My first blog,always evaluating content, My Total progress with WA that helps you to learn along wit

Last Update: January 14, 2017

Hi everyone,always evaluating content, my blog number one is here to let you learn along with me and to let you know about my goals which are not secret but will help me to keep record of all achievements thanks to the courses on WA site. Please follow along and ask questions if you stuck with anything, this blog is for us all to follow the learning at WA. Follow and learn from here if you have signed up through my affiliate link to become WA member. To your success!

I will keep full progress of my time within WA in this blog since I started as paid member.

This blog has been started on 01 May 2016.

And so it goes like that while on Course 1, Lesson 2

Write down a list of things that you want to accomplish in:

The next 10 days.
The next 30 days.
The next 6 months.
The next year.

And here is what I've written down for these goals.

1. get to the end of Lesson 5 , Course 1

by 11 of May 2016

2. get to the end of course 2, that is a big one as I'm working really slow

by the end of June 2016

once goal is achieved I will underline the date

done later, in the middle of July I think it was, updating on 25/07/2016

3. have very good website built and be at the end of the whole Course series or close to finishing it

by the end of Mar 2017

once goal is achieved I will underline the date

4. have 3 good websites running and receive first income from them

Between Jul 2017 and Sep 2017

once goal is achieved I will underline the date

On 13.05.2016 I'm adding new goals to my progress with Bootcamp

5. Get to the end of course 1 by the end of May 2016.

goal achieved on 21 May, few days before deadline. :)

6. Get to the end of course 2 by the end of June 2016.

slightly late with this one but it is done now on the 9th Jul 2016.

7. Get to the end of course 3 by the end of Nov 2016.

8. Get to the end of course 4 by the end of Dec 2016.

9. Get to the end of course 5 by the end of Mar 2017.

10. Get to the end of course 6 by the end of May 2017.

11. Get to the end of course 7 by the end of Jul 2017.

Wish me good luck,

thanks. :)

all blog updates will go down here making me accountable to achieve and follow my plan, all your support will be much appreciated



1. get to the end of Lesson 5 , Course 1

today finished lesson 4 of 10

got few days left to be on target, first free website built already today.

Today lovely day, I've spent about 3 hours in total on my PC not only on WA site, will try to be more specific and focused on WA only to be more productive.

-- 16:52 reading training: WA Affiliate Bootcamp - Starting Your Foundation (PHASE 1)

-- 17:13 Creating My WA Bootcamp goals :) O yeah !!!


-- 15:51 Will do some work in WA now but having Peter now with me hence I'm limited.

Commented on goals of 2 people doing Bootcamp.


-- 22:23 very little work done today as I'm working 12 h night shift.

just now on lesson 5, course 1. only done it for several minutes.

-- 01:33 still at work, working on the same part of the course while on my tea brake.

-- 05.20 Just completed Lesson 5 in course 1 and going to start today Lesson 6 :)


Is my reward day, taking a day off as one of my goals ( number 1 ) has been achieved. Will go today later on and read Kyle and Carson profiles. That's all, back to work tomorrow.


19.19 Replied to comments on my WA profile and going to work more with training today, will create more intermediate goals so after I achieve one I'll take one day brake, one day brake in a month and I should be fine.

Once a goal is achieved I will underline the date.


Only working short time with the site today , finishing Course 1 Lesson 6.


I didn't do anything today, was away all day at the cliffs on the North sea, place called Old Man of Stoer with light house. Later was doing my new CV as I'm going to apply for new job within my company.


Watching this video now:

The Affiliate Program Walk-through

and I decided to create new goals connected to the Bootcamp.

Adding new goals just now.


done Lesson 7 and 8 from Course 1, progress again! now I have my web page in place and ready to put content on it.


17:20 at work on my tea brake, replied to comment on my profile, read 2 blogs of other users, only reading blogs from people that are ranked below 200.

later will work with WA again once back home from work.


Started working with course 1, Lesson 9

also working with Bootcamp, currently on Course 1, Lesson 2


I read few blogs on WA and realized I still need to work a lot on my mind, proper setting it will allow me to become successful. period, in one of the blogs I read that in order to become rich I need to stop complaining and stop blaming, very valuable information indeed.


Yesterday was my birthday and I decided not to work this day, today I went to Bootcamp course and continued with the course, purchased my first domain with WA so I can say things are progressing, falling behind with consistent work on WA courses despite just started my holiday so I'll be off for the next 10 days. Will really work into putting more time towards progressing with the courses.


I have completed Course 1, also worked on my new web page where I followed what I learned. :)


continued working with Bootcamp, currently on Course 1, Lesson 4, some work on my website done as per course objectives


19:31 Checking my email box for emails from WA, related to new posts, likes, comments, blogs, training, also marking progress within this blog. Made changes to my 'about me' page on my main website.

Will work on Course 2 later.


Working on the Course late evening and is middle of the night hence finishing soon. Working on Course 2 , Lesson 2


00:59 late at night, had great food last night and few drinks, gin and tonic with lemon and ice with my beautiful wife, later I worked on text writing (content ) for my website,

01:24 Just finished Course 2 Lesson 3 :)

Good night


Continued with the courses and site content creating


Working with Course 2 Lesson 5, adding images to my site, also wrote new post on my website.


