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Last Update: August 08, 2019

Happy Friday, Happy Saturday everyone, wherever you are in the world!

We all know and love Jay's weekly webinars. They're useful. They're fun. They cover a wide range of topics.

The most interesting ones to watch in my opinion are the case studies, where you can see Jay do the work of builiding an affiliate webiste LIVE.

Can you belive these are totally free with your Premium membership? A full hour of content from a successful affiliate marketer and online business owner.




Since I love these case studies so much, I wanted to make a list of them so you can get an overview of what's available, and which ones you want to watch first.


Affiliate Niche Site Case Studies

There's a lot of content here, so I just wanted to clue you in to what I think are the most important things to think about as you go through these webinar case studies.

ONE: Any website can make money. Look how diverse these topics are, and they are not even scratching the surface of what's possible. People search for literally everything online, and that's an opportunity for you to make money.

TWO: Jay started out just like you. I started out just like you. It's super hard to believe, but it's true. Both Jay and I went through the Wealthy Affiliate training, and now we do this full time. You can do this too, and we're here to help!

Case Study #1: Vegetable Juicers: (1 Week)

There are lots of ways to make money with vegetable juicer affiliate programs. Even if you don't build a website specifically about juicers, you could still do reviews of individual products on a variety of website topics.

Great niche website ideas include keto vegetable juice recipes, homemade detox cleanses, or how to lose weight for women over 50. Health and wellness is an evergreen niche, so this isn't going to go out of style any time soon!

Jay talks much more about this niche in the hour long webinar where he builds a vegetable juicer niche website.

Case Study #2: Luxury Baby Cribs: (1 Week)

Is your baby costing you too much money? Get that kid to work! Your sales of luxury baby cribs could mean that your toddler is basically paying rent ;)

All jokes aside, I like to make niche websites about things relevant to my life. Not only does it mean I take a genuine interest in my website, it means I get to write off some very cool business expenses.

I did some whiskey reviews at one point. After spending a couple hundred dollars on some whiskey samples, my reviews pull in over $500/month consistently.

I think Jay is on the right track with his luxury baby crib niche website.

Case Study #3: Hummingbird Feeders: (1 Week)

Think your niche idea is boring? Think your affiliate products too cheap to make money? Think there's nothing out there to promote?

Well Jay, the master at building niche websites, shows us how anythign can make money online. Even bird feeders.

Over the years I've learned that there's always going to be something to promote, even if the products are not exactly specific to your site topic. For example, some products you could promote in addition to hummingbird feeders could be gardening supplies, DIY project supplies, or bird watching gear (Binoculars are expensive!).

Watch the master work with this two-part series.

Case Study #4: Kindle Covers: (1 Week)

Personally, I never would have invested my own time into making a webiste about kindle covers. It just wouldn't be on my radar.

That's an excellent reason to go with your gut though. As far as I remember, Jay was making some good money from this website!

If you have an idea, go for it. You can always tweak it or start a new site later. Entrepreners are risk takers by nature, and this risk that Jay took paid off (literally).

Case Study #5: RC Quadcopters: (2 Weeks)

I think it's pretty obvious that quadcopers and drones are a growth industry. This is a competitive niche, but competition is good. Competition means there's money to be made!

Jay's not afraid of competition, and you shouldn't be either. Long term, you'll build authority and leave everyone else in the dust. Watch Jay take the first steps into this tough, but lucrative niche.

Case Study #6: Fitness Watches: (2 Weeks)

Any website that has to do with technology is going to be fun. I've personally seen a few members do variations on "smart" technology like smart watches, smart homes, smart security systems, and other emerging technology.

Did you know that the world famouns Wirecutter website was started by one guy and eventually sold for 30 million dollars. How's that for life goals?!

Case Study #7: Football Snack Helmets: (5 Weeks)

This is is the most talked about example website on Wealthy Affiliate, and you'll see Kyle use it as an example in some of the lessons. It's pretty amazing what Jay did with this site, and he even got featured on the local news!

The only reason I don't like this particular case study is beause this website doesn't have much content on it, and most of the time (according to what I've seen), you need to write a lot more content to gain traction in search results.

Just keep that in mind as you watch this amazing series. Don't try to emulate this website just because you want to be lazy. Jay's an SEO master, and has honed his craft for many years to be able to do something like this!

Keep up with your WA training though, and you'll learn how to spot lucrative opportunities like this one!

Case Study #8: Standing Desks: (5 Weeks)

Personally, I haven't stepped foot in a local office supply store for many years, despite the fact that I have a home business. I order everything online, including printer ink, cables, computers, chairs, and sticky notes.

Of course people are ordering standing desks online!

Case Study #9: Induction Cookware Sets (4 Weeks)

There are many ways to research a niche. Watch as Jay leverages Amazon tools to do niche research. He starts off looking at fidget spinners, and ends up with induction cookware. What? Watch it happen in this 5-part series!


Did you know that Jay is a local SEO master? Building websites for local businesses, helping them rank, then keeping them at the top of search results is a HUGE business. Jay covers some pretty specific details about his own local SEO business and the websites he builds in these local SEO webinars below.

Not only will you get insight into how Jay runs his local SEO company, but he'll show you real world examples of how to rank these websites for local search results.

My favorite thing about local SEO is that there's room for everyone. Every industry in every town could use a Google-savvy webmaster, so no matter where you are in the world, this is a huge opportunity to make money.

Maid Cleaning Services

Eyebrow Threading


Jay's webinars cover a wide range of topics. I chose these particular webinars because they show Jay doing a specific task live. For example, with the article webinars, you can see him actually research and write a full articl live.

That may sound super boring, but I have some articles that generate $50-$500 per month on autopilot.

My personal record, I've had one article generate over $99,000 total. Wut. Insane, but true. That's just the world of affiliate marketing for you.

These are the useful online business skills Jay is teaching you every week!

Article Writing


Facebook Ads

WooCommerce (Affiliate)

What's Next?

When you finish watching all of these case studies, you might think to yourself, OK, now what's next?

It's time to take action. You can only watch someone else do it so many times before you gotta start doing the steps yourself. The training inside Wealthy Affiliate will show you step by step how to do what Jay did in these webinars, and beyond.

Keep up the good work everyone!

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