How Much Are Your Online Business Skills Worth?

Last Update: Sep 23, 2019

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Many of you are grinding away at your websites right now. That's great! Some of you are making money already, some of you are not.

That's OK though! Why?

Because what you are learning right now is a valuable skill.

The training at WA teaches you how to make money from affiliate marketing, but what they don't tell you, is that you can SELL your skills as a service.

Building websites for people, managing content, creating content, managing social media, promoting blog posts, finding collaboration opportunities, developing an email marketing campaign, or even just consulting....

All of these can earn you $$$.


Good writers are IN DEMAND online. "writing in general" is competitive, since it's a basic skill most people have naturally, but good writers can make bank.

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Because experienced webmasters are sick of dealing with low-quality writers. I know this, because I outsource a lot.

Write Articles

When I started outsourcing, I'd just choose the cheapest writer possible. Less money = more value, right? Wrong. After 9 years, I'm happy to pay a premium for simple things like:

  • on-time delivery
  • no grammar errors
  • positive attitude
  • native English speaker

If you are an expert in a specific area, that also gets a premium. I've paid $200+ for a single article on some specific topics.

Write Books

Another such audience is folks writing ebooks, specifically writers selling Kindle books on Amazon.

You can write simple ebooks like (assuming you are an expert in a field, or can do research). People will pay premiums for eBooks because there's a direct relationship to the money-making aspect for them. They get to sell your work!

The good news is that you get paid whether or not the book has a positive ROI. That's their job to do the marketing :)

Social Media Managers

You can get paid to manage people's social media profiles. While browsing for some other related services, on their "list of services" page, I noticed this:

Blog creation, content creation, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter + tweeting...these could help you earn hundreds or thousands per month.

Don't know how to manage someone's social media? Build your website here in WA and follow the training. Kyle shows you how.

Then you can use those skills to help other people create, engage with, and share social media posts.

As a bonus, if you can also create images for social media, you now have a "skill stack", meaning you can perform multiple tasks for a single client. They spend less time hiring

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WordPress Building Management

The most obvious skill you are ignoring right now is that inside WA, you'll learn how to build, manage, and troubleshoot WordPress websites.

That means you can build webistes for people and businesses, and earn great money doing so.

It's not uncommon to get paid $500-$2000 for building a webiste for a business. Plus, if you handle the hosting (you get 25 spots on your Premium account), and fix any problems that arise, that's a monthly fee you can charge.

Many WA members do this!

In fact, if you can create (or outsource) and manage content, get people ranked, build an email list, and help them convert visitors to customers, or even run a PPC/Facebook ads campaign, that's a MASSIVE opportunity for you.

Again, you'll learn all this stuff through the main WA training, plus Jay's webinars, and even member-created training.

Final Thoughts

Learning what the Wealthy Affiliate training teaches isn't an "all or nothing" venture. Even if you make $0 in affiliate marketing, you're still building an incredibly useful set of skills that you can leverage to make money online.

Of course, the passive income that you can achieve through affiliate marketing is still pretty amazing, and you shouldn't give up on your original goals! Keep grinding at your affiliate websites.

Making good money through affiliate marketing does take a bit of time. Even if you make your first sale quickly, earning consistent, significant income requires time. However, doing SERVICES gets you paid instantly.

I just wanted to make sure you were aware of what you were learning and how valuable this skill is. There are millions of ways to make money online, and this is just one more option for those that are interested!

WA Members Leveraging The Training To Build Businesses NOT In The Affiliate Industry

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That was great to read, I need to look for other revenues sources.

I will get there eventually.

Very interesting ,I guess at this stage we are focused just on WA but something to keep in mind for sure

Thanks for the post, informative as always. Bless you

Yes always thinking of other ways to make money....diversify, diversify, diversify. Still trying to soak in all the training here. Thanks for the info Nathan.

Great post! It puts things into perspective.

For me the reason I chose online marketing was because of the ability of creating a passive income AKA residual income. If you have read rich dad poor dad by Kiyosaki, then you will know why it is so important to have money working for you and not the other way around....

Either way, I think learning a new skill and just knowing that I can use it to make an active income is quite flattering!

Awesome post again! Cheers!

love rich dad poor dad! One of your passive income legs is business, right? This is a great way to fulfill that need.

Great information. I am going to have to look into this.. Thanks.

Thanks for that wonderful insight! I guess I didn't really think of the services we could provide with all the training.
What a great way to earn a living.
Thanks again

I've realized this, and you make a very good point. The more you learn, the more valuable your skills become. Good motivation to keep on going.

I am making money with my skills right now, and I haven't given up on affiliate marketing either. They are all skills, all resources. You were the guy that got me here. Still grateful for that too.

Thanks for this reminder of why being here is so valuable.

I know you are working very hard on some local business websites and am stoked to hear that you are finding clients and using the skilles you learned in WA to to earn income!

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