How Long Before I See Results?

Last Update: April 21, 2015

The #1 question on everyone's mind when they start a business venture is "how long until I actually make money?" This is a pretty impossible question to ask, as no one can predict the future. I can only share my personal results, and offer guidance on how you can replicate the process.

In my first 3 months I made $5 and spent about $100. Wow. Amazing, right? lol

In my first 6 months I made about $200 and spent about $300. Still not impressive considering how much I worked.

At my 1 year anniversary I had spent a total of $600* on my business and made $4000.

By 18 months in I had quit my job and was working full time from home

*Total expenses included my WA membership fee, paid at a monthly rate.

If I had stopped anywhere within that first year and said, "Enough! I'm not going to work for free. I want to see some results!" I would not be where I am today. I had plenty of failed websites along with a few successes, but the real thing that made a difference in whether or not I saw results was looking at my business in the long view.

At the time, I was living in China and needed a source of income that I could count on in case I had to leave in a hurry for whatever reason. If I didn't see results in 6 months, it didn't matter, because my goal was for 6 years.

How long before you see results? Who knows. It may be a month. It may be a year. It may be more than a year. A lot depends on how much time you commit on a daily basis. A year of work ahead of you sounds kind of scary, but are you here to turn over some quick cash or to build a business you can depend on for income?

I think one of the hardest things for newbies to do is to actually imagine what the future will be like. As someone new to WA and new to Wordpress website building, it can seem like you will always be confused and/or frustrated! The good news is that it gets easier with time (just like any skill - playing piano, installing tile, learning to swim)

One thing I did a few years back was to commit myself to seeing the future of my business by getting the yearly membership in Wealthy Affiliate. Instead of looking at the monthly withdraw from my Paypal account and wondering, "Do I really want this?", I could focus on what mattered...working for the results I wanted.

You can get discounted a yearly membership here!

Donate Just a $1 a Day To Help A Marketer In Need

I know that not everyone has the money to go yearly, but I think most people would want to lock in that discount if they could! So if you don't have the money right now, here's my suggestion: Donate just $1 a day to YOURSELF and save up!

A yearly membership is $359, which is just a $1 a day for one year. Get a box or a cookie jar or whatever, and physically put $1 in there every day. I think most people will have an extra dollar somewhere! Even if it's just spare change, you might be able to save a hundred bucks or so over the course of a year.

How long before you see results? It's hard to say. But I know that people who stick around long enough start to see the results of their hard work manifest in rankings, traffic, and sales.

What are your expectations for yourself? How long do you think you will have to work on your business before you see results?

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Avecita Premium
A brilliant, inspirational post.
MauriceSr Premium
Great post Nathaniell, a lot of us...yes I said US look for short term success and move on without standing by for the long term results, and that's why WE continue to FAIL! Read Nathaniell's post again if you're still having doubts! Thanks Nate.

- Maurice
Gailb Premium
Hey Nathaniell,
Thanks for that post. It was really good information. One question, if I decide to go with the one year payment, does WA deduct the payments I've already made? I think I read that somewhere. Thanks again!
MauriceSr Premium
Yes, its deducted from what you already paid!
Gailb Premium
Thank you Maurice!
MauriceSr Premium
No problem!
nathaniell Premium Plus
Technically, it's not "deducted". It's pro-rated. So if you paid $47 this month and upgrade mid-month, what you paid that month is credited towards the yearly payment. But previous months payments do not count towards the yearly membership price.
Gailb Premium
Ok, I get it. Glad you clarified that. Thanks, Gail
Anewcreature Premium
Thanks so much for the post. They are always encouraging.
tmaltz Premium
Great post and near and dear to everyone's heart. I gave it 6 months, then at the end of bootcamp, now till my gf and i get a visa into the states. It's a tough mental game, but one that's a reality. One may say, you spent 2 years and didn't make a killing, are you stupid? But then again, you're building a long term business where i'm starting to see the residual benefits come in. Thanks for the post Nathan. Salud