will most likely happen. Sure, you may not succeed the first attempt, but with practice and gained knowledge of what you are implementing the experience of what works and what will not is gained and success is just around the corner.

It also brings up the topic of being scholarly (book smart) versus talented (having a knack for doing). In both situations, you can possess great knowledge that can project yourself as being highly or greatly educated.

One can be considered as an intellectual if they possess great book knowledge. Being book smart is great if you are simply going to be passing knowledge along and getting rewarded for it. But where will that get you in the practical word?

Much like posting a blog that tells you how to theoretically solve a problem that is common within a niche
However, on the other hand, being talented or skillful is having the knowledge and experience of action or what will happen if I do this. Much more of a hands-on kind of knowledge like being a woodworker, a welder, or in most of our situations a digital marketer.

These individuals become experts within a certain field of doing a certain task or a set of tasks continuously until they can do them like second nature. We too, need to become these skilled and talented individuals and through trial and error, this is possible.

This skillful person, on the other hand, could produce a blog that not only theoretically solves a problem but they could also walk you through or explain the solution in abundant details so it could show you how to really solve the problem step by step, benefiting their readers significantly more than what the book worm could ever hope to do.

By leaving the answer blank, as you mentioned, leaves no room for growth or knowledge to be learned. If we fill in the blanks it allows or gives us the opportunity to learn if the answer is wrong; we learn how to change it, to make it work. Moreover, if it is right then we carry on in a forward direction (hopefully).

The outstanding thing about being a part of this spectacular WA community here of likeminded and directionally focused members, is we can drastically cut the learning curve for each other to get from knowledgeable to talented digital marketers faster and more efficiently.

This is simply done with the blogs that some members submit on a daily basis, some offer inspiration, while others steer us clear of common problems currently facing our industry and our websites. Some provide a bit too much personal life for my likings, but none the less they too still provide knowledge that can benefit some members once they reach that point in their businesses or personnel lives.

My point is we can learn and get as close to a hands-on experience without getting our hands dirty so to say just by reading the daily blogs submitted by the community for the communities benefit. This can give us the answers to our left blank questions without us ever having to priorly have to deal with whatever topic of discussion we are seeking the answer to.

In other words, say I am completely uncomfortable with any type of marketing on Facebook have no clue of how to do it? Or, where to do it? I could go to the WA search bar type in “Facebook marketing” and will be provided a list of blogs, and training of Facebook marketing I can become knowledgeable of what is currently working and what is not working for some members here.

This not only gives me an advantage over my competitors because I have the inside scoop to what is and what is not working; it will also be reducing my learning curve to almost days compared to months or years because I am gaining knowledge and shared experiences from the reading material. This can help me gain some hand-on experience in a sense; without ever even logging in into Facebook, to begin with.

In hindsight, the search bar can reveal the answer too many of our blank answers so if you run into a situation and you are not sure of how to process instead of not doing nothing why not research the topic from within our community and find an answer that previously worked for another member at a different time?

It may not be the exact answer to your situation but it may just lead you in the right direction to your answer!

Learning while we earn, isn’t that the best!

Jtjohnson8 Premium
very good info we all can use info from others experience
thanks calvin JT
Jtjohnson8 Premium
Hi Kyle JT here You are right on that word (fear) This is my input
Specking from experience my most horrendous fear always has been making mistake. I always felt that the world was to judgemental and I could not take the criticism.
The fact is we are our own worst critic and is what builds fear.
Just try that is better then 50/50 odds and thats better then 0
There are other ways to look at a question or a problem depending
on your determination to go the limit.There is always more then one
answer to a problem seek and you will find.
SAWalden Premium
Thank you for writing this post!

We often don't realize the power of fear until we take the time to recognize it's presence and analyze it's effect.

For me, the best to overcome fear, especially a stifling fear, is to completely let go of any concern for what other people think.

