7 Year Anniversary At Wealthy Affiliate 2017

Last Update: July 11, 2017

Finishing Goals From 2014

The most amazing stories are the ones you hear about where someone makes $10,000 within six months of starting their website. But the reality is that it usually takes a lot longer to reach your goals.

Back in 2014 I set some goals for the year.

One was to get one of my websites to 5,000 visitors. One was to make $100 from my beer site.

Well, it's 2017 and I am finally approaching those goals. I'll count it as "met" them for now :)

I hit an all-time high for traffic, at 4700 visits in one day in June. Almost 5k!

And although I stopped focusing on my beer site, I started another site which is making $1,000+ per month.

3 Years!

Remember, those were my goals from June 2014. Yes, it took a lot longer than I planned, but I'm making momentum now so I can't complain.

Goals for next year? Let's make things simple. 2x + 10x. I'd like to double my traffic from 5k to 10k, and I'd like to 10x my earnings on my niche site from $1k to $10k.

Time to get to work!

As a member of WA for 7 years now, and as someone who'd purchased hundreds (maybe thousands?) of products in the "make money online" space, I can honestly say that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to build your online business.

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mjam457 Premium
Happy 7th anniversary!
Thanks for the glimpse into your stats and earnings it is good to see for perspective. The numbers are what I would deem realistic and are about where I set my goal markers. I'm figuring a two to three year marker before I see a "income" and I learned the art of patience long ago. Glad to see that i was correct in that. I will gladly accept ten K in six months though, lol.
kathyuk Premium
Great to hear about actual results like this - thanks for sharing.
PeterK77 Premium
Awesome to see Nathaniel!

Well done man and keep up the good work! There ain't nothing like achieving your goals and you sure have set some good ones. Congratulations again.


jvranjes Premium
True veteran.

From 1K to 10 K in one year. Can't wait to hear bout it. Let us know next year.

Just curious about those 4700/day visits. How old is that site? It would be good to know to put my own site in the perspective. It is terribly hard to build traffic.

In any case, great to have somebody like you here, for help and inspiration.
nathaniell Premium Plus
That site is about 5 years old with about 1500 posts on it.

1k to 10k is a long shot, for sure, but I have momentum on my side! If I could only get my axe to the grindstone and start doing more reviews.
jvranjes Premium
Thank you, it really means a lot to see such data.
@RICH. Premium
Happy 7th Nate ! :)
nathaniell Premium Plus
Thanks bruh