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Hello all, I'm not gone guys... I was just dealing with a couple glitches the last two years, but I'm back... and I'm kicking it... and





Can I redeem my referals?

Can I redeem my referals?

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WA Affiliate Program

I referred a couple of people- texted them my https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/education/ link but they did not click on it. Instead, they typed it on their laptop browser. The

Glad to hear this was resolved favorably. Kyle rocks!!

Issue Resolved, People!

Answer - Only Kyle or Carson can fix Referral Credit Issues

Resolution - Kyle gave me credit - Thanks Kyle

Thanks for all your love, everybody


I agree with Karen, to get in touch with Kyle or Carson. Good luck.

Don't have a clue, let us know how it turned out.

Will share the end result, Robert
Waiting for Kyle or Carson to answer...

I had an issue where I shared Wealthy Affiliate with someone while she was visiting New York. But I took too long to send her my link; by the time I did, she had already signed up as a Free Member.

I posted a similar question, and someone encouraged me to contact Kyle directly. Long story short: Kyle did transfer her to me, so if she were ever to take advantage of becoming a Premium Member I would get the credit.

You'll never know if you don't ask.

Hope it works in your favor, Abraham.

Thanks for the love, Veronica :)

It sounds good and I think you will get it. Good luck,


Good luck :) Hope you get it figured out!

If it were me I would contact Kyle or Carson and explain the situation. Only they will be able to give you the answer to this dilemma.
With Grace and Gratitude

Good question didn't know that could be a possibility!

You can pm Kyle or Carson over this issue, they are the only persons who can solve this, this is not a question for the community

Thanks, Loes
I will copy Carson. Thanks again

Edit -
I had already PM'd Kyle so, I'll just wait - the prompter said they both respond 100% of their emails. Thanks

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I just lost my complete post. where is it, how can I retrieve it?

I just lost my complete post. where is it, how can I retrieve it?

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Getting Started

Can't find my post... it just disappeared

Here in WA or in wordpress?

In WA - check the unpublished posts. Most likely it's there as we have auto saved feature.

In wordpress, try to see in draft or trash folder.

Thanks for your reply, Joe
It was here in WA, and it says 0 words now

I did too so I wrote what I wanted to say in notepad, copied & pasted it in the comment space... That worked for me...

Thanks for your input, LindaMichel... another lesson to learn, hehe

Glad I could help...

I almost missed the smiles in your profile photo... Beautiful pic...

Thank you, LindaMichel

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