Site Comments - I struck out BIG time

Last Update: December 08, 2018

Everything was going pretty smoothly in my training. Then came the task of using Site Comments. I clicked on the Websites tab on the right menu, found the Site Comments button and clicked on it. Excellent so far, just like it should be.

Then it all went south. If my crazy journey can help you avoid some pitfalls, it was worth it.

Coming up empty

I clicked on the "Offer Comments" button anticipating the opportunity to comment on someones post. As many of you have experienced, nothing available. Not to worry, WA is a busy place and somebody (or somebodies) beat me to the punch. I'll try again.

Click, click, click... over the next few minutes between other tasks, hoping for an opportunity to present itself. Nothing.

A few hours later, back to check, click... still nothing available. Click, click, click... Oh well, there is still lots to do on other tasks. I'll be back.

The next day, again nothing. Click, click... then it happened. There it was, the opportunity to comment.

Excitement got the best of me

I found myself excited (maybe a little too excited) to be able to take this next step in the training. So I quickly clicked on the "View the website" button (so that it wouldn't magically disappear on me before I had the chance to comment). And there it was, the website I was tasked (and privileged) to comment on.

I read through the post. It was interesting, well laid out and I actually had a connection with the content.

As I get to the bottom of the post, there is the comment section. I fill it in, add my name, my email, my website and click "Submit Comment". Task accomplished. Time to move on. I click out of the website tab and getting back to WA I navigate to my Dashboard ready to move on with some more training.

Wait a minute, something isn't right here...

Leaving one comment, though satisfying, does not complete the required training. And besides, leaving comments is part of the mutual help WA promotes to get things going. So off I went again to the Site Comments page, hoping for another opportunity. And there it was.

But to my surprise, something wasn't right. The comments tracking bar said I had not submitted any comments. But that wasn't true, I did submit a comment (and a good one at that). What happened? Then I paid attention... there it was, plain as day.And if that wasn't enough, there was another instruction in the box "Below":

How in the world had I missed that the first time through?

Following Instructions: or so I thought

With renewed focus, I clicked again on the "View the website" button that had presented itself. Again, a nice looking website, great post and a topic I had experience in. Back I go to the Site Comments page and click in the box "Below" and make sure to put my "comments here".

Proud of having made some progress and of having "figured out" the Site Comments page, I clicked on the green "Submit Comment" button. The screen scrolls up to the top and there you go, a comment finally delivered.

Not so fast, Buster.

Leaving comments can be its own reward. You know that you are helping others make headway in their struggle to get a good site up and running. And it is worth the time and the effort. And when you make a good comment, or a great comment, it's even better.

So off I go to try it again. After a couple of clicks, another website shows up. But, hey, why is my comment count still at ZERO? That's two great comments that haven't been counted now. This is getting annoying. Must be the Site Comments page, I read somewhere that there were some changes made so it must be a glitch in the system as they go to 2.0.

We'll give it one more go and I feel like I am getting into the rhythm, click on the "View the website" button, read the post, check out the website, go back to the Site Comments page, click in the box "Below" and "comment here". Click the green "Submit Button" and... Well Done! The screen scrolls up to the top, task completed.

Slow learner, or not paying attention? (maybe it's easier to blame it on information overload)

When I went back to the Site Comments page a short time later, I noticed that my comment count was still at ZERO. I was beginning to get frustrated. Sure, the first "not counted" comment was my fault, I filled it in on the actual website I was reviewing instead of on the Site Comments page. Guilty, I'm to blame.

But now the other two, that's not on me. That's on WA. Somewhat annoyed of having spent time fulfilling a task that just didn't seem to want to get done, I moved along. At some point WA will fix the glitch and all will be well. And those comments, they were so good, I was proud of them.

Time fixes everything (or at least it clears things up)

After avoiding the Site Comments page for about a week due to frustration and annoyance, I decided to give it another try. As a "substitute" to fulfilling my training, I had spent time on one of the threads answering members call for comments on new posts. It worked well and wasn't complicated, no frustration, no headaches.

Going to the Site Comments page, I am thrilled that on the first try, a website pops up. Now, I am going into this process with my eyes wide open scanning EVERYTHING. I am going to make sure to do everything right this time.

As I scroll down to the comment box, I see something that I had not noticed before... How did I miss this, TWICE? AARGH, looks like the blame falls on me again (and not on WA glitches). When is a guy going to learn?

In goes the email... (the email I've been using for almost everything dealing with comments and other things on my website). RED LIGHTS FLASHING (well not literally - but definitely red text)!!! That email does not work.Grava... what? Never heard of it. This just gets better and better. I'm starting to think they don't want me commenting. But wait, isn't this whole WA thing about training and learning? Whether intentional or not, I am going to get something out of this whole debacle I created for myself.

