Vegas 2018: Wow. Just WOW.


So this was my first time going to Vegas...and first time going to the US...for the WA conference…

My wife, Misa, tagged along and we had the best time ever...memories for life from start to finish. Hard to describe the whole experience by words, but I will try :)

The conference officially started on Monday 5 February with an evening meet and greet. As we were traveling from central Europe (=long flight and 9 hours time difference), we flew in the night before.

Our journey started in Prague on Sunday morning local time (midnight Vegas time lol). There are no direct flights from Prague so we had a 7hr layover in Copenhagen. Luckily they have their airport very close to the city centre so we jumped on the underground and went for a short exploration of Hans Christian Andersen’s home town. We saw a few castles and went for a tower excursion with a 360 degree view over the city.

What we liked most though (despite the cold weather and snow) was Nyhavn. Coincidentally ranked #1 on tripadvisor among things to do in Copenhagen. If you google Copenhagen images, most of them are from Nyhavn...a harbor surrounded by colorful buildings.

In the evening we boarded our 11hr flight on a Boeing 787 dreamliner (very nice and comfortable airplane despite flying with a low cost airline). A funny fact...all non-US citizens were interviewed at the airport (despite having ESTAs approved) to determine if they’ll be let into the country. This included us and we were asked about our work, sources of income, plans in US, where we’re staying, etc. Luckily this went fine and we were approved.

Around 9pm local time, we landed in Las Vegas. Took a bit of time to get out of the airport (lines, finger printing, etc). But the airport is super close to the strip, which is really convenient. We got an Uber and our hotel was only a 15 minutes ride away.

Around 11pm we checked in and arrived at our room. Super comfortable and very large (thank you Kyle and Carson). Pretty exhausted as this was 8am Prague time so we did some necessary unpacking and went to bed.

Monday was pretty much all about acclimatization and exploring the hotel (apparently it’s the largest hotel in the US and 3rd largest in the world). After a very unhealthy breakfast lol...we went outside to explore the nearby hotels and sights. The sunny 25 degrees (77 Fahrenheit) was a nice change to the freezing cold back in Europe.

In the evening we had our meet and greet with all other conference attendees in the Skyloft. I must admit, I was really nervous...being here the first time meant I would meet Kyle and Carson and several of the other big names from the WA community face to face for the first time. Everybody were super friendly though and it was a delight to chat over drinks and learn to know the stories of others...were they came from, how they got started with affiliate marketing, etc.

As I was still jet lagged, I went to bed quite early to get some sleep before the group conference next morning.

Tuesday morning we met in the Skylofts again for the first conference session. We reviewed the previous year, discussed issues and opportunities, Kyle and Carson presented plans for 2018 and what is in development and everybody had the chance to provide feedback. I cannot go much into detail on what is coming later this year. But I can tell you that I’m super excited. Honestly I had two ideas, that I thought would make WA beyond awesome...but I thought it’s probably just wishful thinking. However before I even had the chance to present them, Kyle and Carson announced them as part of the new features to be rolled out in 2018. I was blown away!

On Tuesday afternoon I had my 1-on-1 meeting with Kyle and Carson. It was very cool to have a chance to take a deeper look together on my activity, affiliate income and how to improve and optimize my campaigns.

After this, me and Misa walked to the Welcome to Vegas sign, which is a very popular photo point with groups of tourists taking pictures literally 24/7.

In the evening we met up with other conference attendees in the hotel lobby for a surprise activity. There were limousines waiting for us at the hotel and took us to Bellagio, where we first had a drink and then went to the Prime Steakhouse. We tried tons of appetizers and as main course I chose a dry aged prime steak, which was probably the best steak I ever had. End enjoying it in great company and the Bellagio fountains outside...just amazing!

The next day we continued conferencing and discussing all amazing updates for 2018. In between the conference and another evening surprise activity, me and Misa went to the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. I have been to the largest shark aquarium in Europe, located in Budapest...but this one tops it!

Back to the hotel and meeting up with the group. The activity for tonight is Topgolf and tons of food and drinks. Amazing experience...I’m never playing normal golf again as this was super fun :) Views of the High Roller and night time Vegas in the background, 200 yard arena, lots of delicious food and drinks, large screens everywhere, pools, bars...amazing!

On Thursday we had the day off and the plan was to meetup with the group in the evening for a goodbye surprise event. We took advantage of the free day and went to a shopping outlet in Fremont. I got a bunch of gifts and souvenirs for friends back home. But Misa got serious and ended up getting a Lagerfeld handbag, three pairs of shoes and two bags of clothes lol :) The prices were just too good to resist. For example the Lagerfeld handbag was $150 and in Europe it retails for $450-500.

Ok back in the hotel and everybody is anxious to find out what surprise Kyle and Carson have prepared for us. Again, limousines are waiting for us at the hotel and we’re heading in the direction of the Mirage.

We’re escorted to a beautiful Villa, where Kyle and Carson welcome us. This place was simply amazing...indoor and outdoor jacuzzis, swimming pool, fireplace, barbeque, WA branded cornbag games...and remotely controlled toilets. I actually caught myself going there just to play with it lol :)

I later out found out that shortly before us, this Villa was used by Michael Jordan for his birthday party.

A delicious buffet awaits us and as we’re all finishing our dinner, the magician Nick Ivory shows up and starts a very entertaining and fun magic show. Throughout his performance, he engaged everybody and all of us loved him. Best magic show I have been part of so far!

The evening continues with drinks, chatting, corn bag games, celebrating and saying good byes to those leaving the coming day.

