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Last Update: Apr 20, 2018

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Today, my ex-colleague sent me an article about issues related to privacy and security of information. The beginning of the article was very informative and engaging. Later, the content turned to politics and politicians. It was unexpected and very disappointing.

All my professional life, I was dealing with technology: developing, adopting, and implementing solutions in industry and education. I have developed several college programs related to cyber security, interactive multimedia, and business solutions.

It was a great feeling and encouragement to work on projects which served community and the country.

And now? It seems that technology became a massive tool (I don’t want to use the term -weapon) in the hands of politicians. And they are using technology or technology-related issues to fight political battles. Recently, I have discovered that there is an online Journal on Information Technology & Politics. Wow! How far it gets.

Technology should serve people, make their life more comfortable, safe, interesting, and efficient. Can it stay this way?

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It's unfortunate Nadja, that like all good things in life, technology has lately been abused by the wrong people and for the wrong reasons. Anything that is Great will always have its flip-side, that is unfortunate but the reality.

Let's focus on the good and continue to use technology to help our businesses and help others.

Well stated.

Yes, I agree... We have to work promoting, implementing and supporting things which make our life better. And the technology has unlimited potential.
Thank you for stopping by.

People, we all have our opinions but maybe as far as politics is concerned it may be better discussed on other Social Media platforms rather than here on WA. The ONE thing I like most about this community of ours is that were all different yet we come together to help each other. I just don't want to see us be divided like I see happening on other sites (You know which ones!) and politics can do just that.

I understand, I can see your concern, and you may be right. But we're not arguing, we're just exchanging thoughts that these days that are just "out there," and it behooves us to be aware of them. Not suggesting we solve these problems here, but if we stop exchanging views because of censorship, that'd another thing. It's also good to know what's going on, after all it affected Nadja, and I'd be remiss if I didn't empathize with her thoughts. It might affect us here as well, who knows? It's good to keep a skeptical attitude. But that's as far as it goes, I'm not trying to start a revolution.

I do understand I'm not saying you are trying to start one, I have seen on certain media platforms issues turn into arguments but I can see that the people here at WA are not into that there's a more mature group here that is above that sort of thing. My apologies.

No apologies necessary. We're all in the same boat here, but I appreciate your sensitive reply. Thanks.

Your welcome and I do agree that we have a responsibility to use technology wisely. If we learn from the past, then we will use it correctly.

It was not about the content of politics, it is about technology... I don't do politics at all... We don't discuss political issues, it is about technology and use of it. Most of my posts are about technology.
Sorry, if it sounded political... Anyway, thank you for your contribution.

No, don't worry, I had taken that out of context and thought it was Political. It is true and I fully agree with you, technology is being used more by politicians these days, and we all have a responsibility to use it wisely. Jim

Unfortunately politicians never seem to mind how they contact you or why. I just block them as I am not interested in their propoganda.


I agree it is better to stay away... This is what I do in my life.

Yes, and we must harness that disappointment, which I also feel, and use that energy to fight back. It's all about us, the people. If we forget that, then we're just going to be living in a version of "1984," the dystopian novel about state terrorism. I think there's hope, so long as we stay conscious and not sleepwalk our way through all the turnstiles these people want us to go through. We need to fight to be free!

Thank for the comment. We have to keep our constructive and conscious approach to our business. We have to minimize the negative impact of technology on the society. And it happens if an excellent tool is in wrong hands.

I really understand how disappointed you must feel.I agree, technology should be for the people.

Thank you for the comment. Yes, I agree... We want to see technology helping people.

I couldn't agree more. Very sad.But we can't do without technology.We only can hope and pray for wisdom to those who use it.

Thank you very much for your contribution. We can get from technology so many good things... and not allow to use it for wrong reasons.


Sad story. We live in a crazy and challenging world. But they say, what goes around comes around.

Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. Our life in the 21st century is very challenging. But we need to focus on a constructive and conscious approach to technology to make sure it helps and supports people.

That’s very true. Focus is key

Unfortunately it seems that everything seems to turn to being political corrected Ness or involvement! Or religion. This , I believe comes from many now awakening to the truths and to what one holds true within themselves! We are going through a deep transformative time both as a collective and individual and if something doest feel right or sit right then it will be mentioned no matter what the subject. We are all at a different area in our walk of life in understanding, relating, selflessness etc,. It makes it a non boring Life.


Dear Suzanne,
Thank you for stopping by and your valuable contribution to the discussion. I agree we live in very challenging times and by making one step aside, we enter different territories.
You pointed out a very important and complex issue - transformation, it touches all sides of our lives, private and business.

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