When I do what is right for me and not with the purpose of gaining approval from others I am much happier and much more successful.
Jtjohnson8 Premium
I like how you put it right on JT
Magsent Premium
Excellent Post Kyle and appreciate the time and effort you put into this. A word in season for sure. I am also sure that most if not all have dealt with this and might even still deal with this for each new level or step of action we need to take. I must say that often times for myself and I think many can relate such as yourself, that we feel the relief when we overcame that step of fear and like you said afraid of being wrong or maybe we are not good enough, or have what it takes and look at all these big top performers and all the high quality work and sometimes we think we could never measure up. The good new is, when we focus on the end result based on a vision that we had, we have to often times have to refer back to that regularly and believe we can accomplish all that we desire as long as we take that first step and chip at it everyday or if not everyday then alot. It is then we finally see that man, I got this, I can do this, I am actually getting somewhere with a purpose and I will see this to the end. Especially with the support here, it is just amazing and with all the training...truly a blessing
Thank you again Kyle
web58master Premium
Sound advice. I love it. We all have to get over our fear of failure and what has helped me is my odd sense of humor and not being afraid to make a mistake. Like Thomas Edison we fail our way to success.
Thank you so very much for sharing.
Jud8 Premium
I slowly take action because of my fear of failure and I NEVER make it to the finish line. I have all of these top-notch / Over-the-top Ideas in my head and I even write them down over and over again. I love reading inspirational ideas like the one that you just wrote with the hope of it getting through to my core being one day.

Thanks Kyle!
Inspiring Kyle! But so bloody obvious it made me chuckle. Yet that's what makes the difference between success and not success. If you don't try you can't fail but if you fail to try you can't succeed.
James Dyson, inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner took 5 years and over 5000 prototypes before he was able to bring it to market. Now his net worth is $5.4 billion!!

And he still keeps inventing things that don't succeed...and some that do.

Joining WA after trying many different ways of making money was a leap of faith for me, as I'm sure it is for most new members.
But once I got inside and saw what was there, going premium was a no-brainer at $50 a month.

And the next leap of faith is taking on less jobs in my current business so that I can spend more time on my website. I haven't done enough yet, I haven't even tried to monetise it until I've got a decent amount of content. But 4 months in and people are looking at it. Not many, and its nowhere in the rankings yet, but people are taking the time to read my content even though it's hidden in the depths of the internet. WOW!
DaliborT Premium
Learning is part of life. Most of the things (if not all) we earned through effort and applying knowledge in practice.

My fear was I won't be able to write efficiently enough to attract people. However, through training here in WA, I was proven to be wrong. People ARE reading my articles, and people ARE joining WA because of what I wrote.

And that is a huge motivation to keep on moving forward. Every time I need motivation, I just look at the numbers and it put a smile on my face, because before I didn't have a website or the numbers :)

CPapin Premium
we all need motivation from time to time; Kyle's special talent is to keep us motivated, all the time in the outlet; I asked him if he did some psychology, but he told me he did not, but he knows people
ChristineDu1 Premium
Get out of your comfort zone, very true. I often do that. Sometimes I am nervous or afraid but I still take those steps away from my comfort zones.
Very inspiring article.
I liked your example with the math test. I'm a teacher in junior high school, I teach history and geography. When my students have a test and they ask me, all panicky, "what if I don't know?" I always tell them "then make a guess. You never know, your answer could be right."
RosanaHart Premium
Fear of failure leading to inaction? Well, I've got the first three of my series of short memoirs written and the first two are even up on my author website and on Amazon. I'm making notes for the 4th one. BUT promotion? I'm... almost totally inactive! I guess I'd better get busier!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, as Nike became famous for "Just Do It". That is the best way to learn and to accomplish things that you sometimes never thought was possible.
Carson2 Premium
When I was in high school...hated it! DIDN'T CARE and absolutely despised fill in the blank tests. Filled in what I knew. Left blank what I didn't. Big time FAILURES!

Somehow made it to college. The entrance exam said to fill in all blanks. I did, guessing at three fourths. I got in by five points..
One question equalled five points.

Learned a great lesson. Graduation in a BA and MS degree. 3.8 avg. I kicked fanny cause someone kicked mine. Thanks Mom.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, that is a predictable failure. Often times you would have gotten part marks or some right if you just tried to put in what you thought was the best response.

Something else happens when you commit to an answer as well. You end up forcing yourself to engage in that new concept, which may lead to more education about it in the future.