Today I continue to learn with WA courses, one of the videos I watch just now is this:


Continued to work with Affiliate Bootcamp today and also wrote a new article on my site that you can read here:

Have a nice read and please leave a review of it on my site, thank you. :)


Only read a couple of blogs today and next four days will not be working very much with WA as going back to work for four days again.


I have only worked with WA yesterday for short time at night after my 12 h shift. I have watched this video with interest and practiced a bit of it too: Using the Wordpress Editor Video


Writing new post for my site while at work, I feel great today. :)

The way I'm doing new post is: I write a draft, then small corrections, then I read it out loud and record, then I play it from speakers and record/ convert using messenger, than I copy the text into WP and finally make final corrections and post. :)

Anything that helps.


22:23 Reading people blogs on WA, ordered WA review as I want to have it written professionally, will work another 45 min or so then going to sleep as in the morning I have to get up at 4.35 for work. Things are progressing overall.


23:36 Writing educational article today for my website , just over 1100 words already and nearly finished :)


I keep updating my website with new articles and posts like wealthyaffiliate review. Slowed down with courses and need to get back on the speed but now learning to write good content is one of the top priorities.


Worked with Course 2, done Lesson 6

wrote two comments gaining points and got two comments on my site as requested, checked my 'about me' page this needs to improve as I read good blog about it on WA.


Sunday night, very little work on Sunday night, literally 30 min, considering switching this work off on Sundays as my wife isn't very happy about it.


Most of the day spent in Scottish Mountains, really hot day, nearly 30 deg Celsius, Glen Afric, now at 23:35 only reading few blogs today, tomorrow back to work (my usual job)


Not much has been done again and I do not have an excuse, only read a couple of blogs on WA but working 'in the background' recording valuable audios that will help me with new content for my site. The hardest part of it all is to master my brain.


Read few blogs on WA and replied on them, not much time as at work 12 h night shift :(

also replied to two comments on my site.


Today I commented on few sites, collecting points so I can get feedback for my own site. Also keep reading other people blogs on WA to learn valuable things. :)


I really want to finish writing the WA review as my Bootcamp task but Peter is pulling my hand and crying, he wants to play but I only have about 20 min before I go for my horrible 12h night shift, that is the last one today.


Another day of reading blogs on WA, also reading more from training's section and created list of things to do 6 days a week while working with WA, there is 7 steps to get the work for the day done.


Another week has passed. Sunday is a non working day with my beloved WA site :)


I have posted today new post on my website, read some blogs and tutorials and answered some questions on the live chat, also commented of few pages that members asked for feedback.


Today I wrote short post for my website, also created the list what I need to do with WA on a regular basis. Lots and lots of work needs to be done to start earning money with my website.


trying to follow my list of tasks that needs to get done every day, Mon- Sat.

reading classrooms now.


Thanks to some good advise on WA I'm now going to work more with my business/ website and less with WA ( apart from doing the training ), I will still follow my list of things to do within WA but to lesser extent. Today I wrote 2 new posts for my site.


Today I am reading blogs and training as it was planned, also wrote part of the new post for my website while at work on my tea brakes. Will soon learn on how to write fast and efficient.


Today while at work I have finished writing a post and noticed that site health is getting better. :) Now doing my daily read/response of blog, question and training within WA.


Yet another Sunday, means I have not worked with WA site at all, in fact I didn't do anything at all today on my PC, neither on my Ipad mini, we went to the sea side and seen dolphins today, second time while living in the Scotland.


Reading and replying to blogs,questions and training. :)

This all is making me one step closer to success again. :)


15:19 Already started reading and replying to blogs, questions and posts on WA.


I now understand little more how to work with pages and posts within WP. Wrote another post for my site today and also added a plugin to my WP to be able to change fonts size, need to work on segregating pages and posts on my website.


Today I will only work short time on my website and on WA as at work again and will do as much as I can during my tea brakes. Checked my website today and is now on the 4th page of google, quite happy with it.


While at work tonight I am going to work on my pages and posts within my site, also doing my everyday work here within WA which three main things is to get engaged with reading/ replying to blog/ question / training. I am doing it by checking my mail box and selecting chosen topics from it.


Going through daily routine here at WA. I have learned from the course how to update user name on my site within my posts or pages, this is being explained by Kyle on this part of the course: on this video: How to Create a New User in Wordpress


Done very little again while at work, on each tea brake I have been writing the new article for my site. Done nothing at home as it is Sunday and at home I decided not to work with my site and WA.


00:03 Catching up with yesterday work now, will be working most of the time at night at WA and on my site, some days during the day as well. Lots to do, continue to do the course, work with bootcamp, do daily tasks within WA and manage my site, lots and lots to do.


Worked on my site for a little, learned a couple of good things from Kyle's lesson. My pushbike is fixed now, need to buy wee ride child seat to be able to take Peter on it with me.


Routine work/ tasks done from my list, few days left until the end of the month, need to push on WA classes.


I have been knackered last night after several hours in the mountains, getting up early and second night with 4 hours sleep only, never did anything last night and my monthly target to complete course 2 has been missed.


I have been so tired today last night and was needing sleep so badly, so as a result for the second day I have not done anything, but today catching up, triple my WA activity I need and write a post on my site today to be good again.


