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March 03, 2018
Hey all,So this guy just joined WA - thing he did was he started posting requests for help repatriating a fund worth millions for a big reward and trying to get members to talk on email...the classic Nigerian letter thing. You can see his message on the top of my WA profile.I have reported him to Kyle already. I sincerely hope that nobody here is stupid enough to fall for this. But figured I better send out a quick warning just in case ;)
February 15, 2018
So this was my first time going to Vegas...and first time going to the US...for the WA conference…My wife, Misa, tagged along and we had the best time ever...memories for life from start to finish. Hard to describe the whole experience by words, but I will try :)The conference officially started on Monday 5 February with an evening meet and greet. As we were traveling from central Europe (=long flight and 9 hours time difference), we flew in the night before.Our journey started in Prague
This is for anybody still hesitant taking Kyle & Carson up on the Black Friday offer. Although the savings are significant (you basically only spend half of what you would pay on the monthly subscription), $299 might still be a lot of money for some of you and can be a significant investment for you to make…I want to share something personal with you…In the past five years, I have spent well over $20k on various make money online courses, programmes, memberships, etc. I only j
Hey guys,I just got back from a week in London, networking and masterminding with some awesome people. And I'm a bit behind on a comprehensive post on how I qualified for Vegas this year. That is still coming...I promise! :)In the meantime, as I just realized I'm hitting pretty consistent $100+ days with WA...I want to get some value out to you guys right now!My tip to you today - connect with your referrals and establish rapport! The free membership is a pretty easy sale. Now what I have notic
October 26, 2017
So this just happened!!! :)Who else is going? Let's connect here and I'm looking forward to meeting you guys in person :)PS - I promised to make a post with tips and advice once I qualify. I will aim to do that in the coming days...stay tuned ;)
September 12, 2017
Finally I got awarded the top 200 rank also. Almost exactly 3 months after I joined WA :) This is an amazing community and I'm glad to be part of it...this award to me means that I'm providing some value and that it's appreciated and that makes me super happy :)
Hi guys,I'm not sharing this to brag. I want this to be an inspiration to all of you that are still struggling and not sure if you'll ever get this affiliate marketing gig to work for yourself. A year ago I was broke and miserable with my self-esteem at an all-time low. Fast forward 12 months and I'm generating a full-time income from affiliate marketing...and now I even won a freakin' car in an affiliate contest :)All you guys, you're in the right place here at WA. The training is amazing and
I decided to write this post in order to manage expectations of those that are new to WA and affiliate marketing in general. I don't know the exact percentages, but I estimate that 80-90% of new Premium members go the free traffic route. They work on building up a quality site and ranking it organically through both on-site ad more importantly off-site SEO techniques.There is a very important thing you need to realize and prepare yourself for mentally if you focus on SEO. It is a long term play
June 29, 2017
Ok so I have read tons of articles and posts about morning routines of successful people. Influencers like Tim Ferriss have featured lots of valuable content and studies about morning routines positively affecting your performance.Do they really work? Well there is only one way to find out...try it out yourself. So that's what I did...A few weeks later I have noticed several positive effects:My sleep quality has improvedMy energy level and focus is more stable during the dayI feel more organize