That is definitely the case when it comes to business.
Carson2 Premium
Absolutely. Positively. Appreciate your comments.
Selenityjade Premium
This is absolutely true. I try way too hard to be perfect that I will dwell on one too much instead of just guessing and moving on. It's not a copout in my case, I never left answers blank on purpose, but would run out of time because I would keep hammering at it because I know I can figure it out. It probably holds me back as much as fear of failure.
Kyle Premium
Often times it isn't a matter of guessing and moving on, it is guessing, learning from the guess, then making a much more educated guess the second, third, and sometimes fourth time around.

Then you perfect it, acquire that new skill set, and move on. You become very skilled by guessing at stuff, as weird as that sounds.
Selenityjade Premium
I believe it, definitely! ^_^
fmstrategy Premium
This is something I struggle with continuously. Now, when I've learned something or buy a course, I always start immediately implementing what I've learned. If not, I find myself not doing anything at all. If I just do 15 minutes, I've taken some type of action and that's a positive response moving forward.
Kyle Premium
Yes, absolutely. Try it out. If you can get good at forcing yourself to take action on stuff you are uncomfortable with, you are going to have a bright future ahead of you.
Anaris Premium
The interesting thing about business (or in fact a lot of the things that we attempt) have been attempted by others before and we probably know about that because we know of their successes. I think it is less often we know about people failing since they may not talk about it or have "failed" at an earlier stage in the process and taken an alternative, better path to success.

In the example of the math question, what my school teacher used to do was tell us not to leave a question blank. Ever. The reason for that is that we would get marks for showing that we put some effort into solving the question. You also never know. You might find an alternative way to get to the answer or end up solving it in the end!

In life and in business, if we don't try, we'll never know. And our definition of success varies as well. Who knows, by trying and putting our effort into what we want to do, we might get where we want (or somewhere close) or learn something new along the way. Much like attempting that math question.
MelissaVogt Premium
I always try to remind myself that the only thing I am guaranteeing myself by not trying, is failure. Plain and simple. You cannot succeed if you don't try. If I try and don't succeed at least I had a chance. I hope we can all remind ourselves we are capable of great success so go for it!
Linda103 Premium
Good post Kyle.
There are times I have been stuck on something and decide to ask on here but hesitate wondering if I sound like an idiot. But then I think so what if I do and ask anyway as I need to know.
I think a lot of new people hesitate for the same reason.
As for comfort zone, I tend to jump into things with both feet and realise its bigger than I thought but struggle through anyway, learning as I go.
Joes946 Premium
Fantastic post Kyle. Fear of failure is worse than fear of success. Fear of failure is paralyzing!
Spot on. I am reminded of the guy who quit banging his head against the wall because it felt so good when he quit! Don't bang your head on the wall, but it's okay to fail. Just get up one more time than you fall down!
N33 Premium
The math exams were the blank horror to me! But you see, I was the type of person who filled and filled everything, which just showed my teacher how wrong I understood the whole. Until algebra came and this was my salvation!

I have said this all the time and I love to repeat it, you are a great teacher, you give us the confidence and the means to take action.

And the community is supporting and encouraging everyone in this learning process.

We owe every action to all of us.

scottyb2good Premium
After work I really want to work on my site. I Do Not because I want Quality work. I feel I Cannot write Quality Content when I am Tired. So I don't do anything at night when I have time. SO, I wait for a morning or day I am off. Lots of times though something usually gets in the way of my Free Time. Conclusion ? Time wasted. Managing my time is a difficulty I have struggled with daily for a long time............Scotty B 🎵
CuriousEwa Premium
I can so relate to this! Funny thing is, when I do force myself to work despite tiredness or other non-optimal conditions, it actually goes fine. You "just" have to start...
scottyb2good Premium
I'll Try pushing through the Tiredness. See where it takes me.......Scotty B 🎵
BarbaraN Premium
Thanks, Kyle for a thought provoking message. I always have two questions I ask myself when I am facing the next obstacle :
What's the worst thing that can happen? and What are you waiting for?After answering those questions and realizing that I may be 50% correct I can usually move ahead.
Shipwright Premium
Hey Kyle I completely agree. I recently built an online portal for a client using Microsoft SharePoint. Whilst I am experienced at this, the requirements they wanted exceeded my knowledge in certain areas, so as a result I was not 100% certain I was going to pull it off. But I HAD to do the job and just go for it. If I did not try then I am destined to fail. Now they have a nice portal they can share and colabarate data in multiple formats.
Cinderella5 Premium
I can say I am fortunate my wins have come through a lot of guess work, I love taking risks and today I made a decision with fear that I thought might go wrong though it was not what I had hoped for but A positive response came out and I felt good because I took action great read
RoopeKiuttu Premium
That's a great principle, thank you for sharing Kyle! I never realized to think about work/entrepreneurship from that perspective before but it's completely right. Also, it's kinda relieving because it leaves room for failures.

