Everything Gets Searched. (Almost Everything)

Last Update: July 06, 2020

There Are Unlimited Keywords Out There

The amount of opportunity online is unlimited. Whatever exists right now, there will be more in the future. People search for just about everything online right now, but in the near future, it will probably be more.

Just yesterday I wanted to highlight some text on a page, but I wanted a specific kind of yellow - highlighter yellow. So I searched "highlighter yellow color code". Here's what turned up.

Canva, the image editing tool, not only gave me the exact color code I was looking for, they also included things like "The history of bright yellow", as well as things like the meaning, and what colors match.

Could you write 1200 words about the color yellow? Whoever is doing the blogging at Canva could.

I was already a paying subscriber to Canva, but if I wasn't this was an opportunity to introduce me to their service. At the very least, you could make money off of ad revenue, or gain an email subscriber from content like this.

All from describing the color yellow.

What's the Future of Search?

Right now, although it seems like you search for "everything" online, there's still a lot of limitations to search engines which I think will disappear in the future.

For example, today I was looking for a specific type of vintage light base for a project I'm working on, and I simply couldn't find it. The string of words I was searching for was too specific, and I didn't quite know how to describe the thing I was looking for.

Because I didn't personally know what it was called, doing that type of search was tough.

As Google gets smarter and faster though, those searches will then be possible.

On top of that, there are still a billion people who don't have access to the internet. And global commerce is still developing. Imagine having Amazon one-day shipping from anywhere in the globe!

So when MORE people start searching MORE things, that spells out MORE OPPORTUNITY for people who own and operate websites. The future is #FFFF00 (bright yellow)!

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WaltM Premium
I think for me a fresh starter your post will/does enlighten beginners in 2020 tapping into the search for keywords about what else is available to those of us who for the first-time are building out and learning to operate website(s).

Your insight about other opportunity within possible searches-- stir up confidence & can be used as a lead for those of us who desire to use our access to the internet better.

Thank you for sharing with us your discoveries & another interesting resource to use doing a search online, plus for hinting what else we can make money off of-- for anyone considering ad revenue.

All the best,
AlexEvans Premium
Classic, those dead-end searches can be so frustrating so glad I am not the only one when you do finally tap in the right keywords you can bet your bottom dollar Google will keep you in that loop and show you plenty of adds about the key product you were searching for or similar, lol.

I have to agree Google is making advances all the time that make our search life easier.
HildeRegine Premium Plus
True. Search engines are getting smarter. Great read!
BillyS3 Premium
Point on Nathaniel!
Needs drive searching, each need equals a search. On average, an individual has numerous needs every waking day, so the billions of internet users and their multiple daily needs translate to infinite searches. And infinite niches by default!
So let's soldier on, marching our article keywords to these needs, we haven't scratched even the surface yet.
Happy hunting Nathaniel. A great blog this is!
Much regards
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Great post thank you very much for sharing