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Last Update: Nov 30, 2018

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Lots of people are posting their Black Friday earnings for 2018, but for me, the most exciting thing is Q4 2019. In a previous post (2017), I posted some past/current earnings, and future projections for one of my side project websites. You can read that post here. It includes insight into what I did to achieve those goals.

One estimate was close, one was pretty off. Here they are. Keep in mind, this is a website NOT dedicated to promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You can make six figure affiliate earnings in any niche, and that's kind of what I wanted to prove by building this website.

Traffic (Pageviews)

  • Predicted: 120,000
  • Actual: 126,000


  • Predicted: $7600
  • Actual: $4500

So I beat traffic estimates, and missed revenue estimates. That's OK! I'm still happy with the trend. What's real exciting to look at is where I expect to be this time next year. Here's my 2018 results, and 2019 predictions for this website of mine.

2019 Income and Traffic Projections

Traffic (Pageviews)

  • Nov 2015: 7,000 p/m
  • Nov 2016: 13,400 p/m (91% increase)
  • Nov 2017: 40,000 p/m (200% increase)
  • Nov 2018 126,000 p/m (210% increase)
  • Nov 2019 441,000 pm (250% increase, projected)


  • Nov 2015: $100
  • Nov 2016: $460 (360% increase)
  • Nov 2017: $1900 (313% increase)
  • Nov 2018: $4500 (130% increase)
  • Nov 2019: $13,500 (200% increase, projected)

200% is a little brave for a prediction, considering the huge drop in revenue increases from 2017 to 2018. Nothing wrong with being optimistic! I'll just have to keep my goals in mind next time I want to watch a movie instead of get to work on my site :)

Even a "small" 100% increase in revenue would get $9,000 per month from the website. A 200% increase would put me over the six figure/year mark, earning more than $13,000 per month. Wow! That's pretty damn good.

Do This, Not That

I won't get into a huge "what worked and what didn't" thing here. You can read some of that in the 2017 post linked above.

However, here's one insight about keywords you might find useful (that's the "do not" portion)

Here's a training I did about 8 styles of articles to make money that I used for my website. (that's the "do this" portion).

2019?! Think About 2020!

Working on websites can be hard and frustrating. I try to keep in mind not only what I've accomplished so far, but what I can accomplish in the future.

I can see from the stats above that I more than doubled the income from this website in one year. What other job in the world can you double your income in a year?

I can also see that I'm well on my way to earning six figures from this side-project webiste in the next year if I stick to what's working. Exciting!

December is always a time of reflection and predictions for me. For anyone who's making money with their site but not yet quite satisfied with the results, I recommend you take stock of what you've done so far and make some predictions for next year.

If you're just getting started, think about this:

In a year's time you can have a money-generating, 100% owner-operated, online business. No matter how much you make (I'm pretty sure you'll make at least a little), you'll be ready to take over the world in 2020.

This is the long game - any entrepreneur that has a successful business started where you are now. You can do this!

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You will be pretty stoked with the year that has been and by the looks 2019 will even be better, a great reminder what we are doing today will bring results and making those projections can really help to motivate us to achieve them.

Really enjoyed reading your post, Nathaniel very motivating.

Thanks for this Nathaniell, it’s amazing what pops up in this community when you need it most.

I must say I was getting a little disheartened by the Black Friday profit posts, don’t get me wrong I am excited for those guys they obviously put in the work and deserve the rewards.

Some days you just wonder when it will happen for you. I’m not posting everyday as I also work a full time job, but it’s not like I’m doing nothing!

Maybe I just need to calm my farm and come to grips with the fact it’s just going to take longer for me to see any real action.

That's really brilliant, thank you for sharing. It shows that predictions are exactly that, but in spite of the lower-than-expected earnings, you're still doing incredibly well.
Hope 2019 - and 2020 - continue to improve for you. Heck, it will! :-)
I'm just starting, and it's so inspiring to read these reports!

Appreciate your sharing and we look forward to reading some more of your training. We have a folder just with your name on it!
We are ready for the long game.
Thanks, as ever,
Colette and Philip

Thanks for sharing - great useful information! I will for sure check out your recommended posts and use this information and tools in my work. Thanks again!

Thank you for sharing

Thanks for your post. I’m kinda at a crossroad right now regarding which direction to focus on. I’ve been promoting WA exclusively but after a year and a half I’m reassessing. I think I’ve decided on a direction going forward for that site, which is good because I’ve been struggling with moving forward for 5 or 6 months.

I have a second niche site that I’ve been ignoring so I can concentrate on my WA site. I want to start moving forward with that site now. I think doing that will stimulate my creative juices again. It will involve refocusing and rearranging that site to tailor it to the niche. Right now it’s a little “all over the place.”

Thanks again for your post.

Great post thanks for sharing

I do like the way you let everyone know their
business has just begun as newcomers to
WA - makes sense but where are our sites
going to be in a year or two years good point
Where do we want to take them in this time
frame - planning and execution of them a
Thanks for sharing,

Great post Nathaniel, thanks for sharing your achievements.
Here's to taking over the world:0

Let's do it!

I'm with you!

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