10 Home Gym Affiliate Micro-Niche Ideas

Last Update: Apr 27, 2020

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Last week I talked about how home gym equipment was selling out online, and I though it was a really good niche topic to get into right now and in the near future. If everyone does a website on home gyms, would it be too competitive or saturated? No!

That's because there's lots of subtopics, or micro-niches you could focus on. There are TONS of ways to niche down your topic and get more focused on a specific aspect.

Here are 10 gym affiliate micro-niche ideas I came up with this weekend, but there are many more options. Your own personal experiences and knowledge could lead you to lots of ideas that no one else would consider!

1. At Home Yoga Instruction

Yoga is a great expercise for strength as well as a great cardio workout. Rather than drive 30 minutes to a studio and pay $100+ per month for personalized instruction, you can do yoga right in your living room, get the same intensity workout, and stay fit at the same time.

Build muscle. Relax your mind. Learn to breath. Yoga is good for women, men, and kids. It's good for a relaxing way do something other than sit on the couch, or a super intense mind and body-building workout.

There are plenty of micro-niches even within the broader Yoga niche.

2. Bodybuilding With Bodyweight For Men

For a bodybuilder on a budget, you can't exactly just go out and spend $15,000 on home gym equipment at the drop of a hat. So how can you keep up your muscle mass at home?

There are plenty of ways to push your musles to the max without a single weight in your home. Even after you do that, how do you mix up your routine to hit all the necessary muscle groups and keep you from getting bored?

Lots to explore here in this niche.

3. Build A Garage Or Outdoor Gym At Home

You don't have to chop down a tree to build your own home gym, but for some homeowners with big pockets, they may want to build the perfect home gym to recreate a local gym experience. You can certainly buy all that stuff online, and it doesn't have to be a BowFlex machine.

Squat racks. Benches. Pull up bars. Battle ropes. Kettlebells. Heavy bag. Sounds fun!

4. Cardio For Apartments

I'm lucky that I'm in a rural area and can just go for a run when I want. If you're stuck in an NYC apartment, how are you supposed to get a good cariodo workout?

This niche has opportunity for instructional videos, but also for selling high end equipment like Peleton bikes, treadmills, and other cardio equipment for small spaces.

5. At Home Workout Video Reviews

Remember Richard Simmons and his Sweatin' To The Oldies videos? There's a lot more out there now. P90x. Insanity. Body Beast. Focus T25. A lot.

Which ones are good? Which videos do what type of exercises? What are their goals, e.g. weight loss, toning, or muscle building?

This is an area where a review website could help people find the perfect fitness DVD, which are surprisingly, still popular.

6. Couple's Workouts & Fitness

When you work an 8 hour day, plus commute, plus gym 4-5 times a week, you might not get home to your significant other until 7-8:00 at night.

Why not combine do some fitness activities together? Walking is nice but it's not very cardio-heavy, and certainly doesn't build muscles. There are plenty of couples who want to stay fit, but also spend time together.

7. Learn How To Box At Home Without A Trainer

Learning how to do a brand new sport is a big committment. A 30 minute drive to the instruction area. A 1-hour lesson. Shower. Drive back. A couple lessons per week could be a 10-20 hour committment.

But what if you still want to learn how to box, fight, or just defend yourself?

There's plenty of boxing instructional video and tips online for people who want to learn how a new skill, but don't want to, or can't, get to a gym.

With all the Zoom instruction going on now, maybe there are tele-trainers available too!

8. Low-Impact Weight Loss

Not everyone who want to lose weight wants can do traditional exercises like bench press, squats, and burpees. Some older people, or folks with medical conditions simply can't. With a vaccine probably not going to be available for another 18 months, some immuno-compromised individuals may be on lockdown a lot longer than us.

Low-impact weight loss appeals to a variety of types of people who want to lose weight and stay fit, but can't be slamming around iron.

9. Family Fitness Activities

When you think of a home gym, you probably think of a typical bro lifing weights in the garage, but what about a family who wants to stay fit? What type of exercises could involve mom, dad, and the kids?

Plus, a lot of kids just can't get off the screens. Probably because they don't know how fun exercise can be. Fun and safety are the name of the game when kids are involved!

10. Meal Planning For Weight Loss

Though this one isn't specifically about a "home gym" per se, if you're going the DIY route for your gym, you're probably going DIY for eating too. You can certainly buy expensive meal kits and have them delivered to your home. They even have bodybuilding meal kits you can buy.

They cost a fortunte though.

The vast majority of people who want to lose weight with their home gym will also be cooking for themselves. While lockdown and quarantine is still going on, the temptation to order DoorDash or Postmates is strong.

Beat the temptation by meal planning a week in advance!

What other home gym micro-niches do you think would be worth pursuing?

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Great article! Your always bringing up valuable conversations.

Another idea is home workout you can do with your kids. Since the kids are doing homeschool, then they get very hyper and it can be very difficult to try working out and coming up with something for them to do while you work out. A cool niche would be family workouts or ways to entertain your kids so you can work out.

Great idea, Tiffany!

Thank you.

That niche would help me. Hahaha! Are you going to do it?

No, Tiffany.
Perhaps something to consider later on for me.

My current niche is professional and corporate-oriented - Change, Risk and Human Capital Management.

Launching out into personal and professional life skills later on this year.

You should go for it. 🙂


Wow. That’s interesting. No, I have my hands full with the sites I have. Maybe someone will do it though.

Great ideas Nathaniell.

The last one is of extreme importance. Without that meal planning , you are going to get severely disappointed in your weight loss results from after some time. It is like working with affiliate marketing; you gotta stay committed to what you want to really want. It takes time and you have to be patient.


Plenty of sub-niches in the meal planning niche as well I suspect!

Anything that provides an incentive and opportunity to exercise at home that doesn't cost an arm and a leg (I'm thinking the Peloton Mirror). Sure, you can use the Mirror to participate in a virtual, private exercise session while practicing social distancing but the cost...wow...

You mentioned Zoom...that may be the way to go especially if you happen to be a trainer stuck at home. A step closer to being in the gym than a YouTube video.

Super post and awesome ideas. I do have a site that is involved in videos to show how to exercise for most age groups. One I thought of while reading yours was fitness for children. They are home now, yet they are missing put on gym time and also just ideas to workout and keep active.
Take care,

Exercise for children is more important than ever, especially for kids in the USA stuck inside playing video games all day!

Nathaniel you are so good at what you do!
kudos to you!

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