I will do my everyday work within WA and also some work on my website. Doing my daily routine work within WA while at work and also writing another post for my site, I need to write a couple of reviews for my site and catch up with my missing goal for the month of June.


Sunday is a day that I take brake from WA, although I do some routine tasks within WA and with my site today as it is a day at work and I want to use my tea brake time productively. :)


Doing my daily tasks within WA, I discovered yesterday that I lost privilege to leave and offer comments on other people sites due to lack of knowledge where I mixed up comments and feedback:

"We're sorry, too many of your previous comments have been reported as spam, being inappropriate, or low quality. You do not have the ability to leave further comments."

Hopefully I will be able to get this right back in the future.


I went into mountains and not worked after I returned home later.


Just doing some daily task work in WA and some work on my site


All day with Peter, trying to do some tasks.


Doing my daily tasks within WA and plan to do some work on the site and return to Bootcamp course as well.


I work every day on my website and learning new things, learned that I need to keep up to 5 plugins on my site hence adding G+ or FB like buttons as a code and plan to create training on this bit here on WA :)


Sunday is the day that I take the rest, will do some basic tasks within WA later while at work on my night shift.


Same daily routine, doing tasks on WA. all my ranking targets well outperformed and 6 months ahead, I need to slow down with it now. Writing and working with my website is daily too.


Kept working on new content for my site and keep improving it in overall, changing pictures, adding featured picture, checking text. Also daily WA routine.


Again on daily WA routine and updating my site and doing Course 3 and Bootcamp.


Worked on improving my blog. I am going to call my website a blog now. Requesting feedback and keep improving.


Watched videos on creating new menu for my blog and got it created, following advise given while blog feedback requested.


Managed to learn last night how to arrange posts and pages and my blog start looking better. Also done my daily routine at WA one of which is posting a link from WA to my twitter and G+ accounts. :) Learning new things every day is a great thing.


Sunday again but as I am at work I still work with WA and my blog, if I was at home I might not do it unless I will be there by myself. I need to start writing more reviews for my blog.


Doing daily tasks within WA while at work, will do some work on the Course later on when back at home after work.


Last night I have learned about WA keyword from Robert training and added couple of good long tail keywords into my blog posts. Today while at work doing my daily routine within WA and also working on my blog.


In the WA course I have learned about updating the links on my blog to pretty links, worked on this last night. Also I keep changing the content on the blog so it is done with all the proper rules. Today I have asked three questions on WA that will help me understand few aspects of becoming successful. :)


Today I am updating my blog, it is hot at night and hard to work as the room is very warm.


It is after 23 already and only now I start working with WA and blog, not much will get done today I suppose but better something than nothing. :)


Some work done on improving the BaMC blog, posts sorted in new menu and started writing new motivation post. Also adding call to action words in posts and pages whenever possible. Things are slowly moving forward. Now also will check for main header image.


Lots of post ideas written down and new post created on the blog, unfinished, header image added, will I keep it? I don't know.


Yesterday, two mini blogs written at WA, success. Going to the shop now to buy meats for barbecue. Now at 22:15 I am at work and doing some work here at WA. Later on will work more, I got dozens of ideas for posts and also want to start building second blog, in Polish this time.


Working on updating my posts and pages, changing content on BaMC blog, improved header image. Next I need to create logo for BaMC. Next month I will be allowed to create training at WA. :)


Today on one of the WA blogs I found this useful tool to scan my site for its security:

Everything looks to be fine :)

I now started to use Google documents to write posts for my BaMC blog, looks to be very useful and friendly tool with its auto save options which I do like a lot. Now back to work. I am trying to implement this one task at a time discipline, also found yesterday on one of the WA blog. What a wealth of knowledge on here we can find.


Today I am going to request another feedback for my BaMC blog and will offer one too, every time I listen to suggestions and continue to implement improvements.


Just now at 01:04 am I am in the process of creating my first training at WA. :)


Learning more about pretty link from this great training: everyone should learn to use it and use it on their blogs. I have been using this plugin for WP for few weeks only but started to use it more and more and also I like it more.


I kept doing my daily tasks within WA, also keep asking for feedback on my blog on frequent basis and made small progress with the course and now on Course 3, Lesson 5. :)


From last night i started using sticky notes in a slightly different way, I create a list of smaller tasks so I am able to accomplish more every day. There is a lot to learn every day.


I am in urgent need to speed up my work with WA course as I have fallen behind the target. Getting better organized with my work on BaMC blog and WA. Often asking for feedback for BaMC and also offering feedback frequently.


Yesterday I started using grammarly so I will now check all my posts and pages with it and make corrections. Yet another thing I have learned about thanks to wonderful WA.


Writing is going to get better with practice and use of proper rules, starting with FAP review on my BaMC blog. :)

Already corrected about me page and copied to google drive, checked with proof read


As it is Sunday I have day off from WA.


Not done much today, only working on proper post writing, sticking to the rules of writing, started writing demo pages for new Polish site, first only working on it as free site.

Need to finish two posts for BaMC blog


Doing daily routine within WA, will try to finish review for BaMC blog today.


Today I have done my first site backup using Filezilla. Now doing my daily tasks within WA. Still no progress with WA course or Bootcamp as blog is waiting for new post with referral link in it but this is unfinished draft. I started building ideas as drafts in my second webpage which is going to be in my mother language.


