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I am an independent Business Process Consultant working out of Montreal, Canada. I have many years of experience in various aspects including transportation, logistics, IT, network management, software development, software implementation, Business process review and recommendation and more.
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Theresaw90 Premium
Hello Neil,

Thanks for following me and helping me out with my question. I hope that you are having some success her at WA
Robert-A Premium
Hello Neil. I see you left a comment on one of my blogs so I hope you are going to have a wee read of some of my other ones. They are chock full of good advice and tips that I'm sure will help you on your way to success here within WA.
Thank you for the follow and I will follow you in return.
Have a nice day over there in Montreal.
kirkW Premium
Welcome, best of luck and thanks for the follow.
Hi Neil and thanks for the follow-I wish you much success here at WA!
JeanL Premium
Hello, Neil. Very nice to meet you!
Christabelle Premium
Hi Neil! Thank you for your follow and for inviting me into your network! You certainly have a wonderful foundation of knowledge! I look forward to following your journey! Christa :)
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Neil for the follow and many blessings to you here at WA. If you have the time or wish to, please check out the rest of my training (Bottom Right Blue Button) on my profile page. I explain ways to help you build a better website and best practices here at WA. I also post an entertaining and/or humorous blog every Sunday. Enjoy!
jvranjes Premium
Hi Neil, great to meet you. Thanks for adding me to your network. Best luck. Jovo
Loes Premium
Hello Neil, welcome, nice to meet you, thanks for the follow, my present to you, 101+ amazing free tools to make your website look special http://workathomefuture.com/cool-amazing-free-website-tools, if you have an amazing free website tool yourself to share, which isn't added yet, please do share it with me:) see you around, greetings Loes
ngraddon Premium
Neat. Thanks
ShirleyWoon Premium
Hmmmm, I believe you should be teaching us Neil. Thank you for adding me to your team. God bless......
Shawn Martin Premium
Hi and thanks for the follow!
Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back
VenaS Premium
Hello Ngraddon: Welcome to WA, thanks for the follow. You're part of a great community where you can accomplish your heart's desire. The training here is excellent and our very talented community members share generously their knowledge whenever you reach out for help. Follow the training, pick your niche, build your website and put your creativity to work. Very best wishes to you..
Chris2005 Premium
Thanks for the follow back Neil.
pinkabella Premium
hi and thanks for the follow Niel
Kyle Premium
Neil, I see you are making some good progress through the Affiliate Bootcamp. Just wanted to pop by and see if you need a hand with anything?

I also wanted to mention the success rates of Bootcamp. Absolutely everyone that has taken action on all of the phases of Bootcamp has a business that is generating consistent income online. MANY of these folks are going to be at our super affiliate conference next year.

I want this to be you and I want you to succeed with your promotions. So, please promise me that if you ever need a hand or feel stuck as you move forward, that you will get in touch with me!

Trust me, I know things can be a little overwhelming sometimes and I don't want you feeling like that.

Anyways, just checking in. Get back at me if you need anything Neil.
mwas116 Premium
Hello and congratulations for going premium
BelieveItYes Premium
Hey there!
Congratulations on going premium!
I'm sure you'll love it in here as much as I do : endless training, tools and above all lots lots lots of nice and helpful people. It's simply impossible to get lost or stuck in your business on WA. You'll always make progress!
I wish you a great journey to success!
ngraddon Premium
Thanks everyone for the kind words. I look forward to this new venture and the successes it promises. I am not shy to ask when I am stumped so having this network of people to feed off of is encouraging.
TSmithers Premium
I always like hearing and meeting people who value education as one Canadian to another, hope to hear more from you.
Kyle Premium
Wonderful to have a fellow Canadian here at WA Neil. Carson and I are both from the west coast of Canada (Victoria).

I know you are going to love the community here at WA and absolutely everything you need is here to create and grow a business within any niche.

I want to help make your online dreams become a reality so if you ever do need a hand with anything going forward, simply drop me a reply. :)

PS. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!
ngraddon Premium
Thanks again Kyle, hockey playoffs are coming and as a Habs fan I am hoping for another Stanley Cup parade in our fair city. I surmise that you and Carson are Canuck fans so I wish them luck as well and wouldn't a Montreal/Vancouver final be a gas.

Anyway my wife is from Vancouver and my mother in law is still there so there are ties to the great west.

I look forward to working with you and the group.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, should be an exciting playoffs and it is great to see so many Canadian teams in the playoffs this year!

I look forward to working with you Neil.
sag3 Premium
Welcome to WA Neil:

My name is Ken and have found WA by accident one day. I have been working online for a few years now part time as a hobby. The WA program is best training program you can find on the internet to help people from new to expert build a successful website.

Kyle’s video tutorials and lessons have helped me get websites ranked within the top of all the search engines and remains there today. This is proof that the WA training program can make a difference in your business. All you need to do is just follow the courses step-by-step and do exactly as Kyle does.

Let's face the fact…

We are here to help each other succeed!.

REMEMBER: Small steps will lead to GREAT strides..

KEN (sag3)