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Hi my name is Michele. I'm very excited to be here. I'm a new Affiliate Marketer, ready to learn from the best!. My background is





I did a happy father's day yesterday and?

I did a happy father's day yesterday and?

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Getting Started

I tried to do a Happy Father's day Blog yesterday and it wouldnt let me?. I don't get it. It wanted tags so I did my best to figure those out. I'm new to those, but It still sh

You sound overwhelmed and frustrated take a step back and breathe. I know that this can be frustrating but like I said to breathe and clear your mind and have some fun. Then come back and go to work. The blogging part is easy all you have to do is write like you are talking to a friend. Blogging comes easier as time goes on. You are only saying what you would say to a friend instead of talking you are writing it instead. I hope that this helps you out

I'm breathing. Meditation time. Thank you, you so much. My brain gets ahead of the work. I have tons of questions before I get there. Just built my website. It's so awesome but bare. LOL. But I'm gonna go with the flow now and save my questions until I'm in that part of training.

I will keep you posted. You will see me around.


You are so very welcome no problem and please keep me posted and if I can be of any help let me know I will do my best to help you out. Take notes on the video that will help you because you will have something to refer to. Ask as many questions as you like

You actually only need TWO tags, a tag is a one word or word phrase that describes a bit about what your blog post is about. Look at my profile, click on one of my blogs, and near the bottom of my blog, you will see the tags I use in my posts.

I believe you will type the word or phrase then click enter to enter the tag. Or as you type a word, suggestions will come up and you can click one of those too.

Thank you once again Grace. To my rescue again:-) Totally makes sense. I will try again when I have something to write about.

Thanks so much,

You're very welcome :)

Thank you for your thoughts.

Thanks for this question and the answer provided below, was not aware it was three tags always done two.

If you wrote a WA blog it should come up there. You always need 3 tags for a blog to publish. Just find 3 terms that relate to your blog and write them there and click add.

After 3 tags are there, you can press publish and it will or should work out fine.

If you post something as a comment on your profile it won't be seen in the WA blog roll.


ok, Maybe that's what I did wrong:-). Thank you so much. I had a hard time figuring what to put for tags. Those are tricky to me but I know they will fall into place. I'm only at building my website in training. My brain is trying to move to fast probably.

Again, thanks for the reply Steven,

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I need more understanding of keywords?

I need more understanding of keywords?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I'm really having a darn hard time with key words and I have watched the webinars, but I am still a little confused. Here is my situation: I am doing a website that i

Can not really had to the useful comments that you have received.

Thats ok:-) Thanks for just saying something.


I will also add to these very helpful comments you have received Michelle.

Include the same ONE targeted "low hanging fruit" keyword you have targeted in your content as described by Grace (usually a long-tail keyword - a keyword of three words or more) within your:

- Meta Title
- Meta Description (Optional)

If you don't know what a meta title and meta description are, they are what a searcher will see after going a Google search. You see these all the time when you land on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page), but probably don't think of these in this term.

Here is a good example I found what I mean.

I did a Google search typing in "spiritual energy healers" as this is what came up on Google Page 1:

Spiritual Energy Healing – Deborah King
Get your energy flowing with my weekly newsletter. Your First Name* ... LifeForce Energy Healing Resource Pages · Hay House Product Resources. Follow me.

"Spiritual Energy Healing – Deborah King" is the meta title.

Within this meta title the Main keyword "Spiritual Energy Healing" has been incorporated. This is the same keyword the writer would use in their article title, first paragraph, and repeat in your closing paragraph.

"Get your energy flowing..." is the Meta Description, but they did not repeat the keyword here, as this is optional. Google no longer places emphasis for keywords to be included in the meta description for SEO for meta description. You don't need to include it there.

Also notice their URL https://deborahking.com/spiritual-energy-healing/ which includes the same keyword at the end of the URL after .com/ which is also called the "permalink".

The permalink does not have to include your keyword, but this is a good practice and it can also further improve your SEO.

Also note, when you are using WordPress and changing your meta title or meta description, you would do so in an SEO plugin such as All-In-One SEO or Yoast. And when you do so in either,
if your keyword is in your article title the plugin will automatically set it as your permalink.

These are good SEO practices for your keywords, Michelle.

I hope this along with the other comments has helped.


Thank you so much Jetrbby80316. You are very kind to be so detailed like Grace. It's still a little over my head but I'm hoping as I go deeper into training it will get clearer. I do understand some of what you are saying though, and again thank you so much for taking the time to explain with such detail. Not everyone would do that...smiles.


Michelle, copy this comment and the others and save it where you can later retrieve it and find it easily (such as a Word file).

After you finsh some of the training, go back to it - you will say to yourself "A-Ha!", everything will ring through as clear as day!

Also, please call me Kaju.

yes I have bookmarked this page Kaju...what a cool name.

Thanks again doll,

My pleasure!

Hi Michele,

First of all take a deep breath, you're doing fine. :)

Your niche is great, if you want to focus on the 5 areas, that's great too, it just means you'll be building a very big site basically.

Keywords are what we call the words that people use to search for things in Google.

The idea is if you also use the same words that people use to search in Google, then you'll have a better chance of your article showing up on Page 1 search results.

Keywords are the life line for your site as these are the words that will bring traffic to your site.

You certainly do NOT need keywords in your domain name but you can and sometimes it does help with ranking.

The training will show you how to use keywords in your content and you'll be looking for low hanging fruit keywords to use, specifically.

