6 Months at WA and Counting

Last Update: October 28, 2014

October 25th marked my six months anniversary here at WA. It’s quite shocking to see how quickly time can actually fly if you do something you’re really passionate about and having lots of fun with.

For me it’s still unbelievable that it has been that long. It still feels like it was only yesterday as I joined up and went premium. So far it has been a life changing experience in many aspects.

As I joined WA on April 25th I never planned to be here for the long haul, yet couldn’t even imagine to make it beyond a month. The day I went Premium, which was April 30 (a day I won’t forget), I truly mark as my life changing day.

The ones of you who have gotten to know me and read my profile know that my background is nothing less than being shell-shocked from all these Gurus and their get rich quick schemes (excuse me, I mean get rich quick scams).

WA is different. I can’t even say the word “Scam” in my mind when I think and talk about WA. The free membership offers far more value and educational material than many other paid services/communities/products.

Going Premium and seeing what I’ve unlocked with it got me hooked. Not to mention the missing upsells I was so used to see everywhere. At first glance, I was a little disappointed, because WA didn’t turn out like many others and left me with no reason to vent to my friends, my husband and even to myself in the mirror. :)

Starting Problems

It was around one month into WA. The first enthusiasm I encountered upon joining was fading quicker than I wanted and the more I advanced with the training, the quicker I was falling to hit the ground hard.

To find my first niche took me nearly two weeks. As I was relieved as I finally found it and thought that the hardest part was over. With some basic knowledge on WordPress and website creation I thought I’d follow along in no time, now where I got my niche down.

Well, I fell again and hit the ground even harder. My next biggest challenge was creating content. I was never a writer and coming up with my three first initial pages was torture. I was close to throw the towel and quit as I simply had no faith in myself that this is something I could learn and master.

These pages took me another 10 days. Finally done with this, there was a bit motivation and once again I thought that this was the last hard challenge. I was wrong once again as I got to Keyword Research and SEO. What I knew about it was far away from what is taught here.

A changing Point

June and July were my toughest months here at WA and people have a point when they say that the usual drop out time is around 3 months. Every day I was looking at the “Cancel My Membership” button and that for several minutes. I was weighing out pros and cons. More ready to click on that button than going back to the Activity Tab.

At the same time I had another browser tab open searching for motivational quotes and stories, was reading fellow WA members’ success stories and no matter where I was reading, there was always one quote which seemed to stalk me. It’s from Thomas A. Edison and yes, I have it also in my profile. :)

That little, yet powerful quote kept my spark of hope going. If I can dream it, I can do it and if there’s a will, there’s also a way. Patience and persistence were key at this point and it was tough to master them to my advantage, especially patience.

I went on with the training. Newly motivated and ready to shift gears. I paid more attention to the lessons and tasks than before, I checked out fellow WA member’s websites and learned by doing.

Everything finally made sense

It was August and my progress wasn’t bad. I started to get the hang of writing content and instead of a week for one article, I was down to one day. I started to understand keyword research properly and how to apply SEO to my advantage. I still had a long way to master it fully but the analytics showed that I must do something right as I saw a slight increase in traffic to my website.

Later on that month I started with the Affiliate Bootcamp and decided to park my first website in order to make progress with the Bootcamp. I was hooked immediately and soon after this I realized that the first niche one picks doesn’t mean it’s one we’re truly passionate about.

And I wasn’t passionate enough about my first niche. I started to neglect it as I felt much more passionate helping people and to show them that not everything they see is a scam, even though the majority is.

I stopped the Starter Training at Course 4, Lesson 2 and just finished Affiliate Bootcamp Training Course 3, enjoying my 20 day break.

Writing content has never been easier than it is now for me. I have no problems anymore to write a 1000 words article in less than 45 minutes. Including proofreading, grammar check and proof reading once again (oh, and adding images of course) I have one published in a good hour. SEO is finally a no-brainer, keyword research is really fun once you know how to “read” the results and I’m finally starting to rank on page 1 with a couple of keywords as you can see below.