Mine and Misa’s flight back is not until Sunday, so we have two extra days. On Friday, we went to the Grand Canyon. A bucket list item for me and it was breathtaking!

On Saturday we went to Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. We especially loved the cute, well trained and funny!

In the evening we went and saw a Cirque du Soleil show. They do several shows in Vegas and we really had a hard time choosing one, but ended up going to Michael Jackson ONE. We were blown away...amazing fantastic show! Misa is a stage actress and singer so she knows a thing or two about performing. In her words “So this is what I call a show! Best one I have ever seen...” :)

This is our last night in Vegas so we took a cab down to the old Vegas - Fremont Street. Wow this has like a complete 180 turn compared to the Strip, where all the over the top and luxury hotels and located. In Fremont, you’ll find all of the old casinos that set the foundation of Vegas as Sin City. Several blocks of the Fremont Street are covered with the largest video screen in the world, projecting a show every hour.

Above us there is also a zipline and there is a stage literally on every block with singers, music bands and artists performing. Amazing experience!

Funnily enough we didn’t do any gambling until the day of our departure. We had a few hours to kill before our flight back home so we went to the Hooter’s casino, as they had the lowest limits on table games lol :) And we enjoyed $5 roulette for quite some time. In the end we actually made a bit of money so went and spent in on slot machines. So in the end we can brag about gambling in Vegas :)

On the airport during our check-in, I bumped into Dennis Wolf aka The Big Bad Wolf. Most of you won’t know him unless you’re into bodybuilding and fitness. Simply said, he is one of the best professional bodybuilders in the world, winner of Arnold Classic and regularly qualifying for Mr Olympia. This guy is HUGE!

Our flight back is pretty smooth with a short layover in Frankfurt. Interestingly I’m not jetlagged at all by the 9hr time difference. Was harder for me to adjust to PST timezone. Usually it’s the other way around :) But granted, I tried not to sleep on the way back and 30 hours without sleep gets oneself really exhausted.

It’s not 3 days since my return back home and looking back, this was definitely one of the best weeks of my life. From start to finish, it was a series of memories for life. And I’m super excited about the future and all the new features WA will be rolling out in the months to come!

I know I want to be in Vegas next year again. I hope to meet you there! I only joined WA in the summer of 2017 and if I could qualify in just a few can you! ;) Let’s do this...let’s make 2018 the best year ever!!!

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Hi Ronnie,
glad to see you made it Las Vegas - and had a fabulous time there.
But since I am Danish, I am even happier to see, you went to Copenhagen as well!! Thank you for sharing.

Hi Stine,

Copenhagen is so beautiful! We actually want to go back in the summer and enjoy more time there exploring the city.

And we completely fell in love with Nyhavn :)

Hi Ronnie, that sounds like a good idea! Let me know if you need any help or advice on things to see and do next time you go.

Thank you! I will definitely do that ;)

You definitely had an experience and a half in Good old Vegas. On our route 66 journey, me and a couple of friends stayed over at the Canyon for 1 night and then Vegas for 2.

And indeed, the Canyon is breathtaking, it's surreal.

But it wasn't enough time in either place - too much to see and do :( lol. So it will be awesome to rock Vegas with you all in 2019!

Lol yeah we stayed for a week and that was not even close to having enough time to explore everything. We still have tons of Vegas things on our list that we didn't get a chance to the High Roller or Stratosphere :)

And of course more shows...we loved the Cirque du Soleil show we saw and want to see all of their shows now :)

So I'm already looking forward to 2019...and it would be great to meeting you there! ;)

Hey, maybe we should ask Kyle to make it a 10-day conference instead ;) lol.

You'll have to try new things in Vegas each year until your lists are ticked off :)

No doubt you're not far from qualifying for the next WA get together in 2019.

haha yeah least I'm motivated to go again next year to tick off more things :)

Awesome! Glad you had such a great time!

Hey Craig, it was amazing! Would be great to meet you there one day too ;)

Great to hear. And cool you had a stopover in Copenhagen - this is where I live:-) Just a small note. Copenhagen is not the home city of Hans Christian Andersen:-). Odense is and that is located around 2 hours from Copenhagen. But Copenhagen is still great:-)

Anyways, nice to hear about your adventures in Vegas. Sounds awesome.

All the best,

Hey Mikael, thanks for reading my post :)

I was told that H.C.A. was born in Odense but lived most of his live in Copenhagen :) Guess it depends on the definition of "home town" lol :)


I guess that is true:-) and all the cities want to be branded as the home town of the celebrities as it is good for tourism:-)

All the best,

LOL yeah that is true indeed :) Anyway, Copenhagen is a very beautiful city and I'm already planning on going back during the summer for a few days at least :)

let me know if you decide to go.

I will do that! :)

Love reading about your trip Ronnie!! Congrats and all the best for 2018 :)

Thank you Natalie! All the best for 2018 to you too ;)

Amazing recap of your trip Ronnie! :)

Now how about that PPC training you were going to show us? LOL

Thank you Grace! :)

Hahaa yes thanks for the reminder...I will work on it! ;)

An experience that gives a super desire.

It was a super experience...hope to see you there next year! ;)

Wow! I like that.
You are a super affiliate now.

You can do it! ;)


Wow you certainly had an awesome time.

It was amazing :) I already miss Vegas :)

Wow, you saw BigBadWolf!

Hahaaa you recognized him?!? That was so funny just bumping into him at the airport :)

So nice to read all those Vegas stories! Thank you for sharing yours and Misa's!

Hi Loes, thank you for reading my post. It really was an amazing trip and we enjoyed every minute :)

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