At school, I remember that in exams I had a principle that I'll always answer something even though I wouldn't know the answer at all. Sometimes it lead to funny answers with the little hope of getting some extra points :D
LouiseBT Premium
Hi Kyle
Great post - as always.
I do both, inactivity stifles me though so I try to err on the side of action.
Yesterday I jumped in with both feet on a Facebook group that I have. There are 60 members in the group and I am the only one contributing. I decided to go live (had 1 whole viewer during the live video) and explained why I created the group and then asked the members to let me know why they joined the group. I also created a poll of 3 options for action during the month of August and asked the members to vote. Within a matter of hours, I received responses and engagement - YAY!!! It could have fallen flat on its face, thankfully that is not what happened.
I now have my work cut out for me because the votes have come in with two strong contenders of the three, so now I need to put the work in to provide the tools for the members to do the work and then facilitate the process during the month of August. Very cool outcome :-)
Blessings as always
CherishedB Premium
It may be uncomfortable knowing that chances are we’re destined to miss many steps along the way but the climb up the ladder of success will be satisfying and rewarding when we reach the peak of success – harmonious balance in every area of life. Great post Kyle as always and thanks for sharing :-)
Igor13 Premium
Hi, Kyle!

Here are my thoughts and reply to your interesting post:

The theory is fine, practice is needed to put theory in action. Both together make the winning equation. Which one is more important? Reading people's observations and experiences and then trying to act according to that or going through your own experience and build your own experience?

Sometimes going through own experiences will lead to many failures and a lot of time. But, in the end, you will become a master of the subject, if you have patience and will to do it.

If you only use the theory you may build your knowledge foundation, but you will not have the proof if it works or not. it is the conclusion out of what somebody else was explaining either through its experience or through its readings as well. The creativity is left behind.

A simple example: if you would need a new locker for your apartment, would you go to the carpenter that wrote a book about it or can describe many lockers how lockers should look and what kind of them can you build, but didn't make and produce a certain amount of lockers, or would you go to the carpenter that can show you a bunch of made lockers?

My opinion is that taking action is a must and it is most important but some theoretical support can't harm, from people that succeeded in the subject and know how it is done.

Best regards,
Pastordna Premium
Thanks Kyle for sharing this timely truth.
I believe it is Orson Scott that once said and I quote "If you try and lose then it isn't your fault. But if you don't try and we lose, then it's all your fault" on quote. Thanks again for your cares.
KennyLee Premium
The human mind is fear-driven and operates for survival. What I'm practicing is to have a huge mission that drives me that dwarves any 'failure' that may come along way.

When you wanted to give, it robs the power away from the fear-driven mind.

In the context of affiliate marketing, I wanted to create a stream of income so huge that I can contribute so much back to society.

Having a website that's not making money is not a failure. Being awful at writing is not a failure.

At the end of the day, it's important to ask what we've learned and do we grow from the experience.

Making mistakes is not a failure. If you're not growing, then that's a failure.
Dave07 Premium
I have a great idea for building my business but it involves doing something I don’t know how to do and using software I’ve never used before - so I have been procrastinating on it for weeks now.
I keep finding excuses not to start or other small tasks to do instead.
Thanks for this post Kyle - it’s a timely reminder to grasp the nettle and get started.
GazBower Premium
Thanks Kyle, the fear of failure is a big deal to so many people.
I have to admit I sometimes am guilty of not wanting to put something out there until I feel happy that I am not going to make a fool out of myself.
I guess I have to insert a new mindset and get my ideas and thoughts out there with the thought that if it is published it could help someone and it has the potential to help lots of people.
I appreciate your help and input.

Best wishes
Jessibelle72 Premium on.. Feeling overwhelmed...thougts of perfection...I have to get everything/it right from the start...all these are beliefs and thougts that stop me from taking action. Thanks for throwing it in my face ;-) I will take action today, by simply picking up the training again...