Not much progress again. I really hope that one day I will stop multitasking.

My ambitions have grown though and very significantly. In the meantime I am learning how to write properly. When all posts and pages are upgraded on BaMC blog to meet these standards I will be better writer.


Two things have been ticked off on my WA subscriptions as I need to reduce the numbers of emails I am getting as no work is getting done on my BaMC blog.


One more thing I have ticked off on my WA page, even less email will be coming into my mailbox. I have finished writing the draft for FAP review and got it published now so I can tick another step in WA training off.


Sunday. I went to Scottish mountains and climbed Ben Hope, the most Northern Munro in Scotland. Nice day we had. Yesterday I checked my blog for broken links using training in WA provided by Loes :)


Other priorities have flown to the surface! I need to start working on new site and new niche, I will keep the BaMC blog to promote WA and other programs to but it will be important to me to start building new site in another niche, apart from what I planned to build Polish site as well. New focus will be on building passive income and that is going to be some very very advanced learning.


There is that much work every day but not enough hours in a day to do everything that I want to do. Also getting confused and overwhelmed with this amount of work. But I will no way give up.


More corrections have been made to BaMC blog and more ideas I have on how to improve the site. Every day I learn something new from WA. Stuck with training and Bootcamp as I do not want to tick something when it hasn't been done.


Not much got done as I am working 12h. Only doing some work on my tea breaks and not all as the sun was good in the last 4 days and I sat outside to get some rays, energy is highly needed as well :)

Keep editing text for new opinion post from draft to live content.


I have continued to revise my posts and adjust BaMC blog to writing rules, leaving people feedback and requesting more comments. Also keep doing work within WA and learning from other people.


Just keep revising BaMC blog for better look and also revising posts and pages, not ready yet to apply for Amazon affiliate as the site does not have full green yet, it is only: ""Site Health is Pretty Good and this is the reason I do not apply for Amazon as of yet hence cant move forward with training but moved one step with Bootcamp and now I am on creating spreadsheets in Google for my reviews. Also corrected my WA review to start using the proper reviews format.


Today is Sunday hence a day off from online work, also traveled to Edinburgh to pick up Kasia and Peter from Airport as they came back from holidays in Poland, then we went to Pawel and I gave him back his Lucifer - corn snake.


Today I started with some work within WA and now onto working with spreadsheets in Google to create formats for BaMC blog reviews and learn in general about working with spreadsheets and to be precise with online tool and for that I used this tutorial

I keep adding daily more favorites in WA


Yesterday I created two training videos and uploaded them on YT, today I am going to create short post for BaMC blog to link to 1 of these YT videos. I just recorded third video for BaMC and BAT. My next video training for BaMC and BAT is going to be about asking a question within WA where I am going to ask about : "how do I become better with my YT videos"


I have just uploaded my third video to YouTube, this time is for WA training:

"Updating blog within Wealthy Affiliate WA training third video 23 Aug 2016"

Now getting ready to ask a question within WA and get it recorded to upload the video to YT the following day.


Last night I have uploaded my fourth video to YT channel. Today I have applied for, now going to do some work within WA and some work with BaMC blog. Just recorded fifth training video for my YT, this time tutorial is about checking text with proofreading software grammarly.


I just uploaded my fifth training video from BaMC and BAT to video to YT,

"How to check your text for mistakes and proofreading". Now going to create sixth video training on how to make copy of post to Google docs.


Today I recorded very short 2:52m, 7th video for YT and will also upload to VIMEO as learnt from one of these training's:


Today is Sunday and I'm going to take day off work online but it doesn't come easy. I really want to get things moving.


I have recorded yesterday another very short video for my YT channel, today I will be uploading to YT 3 short training videos that I recorded within the last few days. Now slowly getting better with my YT videos.


Very poor day today in terms of performance, nearly nothing got done, only doing some work now within WA, nothing on BaMC blog. Just checked my YT videos for title and description, all latest Better Affiliate Training videos had also BaMC link added on the very top of every video description.


I have just uploaded my 6th and 7th training videos to YT. Also worked a little within WA. I have edited one of the BaMC posts to include Amazon link to product so could finally make a tick on Course 3, Lesson 5, I'm well behind with WA courses. Just recorded new video for YT, 2 videos to upload left now.


I dont expect getting much done today at all, just doing some routine work within WA, very little, all day with Peter hence no time really to do any work. I learn how to write and I am not in rush to write daily as well, I learn how to write for passion not for money. I had to update one of the categories on my WP blog and found this helpful tutorial on how to do this:


Started working early in the morning today, updating posts and pages, checking categories, adding feautured pictures. Also doing some rutine work within WA like answering question, reading blog, etc. Will try to move today on with WA training.


Today I'm mainly doing some activities within WA and also done some writing in the morning of my new long draft post for BaMC and BAT blog. :) Enjoy your Saturday everyone :) I want to watch this training when I find time for it:

I keep modifying my posts and pages on BaMC and BAT blog and today I've added a link to this always evaluating content blog on my WA profile. I've also added link to 10 Better Affiliate Training YT video where I shortly mention about my rank on WA. Here is the link that I have placed on BaMC and BAT about me page, this link has been created with Pretty Link that I have installed on BaMC and BAT to track links activities. :) So yes I keep working and trying to create a good resources for all WA members that struggle with moving forward at any given point and for all people that can join from my WA referral link in the future.


