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You feel it... I know that you do. That sensation of being totally overwhelmed. It can create panic, it can lead to despair, and it can drive you crazy. It is that sensation that you get a couple of months into it that the Wealthy Affiliate training is overwhelming you, and you don't know how to handle it.A Lesson in LearningI remember when I began to learn Spanish. I was visiting some friends for a two hour session three days per week. At first it went well. I was absorbing, I was engaged, and
Does the Wealthy Affiliate strategy work? Oh yes it does!!!You might be thinking that I am going to write about how much money I have made over the last while. But, I am really sorry to disappoint you. On the contrary, I am here to report that I have yet to make one single penny using Wealthy Affiliate.Now you might be confused and wonder why I am stating that the Wealthy Affiliate strategy works. Because it does, and I am shouting it from the virtual rooftops: the Wealthy Affiliate strategy re
My last blog in WA was in December 2018. I cannot really believe that so much time has passed by. It had been so long since I signed in to Wealthy Affiliate that I had to reset my password because I forgot what it was. Sadly for my website, the same holds true, my last post was in December 2018. I totally dropped the ball on this amazing adventure. To those WA friends I left hanging... I am truly sorry. I hope that your 2019 was a great and successful one and I hope to reconnect.A Year of Massi
A few days ago, a member of WA asked me what my strategy was to rise so quickly in the ranks here at Wealthy Affiliate. I referred him to this blog I had written on November 10th, called It was not really one of my goals yet here I am top 200.To this day, I still don't have a strategy (honestly), it is just happening.I guess my advice to any member asking would be this: Don't focus on the rankings, focus on the work. The rankings will come (both in here with Wealthy Affiliate, and out there wit
The Wealthy Affiliate Program mystery deepens. As I continue with the training and continue to complete the tasks, I am discovering things that I was never told about before signing up. I hope that I won't rock the boat too much by revealing some Wealthy Affiliate fine print nobody will tell you about.Fine Print: hidden information in plain sightWhen looking up the definition of fine print, it doesn't really leave a pleasant taste in your mouth. It is widely understood that when someone makes a
This past week, a member of WA left me a message stating that he was following me. When I looked at his bio, I read a statement about him being the only Moroccan at WA. I also had someone share a message on my profile page stating that he had not met anyone else from Nicaragua in WA.And as I think about it, day after day, I am meeting people in WA from different parts of the world. Here is a list of places that I can remember right off the top of my head: Canada, US, UK, El Salvador, New Zealan
When I started the Level 1 Training on October 6, 2018, I was just happy to be learning and doing. As I moved to Level 2 Training, my website started to take shape and began to grow, and I was extremely happy.It never occured to me that I was moving up the WA ranks on a daily basis until one day it surprised me that I wasn't in the 100,000s anymore but I was in the lower 10,000s. Over the next few days I kept an eye on my rank and saw it drop by hundreds at a time. I was surprised at how quickl
Kyle and Carson don't deliver on what they promise.The Wealthy Affiliate training is not what was expected.The WA community is crazy.I think that this is the one and only time that I can say, that I am glad that I've been conned or caught in a scam. As with so many other "opportunities", I signed up to WA thinking, "Well, at least this one is free to try." and, "There is nothing to lose", and when it doesn't deliver, "oh well." and, "Going to be another, been there / done that opportunity."Trut
October 25, 2018
First it was Level 1...Then it was Level 2...Now I've got Level 3... and wow does it ever feel good.It's not just about the certification (though the #3 does look good on the badge).Every accomplishment is it's own reward. It was a little surreal to finally check off the last box on the task list.This level was tough. And I struggled. I learned new concepts, produced lots of new content. There was a lot of new and I feel like I've really ventured off into uncharted territory. In a way, I'm wond
Everything was going pretty smoothly in my training. Then came the task of using Site Comments. I clicked on the Websites tab on the right menu, found the Site Comments button and clicked on it. Excellent so far, just like it should be.Then it all went south. If my crazy journey can help you avoid some pitfalls, it was worth it.Coming up emptyI clicked on the "Offer Comments" button anticipating the opportunity to comment on someones post. As many of you have experienced, nothing available. Not