My first $1,100 dollar day!

Last Update: August 03, 2013

I'm approaching my 3rd month being a member of wealthy affiliate and out of the blue I get a call from a lady that needs hardwood flooring installed at her house.

She left a message saying that she got my number from my website.

Let me start with a little explanation. When I started at Wealthy Affiliate I built a super quick website explaining that I am an experienced contractor that is new to the area and wanted to bring my business closer to my new home. Currently I have A contracting business that is flourishing in a town that is about a hour away. The commute has been killing me and efficiency is important to me so spending 12 hours a week in the car is definitely not the best use of my time.

So my super quick website explained my circumstance and my desire to specialize my skill only installing hardwood flooring close to home.

Then it happened I got the call, went out on the estimate and I sold the job. The job sold for $1100 dollars and will take about a day to complete.

Not to shabby for A website that only has 3 pages "about us, home, and how it works."

Wealthy Affiliate gave me the idea of niche marketing and that's basically what I did. Contracting usually deals with many different types of jobs which requires a great deal of planning. If I can specialize in the services my company offers I will be able to triple my current income this year.

SO if you have services you would like to offer look around w.a. and local marketing wabinars provided by magistudios they are excellent resources.

Take a good look at what you maybe able to offer your area. Chances are you could cash in.



Thank you Wealthy Affiliate community.

My super simple website that took 1 hour to create.

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RubySunsets Premium
That's amazing!! Congratulations on your successes! That is not bad at all = )
rocktivity Premium
Yeah, and multiply that 12 hours a week by the price of a gallon of gas these days. Hope this is the start of something big!
mschneeder Premium
No kidding, last months fuel cost was $800 smackers. Thanks for the well wishes!
AnnieB Premium
Excellent news Mike. I'm very happy for you. You are off and running now!
mschneeder Premium
Thanks Annie.
Kyle Premium
Awesome stuff Mike, these are the stories I love to hear! Congrats on your new client, the local aspect does work and will continue to lead to more and more business with you. You may even want to consider building out your local presence going forward or even consider offering your local services to other companies (perhaps not your competition though lol).

Again, congrats man!
mschneeder Premium
Thanks Kyle, things are going swimmingly so far. I couldn't have done it without you or the community. I am excited for what the future brings.
Next step making money in my underpants! Thanks again for everything.
Rick Jantz Premium
Great job and congratulations. Make sure you check out Jay's Wabinars about local marketing, might be a nice fit for you. Good thing for all of us to remember.
mschneeder Premium
Thanks Rick, Jay's wabinars were a big help. He is a wonderful resource.