I almost gave up. Thanks SiteSupport!

Last Update: August 21, 2018

Hi guys,

Some hours ago I was devastated, I thought it was my time to give up.

I decided to migrate from All In One SEO to Yoast SEO because I've read some posts from people who claim Yoast SEO works better.

When I was setting it up, I deactivated the AIO SEO plugin and noticed that the sitemap created by Yoast SEO was not found. I checked it out and got the 404 message.

Not only that, I also got notified about this problem:

I had asked SiteSupport why I couldn't see my sitemaps and before getting a response, I clicked "Deactivate Google Sitemap", since I thought that the sitemap created by Yoast SEO was enough.

Then SiteSupport told me that they had generated a new Sitemap using Google XML Sitemap plugin, so I thought everything was fine.

I started checking out my posts and pages and "bang!", no way to view my published posts or pages. The only thing that appeared was the 404 error message in all my posts and pages, which means that my site was not getting any visitors.

I started searching what was wrong and thought of updating my theme, so that's what I did.

However, the problem was still there. I read that other people had had this problem and that editing the .htaccess file was the solution, so I tried to do that but it said that my site's .htaccess file was not writable...

I told SiteSupport about this issue and it got solved within an hour, so I started feeling better.

I must say that it's amazing how fast they solved this big problem, knowing that there are thousands of people in this community and hundreds that might be having issues like this.

After that, I resubmitted the sitemap and noticed that Google analytics wasn't tracking my site's data, and discovered that I had to install the Google Analytics by MonsterInsights plugin.

That's all. If someone ever has an issue like this, I believe SiteSupport will help you fix it =)

Even though it's too late for me to achieve the goal I had for this year, and there are times that I feel as a complete failure because I've put in the work and not seeing good results, I'm grateful that I still have the opportunity to be in this platform.

Thank you so much,


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EandS2018 Premium
They r awesome
Miren Premium
Right =)
Happy2Learn Premium
well done. Glad you got it fixed.
Miren Premium
Thanks, same here =)
EKaye1 Premium
I am glad SiteSupport were able to sort this headache out for you. You are right, never give up. All the best
Miren Premium
Thank you, best wishes to you too =)
keishalina Premium
Geez! ... what an experience! ...

....thanks so kindly for sharing -- very helpful to know about the 'quirks & quarks' of all this...

...keep moving onward & upward to success, all the best, cheerio .. :)
Miren Premium
Glad that it was helpful to you =) Have an amazing day!
kjdahlin Premium
Hi Miren,

I am so glad you did not give up and you found the problem, once I put something in like a plugin I do not touch it unless update. I am so glad you are rolling again, good luck.

Miren Premium
Thank you Karen, best to you =)