If you are not in Level 2 of the training then it may be confusing at this point.

You are to look for these low hanging fruit keywords and use them to create your content around those keywords.

Each post you write will concentrate only on one of the keywords.

You basically find keywords with:

AVG > 100
QSR < 50

For me, those are the ideal criteria to look for in any keywords. Those criteria will make more sense as. you go through the lessons and use Jaaxy more.

So to get that kind of keyword, yes, it's usually a phrase.

You will find as many keywords as you can.

Each post you write will be tackling only ONE of these keywords on your list.

sample "how to train a dog to sit"

Then you will incorporate that phrase in your title, first paragraph, and then once again near the end of your post.

Title: "3 Easy Steps: How To Train A Dog To Sit" - Always add to the title to make it enticing and reason why people should click on YOUR post on their results page.

First paragraph (within first 160 characters):
"When first getting a new puppy, you will want to learn how to train a dog to sit when he or she is 2 - 4 months old.

I have 3 easy steps below that I'm going to go through with you so you can teach your new puppy...."

Body: anything you want.

Last section of post somewhere:

"If you have learned how to train your dog to sit, then please comment below and let me know of your results!" - or something else, anything that will bring that keyword back into your article.

That's it! :) That's how you use keywords, you can come back to this message later when you get to those lessons.

I hope this helps you understand keywords more. :)

Thank you so much Grace for holding my hand. I'm gonna watch the "Understanding Keywords" webinar AGAIN today, but everything you told me helps a lot!!!! and My site shouldn't be too big. Just some info on each page with posts touching on some of the topics. I will have a directory where they can get a lot of info...my affiliate links will be attached...at least I think so. My brain is way a head of what I even know how to do. It's a vision without having the tools yet:-)

Again, Thank you Grace, your a doll,

PS: I bookmarked this page:-)


You're very welcome Michele, you will understand everything more as you work more on your business. :)

Pick a domain that is simple to remember and makes sense to what you are going to be doing. Think about your "brand" what is it you want people to think of when they hear your name or your website?

Keywords have much more to do with the content you create, and will be the words that a reader enters into a search engine to find exactly what they are looking for.

Guidelines that make your content valuable include: Blogs should be about a specific problem your reader is having. In the introduction let everyone know that this problem will be the subject of this blog post.

Then still in the introduction mention the solution you have. You don't need to go into detail but make it alluring so that they want to read the rest of the post.

The body of the blog will discuss the different benefits of your solution, address any of your reader's questions and ease their mind about how wonderful this decision will be for them.

In conclusion will restate the problem, mention your solution again and include the action you want your reader to take now that your post is finished (CTA- call to action).

That means often you will be using the problem as your keyword phrase, part of your title, and your H2 heading (the first heading after the title). This will get things going nice a simple for you and allow you to add your affiliate links later on when your traffic is consistent.


AWESOME information cramervod. I'm bookmarking this page. Thanks so much for your support. Keywords are confusing.


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I have a dilemma. I need an opinion from the community?

I have a dilemma. I need an opinion from the community?

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Getting Started

Hello, I'm getting ready to build a website and the .com is taken but all it is, is a book Is it bad to pick a .net? Basically your picking the same name as a .com, it's just

Well, one of the key points when it comes to online business is to have a .com domain (based on what many experts say), so I would advice you to work around your name and find a .com variation for it. You can play with your name here as I do whenever I need to do so www.instantdomainsearch.com All the best and please let me know the outcome, cheers!

Thank you. I am sticking with a .com now:-)


There may be a way to work your first name into a .com Misschelle. I did that on two of my sites. A good strategy for .com domain name hoarders!

.net should not be the issue. But your competitor, who owns the .com domain might come after you if the domainnamr is a name that is trademarked or so. I‘m not a lawyer, though, so i‘m not sure if that is something that could really happen. More importantly, I would want to avoid being confused with them by my visitors. What about social media handles (twitter, instagram, facebook)? Are they taken by your competitor as well?

Thank you ChrisDE...GOOD GOOD point...omgosh I would not want to be suid and I bet you it is trademarked because he has been around ALONG time and is well known in the community. So you are probably right. I will now more than likely go with the .com name I have chosen that is Spiritual as well, and it's catchy.

Thank you so much:-)

That was great advice,

I don't think that .net will be a problem but Kyle had said I believe that .org would be better. I would try a .org before a .net but it is up to you I hope this helps you out.

Thank you luv bug. I appreciate the feedback:-)


You are so very welcome

Back in the day the .whatevers were for specific things...org for non profit, com for commerical, net for network providers and so on. Today it's not much of an issue. You can get whatever you want. The trick is to make it stick in your visitors mind. How many times have you been told a non-.com domain name and automatically put .com at the end by mistake? That's a risk you take when you don't get a .com domain but how important that is to you is for you to decide. I prefer to find .coms just because most people expect it. Take this with a grain of salt. My primary domain (for personal use only) is a .net so...

Thank you Merlynmac. That totally helps. I kind of feel like if they go to the .com, they may buy what they have because we are promoting the same thing. You said you do it for personal. This is business so I don't want my searches going to him by mistake. He is a HUGE guru in the spiritual community too. If they get his website by mistake, they will be happy or click away from there. I'm not in that picture at all. I'm still struggling with keywords and Law of Attraction is to broad so I have to have a sub niche and the site I'm talking about is all Law of Attraction.

Glad I could help.

I don't think .net will be a problem but wait for a few more responses.

Thank you JerryMcCoy:-)


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