WordPress just became my new found passion and I love customizing it as much as possible, including digging deep into CSS. I could spent hours just to change a free theme into a totally different looking one. :)

A Life Change for Good

WA has definitely changed my life for the better. A few of you know that my husband and I run a local PC Repair Store and we’re now advertising Webdesign as a Service as well, including WordPress Courses. This works quite well with local small businesses and as of now I have 4 customers who want a webpage and several sign ups for the WordPress Course starting in November.

My husband finally has faith that this was the real deal with WA and he regrets that he didn’t have my back on joining as a Premium member.

WA is actually more than just an educational platform. For me it’s a true life changer and if you let it happen and give it the chance it needs, it can and will turn things around. I’m more than happy to be part of this community and I’ve met many awesome, inspirational, motivating, encouraging and helpful people who I’m grateful for having them in my Network and communicate on a regular basis.

To conclude...

My advice to all of you who are currently a free member and don’t know if they shall upgrade or having doubt in WA and are close to quit, just think twice before you do anything you may regret later. WA has it all for you if you let it help you. Give it a chance and most importantly, give yourself a chance as you can and will change your life to the life you want it.

I want to thank Kyle & Carson for creating this great place and giving us an awesome opportunity to learn and create success. My thank you also goes to every WA member and the support and help I’ve gotten here. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be where I am now and I wouldn’t be able to help you either. :)



P.S.: I definitely recommend to go Premium if you aren’t already. I did and never looked back in regret.

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hmalloy001 Premium
Excellent post Nicole!!! Inspirational to hear about the successes in WA.

Your right, there are times where we will all begin to falter, but just that little bit of perseverance will get us so far!!
NicoleJBN Premium
Absolutely and it is hard indeed. But if we give up, then we'll fail and will never know how close we actually were to the success we seek.

Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it! :)
Loes Premium
Super Nicole, loved to read your resumé, and I realize how lucky I am my husband is 100% supporting me from the start, I think some people who are starting this adventure without the "back holding part" of family members, will definitely need perseverance to hold on. Great you managed to convince you husband this good course:) Loes
NicoleJBN Premium
I agree. It takes a lot more to keep going if you don't have anyone supporting you. It's not like my husband didn't support it. He just didn't believe in it anymore because of all the scams we went through and what we've lost.

I can't blame him and I still hear him growling when I told him that I upgraded...LoL.

Thank you for your nice words and all the best to you! :)
mrpeter Premium
It's great that you are doing so well Nicole! We started at about the same time but it looks like you're way ahead of me, although I realise it's not a race! Are you just leaving your first, niche site? I've lost interest in mine a bit too :(

Keep up the good work!
NicoleJBN Premium
For now I've parked my first niche website aside as I just don't feel interested enough about it to move on with it. I'm still undecided what I'm going to do with it. Selling would be an option but since it's the first niche, I'm kind of attached to it and would hate to see it go.

I agree with that it's not a race. There were times I was thinking what I do wrong as others seem to succeed much quicker. But now I'm just happy to see them succeed as I know success will come to everyone sooner or later as long as we keep working towards it.

Thank you and keep up the good work too! :)
Daleen Premium
Thanx for sharing, I was also going thru the above good on you for never giving up. Keep it up!!
NicoleJBN Premium
Thank you and all the best to you. :)
MurieB86 Premium
Hi Nicole! What a wonderful six month report you wrote here! I have to say, that picking my niche took me a good few days as well, but everything else went rather smooth. I thought course four was the hardest for me, because I'm not used to interacting socially.

I have the Asperger's Syndrome, which makes it a big challenge to interact socially. I'm glad, that you decided to push ahead and not giving up. Kudos to you Nicole!
NicoleJBN Premium
Thank you very much for your encouraging comment. I agree with you on the social aspect. I've never been a huge fan of all the social platforms.

Yes, I had them but only to stay in touch with family outside of Germany. I thought I could bypass this and just move on. Well, needless to say, Course 3 of the Bootcamp is all about Social Media...LoL.

So I just went "sigh" and went through it. And it was more fun than I thought. I'm actually thinking about moving on with Course 4 of the Starter Training.

You're doing a fantastic job on social engagement. Keep it up!