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Last Update: Apr 27, 2020

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Though there's a lot of chaos going around the world right now, there's also a lot of opportunity. If you think you missed the boat by not being ready for the massive changes many of us are experiencing right now, you are wrong.

The world isn't done changing, and fresh, new opportunities are going to continue to pop up for those who keep their eyes open.

Specifically regarding affiliate marketing, there are going to be lots of ways that leverage those opportunties. One great example is that now that Amazon's affiliate program is in freefall, you might be able to scoop up some cheap websites which are already earning money on Flippa or Empire Flippers.

Another option is to do some freelance writing for the waves of people which are trying to start an online business due to being laid off from their job.

One of the more obvious answers for Wealthy Affiliate members is to start a niche website which will benefit from some kind of mindset shift set to happen in the near future. What type of mindset shift?

People's habits are changing. The way people look at the world is changing. There's not just one single thing to discover. Your own experiences will influence how you see the world now, and how you think it will be later.

For me? I usually work out 3-5 days per week, and not having access to the gym is really pissing me off. I'm not the only one either. Millions of people cannot access their local gym, and guess what. Home gym equipment is selling out online.

They can't keep up with the demand!

"Please be advised that the fulfillment of accessory orders may take up to 21 days from the date of order due to COVID-19 production delays. Some equipment manufacturer delays are also being experienced. Gym Source employees and our manufacturers and vendors appreciate your business and your patience during this International Public Health Emergency. Thank you."

Home Gym Websites Are Exploding, But They Aren't Done Yet

If you have a home gym website right now, your sales are going through the roof. The party isn't done yet though.

First off, lockdown for many countries is extending into the summer. I know that Los Angeles is already talking keeping facilities closed though the summer, and some places around the world are experiencing a second wave of infections.

On top of that, even though gyms were listed as on of the businesses which could open sooner rather than later (in the USA), many counties may make the decision to keep gyms closed for longer depending on their individual county infection rates.

Even if gyms do open soon, they may open at half-capacity.

Even at full capacity, a lot of the public will choose to not go as a personal safety measure.

And aside from all that, people who bought home gym equipment in lockdown will still want to use it on the weekends or "gym rush hour" from 4-7PM after everyone gets off work. I know that my local gym's parking lot is impossible to navigate around that time, so I just choose to not go during those hours.

In other words, people will still be using home gym equipment even after the pandemic ends.


Is The "Fitness Niche" Too Competitive?

There are some niches which I personally wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. Credit cards. Business law. Stock trading.

Though anything in the fitness niche has a reputation of being "too competitive", I strongly disagree with this idea.

1. How you definte fitness is always changing, which means that there's always opportunity for new players. Just a few years ago nobody knew what keto, intermittent fasting, and HIIT was. Before that Crossfit wasn't even a concept yet.

2. There are plenty of subniches you could go for. Actually, I would never start a general "fitness" website because the subniches, or "micro niches" is where it's at.

A 60 year old grandma trying to lose weight because she's prediabetic is a way different type of person from a 400lb gamer who's trying to lose weight because he wants to get a hot girlfriend. Two very different audiences.

Even if you look at something specific like vegan bodybuilding, you could separate this into multiple camps of people, like those who are vegan to prevent animal cruelty, those who are vegan because of health concerns.

In fact, those ideas are venturing more into the nutrition space. Maybe you want to skip the controversy of diet, and just focus on home gym exercises for people who live in apartments. I live in a rural area with a yard, so I could set up my own muscle beach in my backyard if wanted to. Someone in NYC doesn't have that same option.

There are many, many more options of how you could niche down and find a specific target audience within the fitness industry.

You're In The Best Place To Be Right Now

Right now, you're in the best possible spot to make use of this opportunity in the home gym niche. As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, you already have:

  • Managed, optimized hosting for your website
  • SiteDomains to buy your domain name
  • SiteBuilder to instantly create your website
  • Jaaxy for keyword research to make your game plan

Not to mention you have a 5-level, 50-lesson gameplan of how to build and monetize your home gym affiliate website.

On top of all that, you are part of the most active, most knowledgable, most helpful community of affiliate marketers in the world.

If this is your first time build a home gym affiliate website, that's fine! There are thousands of members active daily here who can help you when you get stuck. Rather than fiddle around with disorganized Facebook groups, or wait days for a reply to your question on a blog post or YouTube video out in the wild, you can get quick answers to your questions so you can make progress on your website at as fast as possible.

Building a successful authority website in any niche isn't "easy", but you are in a much better position than any other out there who doesn't have the support of Wealthy Affiliate in their pocket.

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Great inspiration, Nathaniel!

We've been discussing these changes and the way they are impacting us, too. While many of the changes in life right now may prove quite challenging, some are actually just opportunities, though they may be masked.

Good to see you have found opportunity amid the chaos!

Have a wonderful weekend!

So true! I saw it too and jumped on the bandwagon. I just have a post on my regular niche site for gym equipment. I've tried to bring in things that people are interested in right now. That post gets a lot more traffic than some other pages. Mostly cause I'm leveraging what I'm personally interested in right now. If I am looking for it, others probably are too.

Thanks for the great post, as usual. :)


I have need to come back to re-read the things you've shared in this post!

The idea of being on top of managing my niche as well as the content does stir up the juices for making progress as a newbie!

I have not missed the boat, in fact I am on it!

How ever reading this post helps me see the value in keeping it simple as a sure way to explode my niche & site!

All the best!

Excellent points you make, Walter.

Well said and I had to laugh at "A 60-year-old grandma trying to lose weight because she's prediabetic is a way different type of person from a 400lb gamer who's trying to lose weight because he wants to get a hot girlfriend. " you couldn't have said it better.
It`s true there will be many people trying to build websites now for some extra income or because they have lost their income.
Always value your tips.

Change is the only thing which is constant. Ask anyone who used to work in a traditional print publishing business. Go back 30 years and look at the dominant media of the day: Television. Ask any newspaper publisher what happened to their ad revenues after TV came along. What happened to the local classified section of your newspaper after craigslist? Change is constant. Get used to it. It's only going to happen at a faster rate from here on.

Well said, Mark!

It's tough, but you gotta roll with the punches when it comes to business. I'm slowly figuring out that if you stand still in the world of business, people pass you up, and you get left behind.

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