On my site Managements in the Comments area when I go to the Offer Comments option I see a 73% rating with 3 Disapproved comments. At the top of the screen I see this message 'We're sorry, too many of your previous comments have been reported as spam, being inappropriate, or low quality. You do not have the ability to leave further comments'

Seems a bit judgmental on this system's part to decide to block because a comment went against an incorrect item.

So I ask. How can I get re-instated to offer Comments?

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Loes Premium
Sorry to hear a couple of comments are disapproved. Could it be possible you've mixed up the comment section with the feedback section?
Most disapproved comments are, in fact, feedback

A comment should solely attend the content, so when the post is about e.g. a broccoli recipe, you should only write about broccoli, simple said.

The feedback is about the lay out, the colors, misplaced or not working links, feedback about the header or the sidebar widgets.

To regain access you need to personally contact Kyle