I now go through my pages and posts and add affiliate disclosure on top of every post/ page whenever this is needed. I do it in a form of a picture on the very top of page/post.

My video number 8 has to be updated and I have just recorded new one, it is about : how to update a tagline on WordPress blog. I also updated my list of things to check on my pages and posts. Progress. :)


I have changed my site tag today and some work within WA, not very much at all I'm afraid. :(


This is training that I need to watch in whole to learn about cleaning the site. Again not much done, working on new review which is in draft at the moment.


I have uploaded today 8th Better Affiliate Training about updating wordpress site tagline


Post about using a timer on BaMC and BAT, this can be searched on BaMC and BAT by searching word timer if you wish to do it, this post got updated with another product from Amazon and I'm going to send traffic to it from BING for which I will use their free 75 Pounds advertising offer.


I'm so well behind with all my targets with WA course so I've changed the deadlines like 6 months ahead, no worries, learning that much everyday so cant consume it all.

Today planned to create site map. Created account for ads in bing but dont know how to use my coupon code for ads for free worth 75 pounds, campaign built just need to learn how to apply this coupon, support ticket sent. Learning to write is priority. I understood that I need to keep creating content so I keep writing draft posts and modify them frequently. Along this I trade on binary options, forex market, on my days off with Peter most of the time and working days are long 12 h shifts, this must come to an end one day. Very late in the day, just finished bottle of Scotch Malt Whisky Old Puteney with my friend, he brought a bottle as it is Kasia's 40 birthday. :) If you want to see the empty bottle go to my FB wall and you can see it there :)

Now I installed these two plugins into my WordPress BaMC blog: from this Wa training:

and the other one is from this training:

Time to ad a site map to my BaMC and BAT blog :)


I not even supposed to be working online today as it is Saturday and also Kasia's 40 birthday. I went with Peter to Nairn beach, we had great fun. I have now submitted the map to bing and Google tools and now listening to podcast and editing posts within BaMC and BAT blog. I have just uploaded this social plugin to my WP as shown in this training and now setting it up.


Yet another Sunday, we went to the Nairn beach today, it was nice. Peter fell into the sea water and was coming back home without trousers. Now I'm doing some work within WA and my blog while at my tea brakes at work. Asked a question earlier on to Bing ads team about my new ad campaign where they have given me 75 pounds to use for free and the campaign is live now using 5 pounds every day. Also had asked a question about Bing crawling errors on my BaMC blog here at WA but answers were not that clear, I will just move on and leave things as they are as I only get 301 error which does not seem to be affecting BaMC blog rating to much. At least I hope it doesn't.


I have uploaded to YT new tutorial on how to transfer CPC from Vizionary wallet to Capripay Wallet, this video can be seen here:

I have also at the time of the creation this PrettyLink recorded another video for my YT BaMC and BAT Training series. :)


I have worked on editing this review for BaMC, nothing has been posted on there for weeks now, just the editions happen really, difficult to find enough time to write regularly but as long as I keep doing something it is fine.


Hmmm, kept editing adfly review and worked for few min at WA. Work prevented to do much online work.


Just recorded my 12 BaMC and BAT video training about how to Search in Google.


Recorded 13th BaMC and BAT training video about how to add Google+ badge to your Wordpress sidebar on your blog. Also edited two old posts on BaMC and BAT and added some information there, on one I Have added affiliate disclosure and referral link from Clickbank, this is the first Clickbank link on BaMC and BAT blog :) Also edited site tag as this what I'm now doing every day for my readers. I've aslo added this Google+ badge now to my BaMC and BAT blog sidebar :) I'm now working on editing more content on the blog and also doing some routine work within WA.


I have signed up today to another affiliate network:

and also signed up to


weather I'm going to use it and how and when I don't know


Yesterday I kept updating posts and pages within BaMC and BAT , learned about the need to use split testing and understood that I do need to do Headline split testing, also worked a little on WA to keep up my rank, I do not want to become an ambassador, this was never my intention, I want to create new training though to earn $ from WA itself. I want to create earning chart and present it to the whole World !

Today I want to write new post but weather I will do it or no is a question mark, Clicking through tabs on my Firefox browser as many things is to be done, Peter sleeps now hence about 1.5 h work online I can do. I am now becoming clearer and clearer on what is my WHY and also wrote it down in new Word document, I am well behind the original dead lines for my progress with WA but nearly ready to move on after many weeks of not progressing higher, it is over 4 months since I signed up to WA, I want to stay to see these guys prosper and their business to progress and advance, I mean here not only Kyle and Carson but many successful members too. :)

I have also signed up to today and trying to figure out this business as well.

I will be adding a banner to my side bar on BaMC and BAT blog. Sign up to this white label business through my link please :


Only worked on updating review for the BaMC and BAT blog and little routine work in WA


My adfly review is now nearly ready, going to publish it tonight.


Finally my Adfly review got published and I have moved on to Course 3, Lesson 7.

I learned few things today about building an authority site watching late night webinar and also will apply some of the strategies learned. Today I'll keep writing my article about advertising on Facebook. :)


I'm now in process of writing new article for BaMC and BAT blog.


