Why a Lawyer Joins Wealthy Affiliate? Don’t you want to know?

Last Update: June 29, 2018

I know! You must be saying What? A lawyer joins Wealthy Affiliate? Is he broke? Or is he out of his mind?

Yes, I am a retired attorney with extensive certification from the IT industry, mostly related to SEO and SEM. I have enclosed some of my certifications in my profile for you to view.

Before retired, many of my colleagues and acquaintances asked me what I would do in retirement? I told them that I want to share my legal and business experiences to help small business owners, for free. I have been doing that for over a year now. I am currently sitting on three different Boards of Directors for The Community Economic Development Corporation. I have helped hundreds of small business owners and inspired entrepreneurs, but my biggest problem is that I do not have enough time to counsel everyone whose came for help. I need to find a better solution. Then one day, a young intern told me, TQ why don’t you put everything online, so people can learn for themselves. Aha... We both started our journey to search for a web hosting platform to build my dream.

About a month ago, we found Wealthy Affiliate. At first, I was very skeptical of this company. I do not want to be involved in an affiliate marketing company, that's not what I want to do. However, my wonderful intern does not give up. He took it upon himself to learn everything about Wealthy Affiliate. He presented his finding to me like this:

TQ, this is what Wealthy Affiliate offers you:

  1. A complete Hosting services for only $49 per month, this is the cheapest I can find. OK, very interesting. Then he said: TQ you know what, you can save even more if you pay for the entire year. It only cost us $29 per month. He even offered to pay for the first year, Very nice young man.
  2. He went on and said: TQ Wealthy Affiliate has a community that is full of young enthusiast online entrepreneurs that can learn from you.

After his presentation, I spent two days with him, so he can teach me everything about Wealthy Affiliate. I am very impressed with everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers. Earlier today I gave him the green light to pay for the whole year subscription. Yes, I gave him the money!!!

What do I want to share with you in this post?

A successful entrepreneur must learn to adapt and change. Do you remember my original business goal? I was searching for a web hosting company to promote my knowledge and experiences. However, my intern found Wealthy Affiliate. A completely different business service, but it is a perfect solution to my problems.

I promised Josh, my intern, that I will give him lessons on SEO, so he can share with the WA community as he helps me build out the website. Now you understand why a Lawyer joins Wealthy Affiliate.

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Dragi Premium
You are welcome here in WA TQ. I think that your experience will be precious for all of us.
sb4269 Premium
Welcome aboard TQ.
HarveyBrown Premium
Nice TQ, and Josh did not steer you wrong. This is really a great community to learn and grow. I found Wealthy Affiliate after doing the same as you. I volunteered my knowledge on diversity and planning. Kept me busy, but still wanting something more to challenge my mind and something I could do from anywhere.
linda956 Premium
Welcome! Thank you for offering your help, that is very kind.
OnlineBzDog Premium
I am looking forward to work with you...
linda956 Premium
Thank you, likewise.
skmorrow Premium
Welcome! I hope I can learn a lot from you.
OnlineBzDog Premium
Hoping you can show me around WA. It will take me sometime to get setup. Very nice too meet you.