Have To Take A Break

Last Update: May 04, 2015

Dear WA Family,

It has been great here on WA. I never imagined I would make it this far on WA. Have not made it as far as I want when it comes to Success on my Website is concerned, but I will never give up thanks to WA and its Community. Sure it is a privilege trying to help others and it is amazing and a surprise ever being an Ambassador, but due to medical issues, I am afraid I will not be online enough to keep the WA Rank that I have. Also not as much time as I want to try and help others as much as I would like to. I have memory issues, but other issues as well. Some that have built up over time since a construction accident I had many years ago. Yes, it is personal, but I try to be as honest with others as I possibly can. Due to my accident, I had much brain damage, have had brain surgery and many other surgeries over the past 24 years. Doctors said I would probably be a Vegetable if I lived, so I guess I am doing pretty good for a Vegetable. LOL! I just wanted everyone to know that if I am not able to answer quickly or am not online enough, it is not because of anything or anyone here on WA. It is just me and medical things not cooperating. I will still try to help as much as I can and be here on WA as much as I can. Just wanted everyone to know that WA Family is great and anyone fortunate enough to find Wealthy Affiliate has found an Awesome Family to help them in their Journey to online Success. I have plans for things to do on my Website in hopes of making it better in Google's eyes, and when I am able to add these things, I hope to be in better condition to share my time and hopefully my help with all here on WA. Just trying to be open and honest with my WA family!

As Always, I Wish Success For All Here On WA!


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suetay Premium
Michael, thank you for sharing so openly.
I truly appreciate you and your willingness to help ever so often.
Just wanna say please take care. Will be praying for your quick recovery and your return online at WA. Have a good rest and please stay in touch if you can.
~ Sue
VenaS Premium
Hello Mdmajm: Thanks very much for the info. Take care of yourself. Very best wishes to you.
sallylane50 Premium
Good luck Michael for your future. Amazing and so honest. Everything will come back to you threefold!!
Ken-Pringle Premium
Michael my friend. You are Awesome.
Being open and honest is good for the soul
and others that you have touched here at WA.
God be with you. I am here to help if I can.
BTW: more than 50 years ago Doctors told me
I had at best 6 months to live. Still here and done a lot.
In 1995 my wife suffered a brain aneurysm
Doctors said if she lived she would be a vegetable.
She went on to get a College. She is just fine.
BeingGreat Premium
Hang in there. I know what it's like to have medical issues.