Friday, some very little work done on changing the draft for new article on BaMC and BAT.


Nothing has happened on Sat and Sunday 25th as we were busy celebrating Kasia's 40th.




I have purchased an affiliate blueprint from Authorityhacker and going to learn from them about proper profitable site building. I will gradually apply what I learn from their sites and transfer these elements across to BaMC and BAT.

In my @ on BaMC and BAT I need to check and write here in the blog about this new affiliate program that I joined. In the authorityhacker they teach how to look for new affiliate programs and stressing out the necessary research in this part of business for better commissions. Apologies to BaMC and BAT readers for not updating site tag in the last two days.


I will continue writing today the draft post for BaMC and BAT about having the Facebook page and getting leads through that. Also today I've recorded my 13th BaMC and BAT video training for YouTube about how to promote website for free. Now, while at work I continue to write and edit this newest draft post.


I'll keep updating draft post about Facebook Fan Pages later on at work on my 12h night shift, now I've worked at WA.

After about 5 months since joining I have created my welcome messages in WA for new members that will join from my link. :)

Now I'm ready to start getting signups.


Getting to editing the draft for new post. From WA I've learned few new things about important things for website to have on. Will soon apply this knowledge.


This blog gets really long now as I progress with WA journey and my daily posting here. I keep learning new things, just now learning about what authority site is. Also want to keep editing my draft post about Facebook Fan Page and publish it tomorrow. I just learned one important thing from one of Jay's video training's,

"write more content than you read"

Cool :)


Very little work got done, very few minutes spent in WA, busy with Peter for most of the day. Planning to write post about authority site.


Sunday is here again and I'm most of the day with Peter hence very little work got done again, moving on with the course and managed to put few ticks on course and couple on Bootcamp. I have asked new question in WA regarding adsense network.


Just after midnight, very first minutes of Monday and I want to write a post about Kohlrabi for my BaMC and BAC blog. Had problems with my Firefox browser and it took me long to fix it.


Published one recorded earlier video to my YT channel today, this is its description:

Hi, everyone, Marek here from BaMC and BAT and welcome to my #11Better Affiliate Training. From this video you will learn how to ad a pretty link in Wordpress, If you found this video helpful please like, share, comment and subscribe below the video, all these actions are appreciated. Believe in Yourself and Become Better Affiliate! Marek from BaMC and BAT. Last night I wrote very short post about carlabi, vegetable.


Doing some daily tasks within WA, learned just now from Slack, entrepreLifestyle group that posting once a day is the thing that need to be done. Well, for now I'm trying to post once every 7 days, if I will be doing that, I'll be on good way to start writing once a day :)

I'm going to become a writer. :)

Most of the days I also trade on binary options and looking to develop my own strategy and give signals for free on my BaMC and BAT blog, this is going to be insane. Soon there will be new ads on BaMC and BAT blog, just signed up with : :)

adding information on 25/11/2016 - I got rejected from infolinks unfortunately. :(


Today I started creating new draft post about creating an authority site. Also visited to learn about backlinks, I need to do it more often and also from them I can learn about driving a traffic to my content.


I keep editing my new post about creating an authority blog, soon wold like to start doing more of social media promotion, like Pinterest and Instagram and also twitter and Facebook. I'm getting excited and motivated after watching another Jay's video and applying the knowledge.


Just kept writing the new draft post today.


Sunday and I'm spending most of the day with Peter. Not done much if anything at all.


I checked few of my posts and corrected some, should be finishing my newest post draft but done other things instead, nothing big, just some work within WA and little on BaMC and BAT, only now working again as it's late at night. Got refused for one of the substitutes that I wanted to use on my blog for ads instead of google adwords of which I'm banned too :( will have to check for another one soon to be able to place ads on my site, planning to ad email form to my blog from mailchimp, this will be completely new to me.I started using today this tool from them : which provides traffic for the blog, up to 4 URL's I can add I was told.


I could only spent about 2 hours at the computer for the whole day as was with Peter from 8 am until 10 pm so nearly nothing got done.


Nothing got done again as I was with Peter all day, after 13 hours on average with 2 year old I'm completely exhausted hence unable to do any work at all with my business.


Again the same story as previous day, I either work or have days off, when I have days off I'm with Peter for the whole day.


Day three at work, night, I should say, anyway I'm only doing very little work while on my tea brakes, revising new post which is still in draft mode, post about authority site, also doing some other corrections with permalinks and fonts. Researching keywords for my next review, about ClixSense it's going to be.


Another day of being here and there and everywhere but not getting the thing done, lack of focus on one topic is a real pain for me.


Work will be finished in the middle of the night and my days off are coming, unfortunately it doesn't mean I'll be able to do much work online as the next 4 days Ill be with Peter. But as I progress with learning I can smell and imagine the money coming in from this work in the future, yesterday I read in WA about a couple that had to wait about 7 months for their first money to earn, I would imagine it might be even longer for me but that would not put me off from achieving success.


I need to accept the fact that I cannot work online for anymore than an hour in the morning if get up early enough which means I can only get 5 hours sleep on average and I'm exhausted for most of the time and also couple of hours at night after Peter goes to sleep, also an hour during the day when Peter sleeps but there are other things that need to get done as well. I wish I could work 8 - 9 hours a day on my business.


