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Why don't I get credits for my site comments?

Why don't I get credits for my site comments?

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I have been commenting on sites ever since I started here, I can never get credit for them?
I ran this by Kyle several times, I never get an answer. Can you please check it

Hi - are you adding your comment in the correct place? You don't put it directly on the website after you have finished reading it.

You need to add it in the box on the WA Site Comments page. The box should have your Gravatar email address directly above it.

Yeah i did both, at the end of the site they have the comment box. After you send than another box asks for comment again. After i ask for help about this topic, someone should check to see how many times i have commented on other people sites and honor my credits.

Thank you Dianne for reaching out, i usually do both because it is at the bottom of the site. After that you get taken to another comment section where you leave another comment, you have wait for approval. That's it. I never get a single credit from anyone.

You shouldn't be leaving the comment twice. You shouldn't add it directly to the website, only in the WA comment box.

Does your correct Gravatar email address show in the comments box?

I am not sure if it is possible for Site Support to see how many comments you have left.

When you go to the Site Comments feature, underneath the photos of the certified commenters, on the right-hand side, there is a column that says "Comments Offered". Click on that. If your comments have gone through correctly, you should see a list of the websites you have commented on.

Ok Diane. I am going to try it and see if it's working.

Thank you for the help.

Hi Judy, check this pout it may be helpful.

Please explain the steps you do in order to comment and I'll match them to waht I do and see what's going wrong if I can. Once your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard is showing, menu on the left with training, websites, live events, research etc where and what do you do next?

Hi Treadstone, when I received an alert about a site to comment on, I clicked on it, following with reading, scroll all the way to the end than at the bottom, it asks you to comment on it. Thereafter, it takes you to a second-place where you have to comment again and wait for site owners' approval.
After I have done all that, I would expect to get credit for them. The promise is to give comments to earn credit. It gets me frustrated, I gave up on commenting on other people's websites.

Hmm, sounds like you're publishing comments at the bottom of the site's post/article and not through the Wealthy Affiliate platform so that they can be logged. What you're doing is commenting as any normal Joe would if they stumbled on the site - they won't receive credits either.

Follow my lead:

WA Dashboard>


SITE Comments>

Offer Comments - 1 Credit (Blue text, top-right)>

Leave Your Comments Below (As Diane mentions, below your Gravatar image and email address)>

Submit My Comment - Earn 1 Credit (Once comments have been made)

Within these steps a webpage will appear that a member has put forward and wants comments for. To the left a snapshot of that page and to the left, what they want comments on.

Below your comments box, there is an option to dismiss this one and move to another. It's a button that states, "I'm Not Interested"

Lastly, in case you didn't know. In the top-right area of this page you've got t, under the blue box stating "Comment Boost" there is a button to "Edit My Interests" - this is where you tailor what interests and topics you prefer and controls what sites are popping up for comments. All you have you to do now is comment freely after looking over the post/topic shown.

PLEASE NOTE: As many have done, these comments are for public eye and are just comments and engagement on the topic at hand. Leave any website feedback for the SITE Feedback section. Two separate entities. Hope this has helped you guide a better path?


Thank you for helping out. I think that is what i have been doing.
Now i ignore all sites that ask for comments.

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Why my comments do not show not show up?

Why my comments do not show not show up?

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I gave comments but it says that I have not given any comments at all.
Can someone tells me why is that? ps

Another thing, you have to make sure that the comment was submitted.

But If it’s a Cite comment, it must be written and submitted under the designated space under site and then hit approve/reply.

I think I have been doing that.
thank you and best regards!

If you are talking about giving comments thru "SiteComments" then, you must put your comment on the space provided in the SiteComment section and not on the website itself, as Rika mentioned.

If not, then, it will not be considered as one, by WA.

It happened to me before. So I ended up leaving comment twice, one on the SiteComment and the other one on the website.

Thank for the input, I am going to try it that way.
Kind regards!

You have to leave the comment on the section provided in the comment section on the WA platform, not on the website. If you leave the comment on the website WA will not know that you have left the comment.

Hope this makes sense:)

Oh, Thank you for letting me know that.
Your help is much appreciated.
Best success!

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