​Is WA Bootcamp Saturated or Too Competitive?

Last Update: March 18, 2014

So you want to join Wealthy Affiliate's Bootcamp. But now you're thinking, "Wow, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of other people joining Bootcamp, taking the same training, and promoting the same product.

So is Bootcamp saturated? Is Bootcamp too competitive?

No. Not even close.

Let's look at a few reasons why the "make money" niche will always be a winner, and why WA Bootcamp will never be flooded

Why "Make Money" Is A Good Niche

1) Everyone wants to make more money. It doesn't matter what your income is right now, you'd probably be happy with more. Even if you like your job, you'd probably be happier working less or working for yourself.

It's a fact of life.

Which means that everyone is a potential sale. Everyone. It's just a matter of finding the right angle, and getting them at the right moment where you can show them that it's actually possible for them to make money on the internet.

How to do this is a whole different ball game, but for now, know that a person of pretty much any age, race, religion, background, etc can get interested in WA. That's millions upon millions of people that are not members of WA, but might want to be.

2) It's something you are good at. You are now (or going to be) an expert on affiliate marketing and online business. I started out knowing nothing about this stuff, and the training at WA taught me almost everything I know today. You are now taking the same training, so in time, you will have this stuff mastered.

An awesome niche is one that you care about, and one that you are knowledgeable of. Well, can you see the connection?

You might still be a newbie right now, but that's OK too. Would you rather be helped by a newbie with good intentions (and access to experts), or a guru that's just looking to make some money off you? A newbie obviously.

So even you don't know everything, you know how to find it, or how to find the people that do know. This makes you a huge asset to your referrals!

*The make money niche isn't for everyone. There are some difficulties surrounding the niche, mainly that there are lots of rude comments I get on my blog, and that social media can be challenging in my opinion.

Why WA Bootcamp Will Never Be "Saturated"

I get this question A LOT, and there are some things I want to show you that will make you think, "WOW, there's still a piece of the pie left for me!"

1) There are TONS of products to review. Below is a screenshot from my email inbox. I'm on an email list called JV Notify Pro which emails me each time a new product is released. These are often guru-scam type products.

You can see that from the past 2 months I have done only TWO from this list. The other 18 I haven't reviewed. Chances are, most Bootcampers are similar. You can do some, but you can't do them all.

This is just ONE list, and ONE way to find product to review. There's a whole discussion started here where people share their ideas for getting products to review. You will NEVER run out of reviews. This is a screenshot from a site called IM Report Card.

Look at how many reviews they have on their site and think about how many years that would take you if you did just ONE review each day (over 13 years)

2) No ONE person can rank for everything. There are many bootcampers that are seeing great successes with their websites. But, they can't be #1 for everything, so there will always be room for new people with fresher content.

In the image below I did a search for a new product called "Foolproof Cash Flow". I've pictured the Top 4 results, but in the entire top 10 results there were no Bootcamp sites ranking. In fact, most of the sites that were ranking weren't very good, and were obviously created solely to promote this product.

And as much as I hate to admit, even I don't rank for everything I try for. I did a review of a product called Rapid Mass Profits. It took me at least a few hours, and I did my best to make it great for readers and for search engines.

Yet, I'm nowhere to be found on the first page of Google! UGH!

I guess that just means there's an opportunity for you to take one of those spots!

*both examples I used were product reviews, but the same principle applies to any keyword you use.

3) Your opinion counts. You might think, "Well, it's been done before, so it's not worth me doing again." But remember that there's probably someone searching the internet right now that can't find the style of review they are looking for to help them fully understand how making money online works.

Your personal reviews and blogs are important, because 99% of what's out there right now is a bunch of scam artists just trying to make a buck. Imagine that - just by being honest, you can be unique!

4) Most people will quit, and YOUR site will flourish. It's the unfortunate truth that many people will quit before they see results. But this is good news for you!

Stick around WA for a couple of months, and you'll be surprised at how what you used to struggle with now has become common place. Did you have trouble publishing your first blog or maybe adding an image or link?

Do it 100 times, and now you can do it one handed (with your eyes closed). You'll slowly pick up tips, tricks, and skills that will make your site grow faster, with more ease. Meanwhile, many of your peers will slack off, or even cancel their subscriptions (sad, I know)

And that leaves you in an awesome position to get more rankings, more traffic, and more sales.

I hope you can now see that with so many keywords, products, and room in the search results there's plenty of room in Bootcamp for everyone!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that these are also great reasons why you can work TOGETHER with other bootcampers, commenting, sharing, and offering constructive criticism to improve each others' websites.

Are you in bootcamp? Let us know how you're doing in the comments!

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Jenna7 Premium
Thanks for writing this. When I first joined WA, I had really just planned on using the Bootcamp for practice, but Kyle and Carson kept giving encouragement to keep going with it, so I am, and the coolest thing is that I am seeing results.

The most awesome feeling is to see a real comment from someone who said your review or info helped them.

The only thing I struggle with is self-confidence/doubt which is very frustrating-I keep thinking I can't do this and that I'm not good enough, but we all know negative thinking is ridiculous. :P

It's great to read your posts and see how much of an expert you and Steve and other members who promote WA have become. Didn't you start a long time ago with no experience or am I wrong?

Have a great week! :)
nathaniell Premium
It's awesome that you are seeing results! Slow and steady really does work with bootcamp, as with any site.

I've been around WA for about 4 years now, but I would say I was pretty comfortable with affiliate marketing after about 2 years of training here :)
Trialynn Premium
Great way to shed light on this subject Nathaniell!
Nola Premium
Started on it yesterday and looks like it was a good decision. Thanks!
Karyskis Premium
Good to read, because I have been on the fence about starting a WA affiliate site.
nathaniell Premium
I hope I didn't come across as trying to *convince* anyone to join bootcamp, but if anyway was worried about "competing" with other WAers then I don't think that should be a issue :)
mikegaudreau Premium
Agreed. You should have a look at the binary and MLM field as well, more foder.
nathaniell Premium
Oh yeah, tons of scams to review there! Thanks for the input.