It's just after midnight, first hour of Tue and I'm checking BaMC and BAC blog for issues with penalties from Google with this link:

and the result is motivating: looks OK!

Planning to buy premium theme for BaMC and BAT so there will be lots of work afterwards. Will need this link which I just created to promote WA domains:



20/10/2016 .....

21/10/2016 ......

22/10/2016 Last 4 days I have not done anything, was busy with Peter. Also I want to buy paid theme first before I continue, will see how things are going to work.


I'm in the process of looking for paid WorPress theme, once I have that in place I'll resume work within BaMC and BAT. :)

24/10/2016 ......


Still looking for premium theme and will take it from there.






Hate these unproductive days, nothing happened again in the last two days as I was with Peter and so tired that have done nothing, just about to purchase my first premium theme, have a look:

and the price is :

Order Details

Rise - Single Site License

Product: $49.00 VAT/tax: United Kingdom E-Service (20%) $9.80 TOTAL: $58.80

Also considering this one:

but it's slightly more expensive:

Order Summary

Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme




Total: $72.00


I have now purchased my first paid theme and it is Avada, now there is a lot of work on the BaMC and BAT blog to get it looking best.


Looks like its going to be weeks and months before I have full understanding of my new premium theme.


Basically what is happening now, I'm trying to adjust my blog to the new paid theme.


Turned out that Avada theme after installing on my WordPress completely paralyzed editor and I'm stuck. Support ticket sent.


WA site support resolved the problem with slow editor and I can work again on BaMC and BAT blog.






Everything moves much slower than I initially thought, never mind, I'll not give up.

Last two days not much got done as I'm with Peter for most of my off work time. Today I managed to upload two training's videos to YouTube of which one has been waiting for over a month and needs to be used for one of BaMC and BAT posts.

Basically now all posts and pages need to be checked again for my writing rules and also rebuild with the use of new paid theme functions, lots to do as you can imagine.


Managed to upload third training video to YT last night, today I begin post and page editing and also creating couple of new posts in the meantime, will try my best to edit one post/ page a day and there is :

has happened already, next I will edit draft post on BaMC about posting rules and then this page will be checked finally by following rules in this new post.


Just kept updating BaMC and BAT, seems taking forever.


I left several feedback's on WA members pages as they requested.


Only updating and creating new draft posts for my site as working all day long.


All looks to be stalled, I'm exhausted and very busy and very unproductive. I have found another website where I could buy content for my blog and looks like prices are very low there. I might be buying some articles there in the future.


Today I will continue to edit my draft articles and work with other aspects of BaMC and BAT. I know that MMO niche is one of the most competitive out there and it will be very hard to make it stand out from the crowd.


BaMC and BAT is in terrible state, no traffic, no proper post/ page structure and site is very slow, tested it yesterday with two online tools and the results were very bad, lot to work on. I have created a training tutorial in WA and it can be found here:


I'm going to create another WA tutorial today, my site is not going to be worked on today apart from two wee touches I've done on it earlier on.


I continue to work editing these two draft posts and its taking ages to complete, no progress with WA course at all for weeks.


New tutorial in WA has been created, very little work done today on BaMC and BAT and some work done in WA. Also keep learning Avada theme options to make my posts and pages look spot on.


Several minutes of work in WA and the rest would be work on BaMC and BAT during my tea brakes later on at work.


Not much happened today, I am only having some activity in WA and would probably not do anything in BaMC and BAT but my energy levels are revised and I made notes on what needs to be done in the future. Two of my last two draft posts should be ready to publish soon.


I continued to do work with BaMC and BAT for the next two days working with Avada theme options.


. . . . .


. . . . .

This is how my footer looks now:

I keep testing various options.

Here is the current one :

and there is banner on side bar as well:


Not done anything as I was with Peter today.


Today I'm at work and only doing very little work, some within WA and that's it. :)


I'm at work today again and will edit my draft post later on.


Finally one of the draft posts I was working on got completed and published,

here it is:


Now I'm moving onto editing other posts and pages in order to speed up the site, all posts and pages are also going to be checked for containing all elements as described in this newly published post which is going to be one of the pillar articles on BaMC and BAT.

Also all images needs to get optimized and few other errors has to be sorted out to get the speeds that the site needs.


Today I'm working on editing posts and pages and also need to work on the new draft post to make it ready for publishing, creating posts and pages takes ages while I still learn how to create perfect post.

This all is getting done during my tea brakes at work as this is my forth and last working day, despite I'm off tomorrow I might be with Peter all day if Kasia goes to work but if doesn't work tomorrow then I want to go to the mountains and climb a Munro possibly, they are all covered in snow already.


One of my best buys today, one day after Black Friday sell but the sell is still on , I knew I will want to buy something and premium themes were my interest. I went to see the offer on elegant theme website as this is what I've heard is one of the theme makers worth my attention and I bought lifetime access, this will give me work for the rest of my life.


I've only looked for the second time through all these amazing products I bought on Black Friday day. Not been even doing any work on BaMC and BAT as thinking about the next domains that the new themes are going to be used on.


Today I decided what is going to be the next domain and also will try to buy it today.


Today i purchased new domain, my second website will be about natural cures and it will be in Polish language.


