You Kids Have It Easy. Back In My Day.

Last Update: November 09, 2020

I started out in Wealthy Affiliate in 2010 with zero experience in....anything. I didn't go to school for computer science. I didn't have a market degree. I didn't even have a Facebook account. I had never build a blog, even one of those free ones on Blogger or the WordPress free site builder.

I didn't have a smartphone. My laptop was second hand. I was working behind the great firewall of China.

Wealthy Affiliate was basically a forum. I had to manually install WordPress, and I was only allowed to have 3 WordPress websites on my Wealthy Affiliate account.

You kids these days have it EASY!

Back in my day I had to wait a day or two for a forum response (no Live Chat). I had to build my own website (no SiteManager, no SiteDomains, no SiteContent). I wasn't assigned an affiliate coach upon arrival either.

How Wealthy Affiliate Makes "Making Money" Easier

The best thing about having a Wealthy Affiliate account is that it makes making money online a LOT easier than most people realize.

The Technical Stuff Is Basically Done For You

Support Is ALWAYS Somewhere

The NEW Wealthy Affiliate

The recent change to Wealthy Affiliate is a huge improvement to the system IMO. The wide dashboard is easier to read, and I'm digging the "block" style widgets. I hope to see more versatility there in the future, but so far it's great.

Premium+ really does a good job of providing an outlet for people who really want to take their business seriouly in 2021.

For example, with a Premium+ account you have access to so much more learning resources, specifically CLASSES. There's a new class EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The one thing I've seen over and over again during the past decade is that the people who put in more hours see more results. Simple as that. Every once in a while a big brained superstar comes along and does shockingly well, but for most of us, it's a simple formula.

More Hours = More Results

With the Premium+ classes rolling out every day, it's very cool that you can learn something new literally every day inside Wealthy Affiliate. If you learn something new every day, there's really no way you can't succeed in this business.

"Do something every day!" is a simple mantra I live by, and have lived by for the entirety of my business.

On top of that, access to Jaaxy Enterprise (usually $99/month) is a huge time saver because you can now get unlimited keyword results in a matter of seconds since it loads all the traffic & QSR data instantly.

Speaking of keyword and blog post topic ideas, I'll be live and available for questions during my first class today at 4PM Pacific for a full hour. This will be a Premium+ event, so I hope to see as many Premium+ members attend as possible!

Here's the link.

It's Easier Than Ever To Make Money Online With An Affiliate Blog

In 2017 I wrote that it was getting easier to make money online, and that we'd continue to see that trend.

Now it's 2020, and I still think the same. Technology improves. More businesses get online. More people get credit cards. More people get internet access. Shipping techniques improve and the world globalizes. Now, instead of a couple people buying a few things online, EVERYONE IS BUYING EVERYTHING ONLINE.

Not only is it getting easier to make money online with every passing year, Wealthy Affiliate is making the learning process easier and faster as well. If you're reading this message, you're in the right place!

If you could see one improvement to Wealthy Affiliate to make your online business journey easier, what would it be?

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StephanieSu Premium
Crazy to think it was so different just 10years ago. Technology does that to you. I got my first smart phone in 2012 but now it seems like I’ve always had one.

I remember when we were being charged for internet usage by time. I’d shut it on / off depending on what I was doing to save money.

I’m not sure yet what an improvement would be. I’m quite content with it as is.
laurenjean Premium Plus
Awesome post as always, Nate. My answer to your closing question: Teach me how to create an online Summit.

I'm currently learning how to do this to build my email list and the training by the experts out there on this is super expensive (most summit experts charge around $2000 to $2500 per course and most courses run for 3 months).

That would be an amazing course for me to find in Premium Plus!

I'm creating my first one-day summit now. If it's a success (fingers crossed), maybe I'll create and upload the training to Premium Plus myself. Or maybe once I've run a few Summits and really know my stuff. We'll see.
Palatia Premium Plus
Hi Nathaniel. Sorry I missed your class. :( But with WA easier to use on mobile now, I might be able to check out some trainings during slow times while working ;). The extra training is why I went Plus. If it's recorded, and I'm sure it is, I'll definitely catch it. Thanks so much for your education all the time.

nathaniell Premium Plus
Glad to hear you "went plus" Paula, and I hope you enjoy the class. I think Wealthy Affiliate tapping into the knowledge of their top affiliate marketers is going to be a massive value-add for the Premium+ community.
KathyAnne Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing this Nathaniell:) Yes, things have come a long way over the past decade. I've only been a member here since April last year, but have made so much progress and making conversions now. Hard work and consistency are what I believe in if you want success:) Looking forward to your training later, though I may not watch it live due to the time difference here in the UK
nathaniell Premium Plus
Looking forward to hearing about your 1-year anniversary soon enough Kathy. Keep up the good work!
krisneale Premium
Always enjoy your words Nathaniell....

Sounds like it was tough back in the day. I have a question for you?

Do you think it is harder these days in terms of competition with other marketers, as in starting a fresh niche site for example, getting it to rank etc etc...

or was it harder back then with less people purchasing products online?

Would love to hear your thoughts?

Many thanks,
nathaniell Premium Plus
Competition is always there, but really, I think it's easier nowadays to earn money online. Tools are easier to use and the paths have already been blazed. In the past, it was just the "best of the best" who could figure it out on their own.

I relate it to traveling. In the past, only the really rough and tough crowd traveled to unknown areas to explore. Now, you can pick up a Lonely Planet guide to any place in the world, and get real-time translations using your phone. Much easier for your average person to travel these days, and the same for making money online.
krisneale Premium
Thanks Nathaniell, really needed to read something motivational like your words above....