Training Delivers yet again - (get used to it on WA)

Having literally NO CLUE as to what Gravatar is or means, I scroll up to the top of the page:Need help Mitch? Boy do I ever (and my girls keep reminding me that I need help in more ways than one).

I type in Gravatar, and low and behold, like magic, WA delivers (again):

Here is a link to the training Kyle did:

BUT before you go there... I recommend you go here...

I told you, this is Site Comment task is a training process in and of itself. You need to sign up for a Word Press account (weird I know, since we already use Word Press for our websites, but that is administered through WA). It also looks as though you will need this Word Press account to load the Askimet plugin.

Make sure that you have an email ready to use for this. Remember the training on adding an email for your website (Site Manager --> Site Email). I matched the email for my Gravatar to my New User in Word Press (, Kyle links to this training in his how to create a gravatar training.

Striking Gold - worth the struggle

With my email all set up, I was good to go. You even get to upload a picture.

I must say that things are going much better now that I have completed the necessary steps, and properly followed the instructions. After literally striking out, I have now struck gold.

I am able to use Site Comments to my hearts content and was able to submit 18 comments in less than 24 hours. Once you start commenting, there seems to be an almost endless line of sites to comment on. I am now well on my way to being certified.

Action Point: I recommend you follow these steps

In order to effectively use Site Comments, I would strongly recommend that you follow these steps. If my wonky journey can help you avoid loads of frustrations and discouragement, it was well worth it.

  1. Set up an email you will use with your Word Press and Gravatar accounts
    1. Remember your training (Website, Site Manager, Site Email to create an account)
  2. Get a picture ready that you will want to use with your Gravatar
  3. Get your Word Press account set up using that email
  4. Get your Gravatar account set up using that email
    2. you will be able to add the picture in this step
  5. Go to Site Comments and comment away
    1. Increase Comment opportunities:
      1. click as many "interest topic boxes" found by clicking the Edit My Interests button (located below the Offer Comments box)
      2. only click those you genuinely think you will be able to comment on because Site Comments also tracks the number opportunities you skip over
    2. Once you submit a comment, another opportunity will usually appear
      1. I was able to do 18 comments in less than 24 hours once I got going

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Chrissychix Premium
Love your writing style! Glad you got it all figured out 😂
Mitchguy Premium
Thanks Chrissy.
I'm so glad too. It feels like that task was way more difficult than it needed to be and yet I managed to learn an extra thing or too.
It was nice to find the silver lining around that dark cloud.
Chrissychix Premium
I bet it was!
Cass51 Premium
Thanks for your humour and brutal honesty, enjoyed your blog and thanks for sharing😊
Mitchguy Premium
Thanks Cass,
It got to the point where laughing at myself was no only the best option, it was entirely necessary. My girls had a good chuckle at your comment about the blog.
All the best.
altheone Premium
Interesting Post Mitch. I had some issues before when creating my Gravatar (login to Wordpress again and again) but never on Site Comment. I will give it a try in the next days. Keep you posted. I know that some of the training tutorial is a bit old and some steps need to be revised or added. Have a good one. Al
Mitchguy Premium
Hey Altheone,
I also had some issues with both those steps.
I ended up having to delete my account in both and starting over.
With a clear slate everything went smoothly.
altheone Premium
I see. On my side, I had to create a new password :( That Gravatar thing make it hard for everybody. Seems to be linked to everything, I guess it is more easy to manage/handle. :/
ExpatMark Premium
I think I will work on my website before doing Site Comments, but will bookmark this post. Thanks, you deserve extra points for saving me a lot of time.
Mitchguy Premium
Glad I can help.
I found that it is definitely worth having your website somewhat developed before submitting for comment. At the very least a well developed post so that members have the opportunity to give some better comments.
One thing I did appreciate will doing comments was seeing the variety of style and design being used by the different members. It is a great source of ideas for my own website.
ExpatMark Premium
I agree, reviewing other sites gives me ideas and helps to pay for the monthly dues. I am changing from one on one personal training(offline) to doing it all online so I can travel and reach more clients. Have a great weekend Mitch!
Mitchguy Premium
You too.
Nice to see you refocusing and reaching your goals.
Keep up the good work. It helps motivate the rest of us.
You have a great weekend too.
lonatomx Premium
This is a great post. The Gravatar thing also confused me. Your little list at the bottom is super useful for somebody starting out with Site Comments.

Also, it seems you were very unlucky at the beginning. Sometimes I found the empty page too, but there were requests when I come back a couple hours later.
Mitchguy Premium
Thanks for commenting and I'm glad you think it will help others out.
The No Comments Available seemed to be a problem for a lot of people based on comments I was reading on the message boards.
I find that some days there is almost always something there and other days there is nothing. I think it makes senses based on the ebb and flow of members working on their sites.
I am much more confident in the Site Comments page now, that's for sure.