Not much happened today, I'm trying to see if the domain I've purchased has been moved to WA, never done it before hence not sure how to move it over. Done some work with categories on BaMC and BAT today.


New domain still hasn't been transferred, only worked intermittent for short time and during my tea breaks at work, not progressing much really.


Today I received T Harv Eker Millionaire mind book, hope to read it by the end of the year and let it make a leap in my life, well with my help of course.


I'm currently making all efforts to make BaMC and BAT loading fast, preferably under 3 seconds and ideally would be 2 seconds.


I'm using today an image optimizing plugin, there is over 200 images in my WordPress that needs to get optimized, doing it right now with the help of EWWW Image Optimizer plugin.


This is becoming very hard, site speed is very low and I cant get it working faster. I've not anything at all today as I've been away to Scottish mountains to get to one of the Munros summit, we had great weather and it was really tiring hence after coming back I've not even sat at the computer at all.


Still trying to figure out how to start managing new domain that I've purchased several days ago.


Site traffic has improved as I deleted some pictures from within WordPress and also deleted several plugins, still room for improvement and I will work more on this aspect soon.


Today we went twice to hospital as Kasia had operation hence nothing got done at all.


Only worked very little today while at work on my tea brakes as after work went to get Peter as Kasia was on the birthday party for the whole night and I attended 2 hours long online webinar about trading the markets.


Sent support ticket to support today as I didn't get any response through general help available to anyone, even non members, site support responded very quick and now my new website is ready to start building.


Just some very little work I've done today within WA. Also BaMC and BAT is working faster now and even went up a bit in WA rankings as some plugins have been removed.


Today I've learned from this WA training: how to add contact form in WordPress site and added it to BaMC and BAT also deleted another plugin XML sitemaps but need to verify later if site is properly submitted to BING and Google, I've also installed instead simple CAPTCHA plugin which is needed for the contact form.


Today I'm trying to reduce the number of revisions in WP as there is way to many, will most likely upload a plugin that will do it for me but then want to delete it and make changes to wp-config.php but need to find out how to access it and add this line of code in there.


Couldn't really do nothing all day as was with Peter, now at night trying to get some things done, need to stop multitasking as my up line John from Sweden has said in his last blog, I'll really try hard to stick to it and do one of these things at once although is really hard for me to do it.


Yet another day spent with Peter hence I cant even do any work with my online business, only some very few clicks on WA site late at night when Peter goes to sleep.


I continue to fight BaMC and BAT site speed but still site is extremely slow, will look to outsource to get someone to sort this out for me. I've put an offer for creating two graphic logos and need to pay for them so they will get done.


I'm currently outsourcing for logo creation on BaMC and BAT.


Just some of the routine work have been done today in WA.


I'm making this up on the 26th of Dec as slipped down with updates on this blog post.


I will pay for creation of two logos for my websites, the site they are going to be created at is called Upwork and I offered to pay $19 for these two logos.


Really nothing is changing with my WA course progress and very little is getting done at WA as I'm to concerned w

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betcha Premium
First off, congratulations for plunging into the premium world. You now have all the benefits and all the tools that will enhance your online business. Enjoy your new venture here @ Wealthy Affiliate! You are definitely on the right tract.
And of course, writing down your goals is a very good habit. That will keep you focused on what you are here for. Keep moving onward. I'm looking forward to more of your success stories in the days to come.
minitrio Premium
Thanks for your nice words, please come back from time to time when you have a minute to read my total progress blog,

best regards, Marek
betcha Premium
I sure will, Marek. I'm glad to see how your progress. Keep moving on with what you have already started here @ Wealthy Affiliate and make your dreams come true. With your persistence and dedication, you will achieve your goals faster than you planned!
minitrio Premium
I've read that blog post, thanks a lot :)
Dreamer56 Premium
Hey Marek, It is great that you have your goals set. I am confident that you will do what it takes to reach or excede them. Keep up the good work.
minitrio Premium
Thank you for commenting here. :)
JonStevens Premium
Excellent goals and I wish you the best of luck in reaching them!
minitrio Premium
Thank you Jon. :)
verazhelvis Premium
Good goals.. have you decided on niches yet?I guess the time will depend on what niches you are going to work in...But isn't a year a little bit too long?
minitrio Premium
Thanks for your comments, these are my deadlines which I'll be happy to meet earlier.

My niches are going to be:



Making money online
verazhelvis Premium
Look, I am not an expert at all , but I believe a very long term might demotivate you...Just look at this blog post in case you missed- "2 weeks in and Ranked 1618 on WA"She says she will make money very very soon...I still don't know how it's going to be with me...I am working full time and I am not a technical person, but i will definitely try to make everything quicker...(quicker than a year's time at least... lol)Hope you understand I am kidding...:)
minitrio Premium
I'll make it as fast as possible. Thanks and good luck to you. :)
verazhelvis Premium
oh yes,... And you can check on me too... Every help and friendly push/kick will be appreciated... I am afraid I am a bit on a slow side sometimes...(It's called perfectionism, I am afraid... We don't need to be perfect.. we need to be moving in the right direction)
minitrio Premium
I agree with that Vera. :)
JudeP Premium
Good luck moving forward :)
minitrio Premium
Thank you Jude. :)