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Last Update: Nov 30, 2020

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I remember starting at WA asking this question...

Does this actually still work?

I see so many other people asking a variation of this question too.

We can all see that there are clearly some very successful people here. But it's easy to think that these people joined years ago and the training teaches you things that are now out of date.

Well, after a lot of hard work (and it still continues) I can safely say it still works.

Here's how I know it still works...

I committed as a premium member in Nov 2018- two years ago (during Black Friday obvs!)

I tried my hardest to ignore WA and the training for a LONG time.

I don't know why but I just thought I knew better.

After 6 months of doing my own thing I still wasn't seeing any results.

So I got over myself.

And I figured I've paid for the year so I may as well actually follow the training step by step. I started waking up 1 hour earlier each day to work on this as I was still in a full time job.

It was around March 2019 that I really focused on ONE niche and kept writing about this topic.

But it wasn't until later that year that the penny really dropped.

The game changer

It was around August 2019 when I learnt the "secret" thing that helped people to become super successful here.

Roope summed it up in his recent post here.

But to save you some time, here it is...

Publish MORE content.

As in aim to 10x your content production. I didn't manage to 10x my content but just by thinking about "how to do this" I managed to double my content creation.

I made a template that sped up the process a lot.

And to be honest I just got better at writing things that could rank on Google. It is quite laughable at how bad some of my stuff was when I started!!

But there's no way to go through this phase without taking continued action.

By August 2019 I started publishing 5 articles a week and kept this up until April 2020 (when I hired a writer from the Phillipines to publish this amount).

Here's how things have been going.

​Is this hard to do?

Not really.

Was it easy to do this?

Absoultely not.

But there really is no rocket science here.

A year of your life is really not a lot when you think about it in the grand scheme of things. And the way WA can set you up for just ONE year of hard work is insane value.

It's proven methods used by different people from all over the world and it still works today.

The good news for you is that there is still time to grab an annual membership during the Black Friday sale.

Check out the WA Black Friday discount here.

Keep changing for the better,

Mike "do what works" Beatty

P.S. If you're like me you'll wanna see this... here are some money screenshots for proof this actually still works from differnet affiliate/ ads programs I use...

P.P.S. Our daughter turned 4 months today and it's been a blessing to spend so much time with her and my wife over the last few months.

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WOW - I'm so excited about this post - I've been drawn to create my WA affiliate site because I see the possibilities - a year is nothing given the big picture. I love this platform - been a member for 2 years now but got distracted by - who knows - everything and anything. Thanks again.

Haha glad it helped!

Awesome! Couple of questions. The things I write about I feel only I can write about, as that is what makes the website my website and sharing my expertise and opinions on topics I write about. I am perfectly sure it is the same for you. How do you bridge this problem when making use of an outside agency or individual writing articles for you? How much is the cost more or less per article? What is the quality like of the articles written? How do I find a quality writer from let's say the Philippines?

And secondly just wondering what do you use Ezoic for? Do you also use this to speed up your website or is this more to do with helping to optimise Google Adsense ads or something? Not sure I know exactly what Ezoic is utilised for.

Many thanks and once again, many congratulations!

Honestly go through Jerry’s hire a writer training. It will give you all the answers above and more. Much more than I could explain here.

Ezoic is simply an ad network. They have set up the ads for me and it’s been consistently paying $1,000 a month since I did it. They do help with speed too but I found it basically made hardly any difference overall to my site speed (as you will lose speed from placing ads on there)

Wow, so Ezoic pays a heck of a lot more than Adsense then? And then just wondering, when you still had a full time job, how many articles did you manage to get out there per week by yourself?

I just want to get an idea of what is realistic for me in regards to the amount of articles I can/should be able to get out per week, despite a full time job. I also take in consideration the social media aspect that can also be time consuming, plus YouTube inbetween too.

Many thanks!

The only thing with Ezoic, is that if your website is hosted at WA, then it doesn't support Ezoic. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Mike - is your website hosted on WA?)

The only thing with Ezoic, is that if your website is hosted at WA, then it doesn't support Ezoic. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Mike - is your website hosted on WA?)

Very true! I had to move to my hosting. Went with Big Scoots and they’ve been great so far

What a very inspirational post this was, particularly as I am having serious thoughts about whether to continue here, after 2 years, I am due for renewal in January.

This has given me food for thought

Well done to you, I can relate a lot to what you have gone through and are doing

I’ve heard so many people that find success in year 3. It really can be a grind at the start but once you start seeing results, double down!

Oh Mike.... good for you,

I want to be able to do the same by the end of this year...

I have just reduced my day job working hours from full time to 3 days a week (starts in the new year) , this gives me time to ”crack on” with no excuses.
It's a bit of a leap of faith but I can now see with the right application it's doable, my other half is understandably nervous, especially as he might have to pick up the financial slack if it takes longer than my business plan/ envisaged.


Take the dive, Cordelia!

It will be worth it, especially as you have support.
I took the dive as a single-parent, so there is no turning back for me.

Looking forward.

Thank you,
That was just the support I needed.👍
So you took this huge leap of faith and you as a single parent, that's so darned good, I am so chuffed for you, 👏😁, you work so bloody hard its about time you received the benefits for your hard labour,

Roll on 2021 🧹2020 x

You have all the support you need, Cordelia!

Let's plan for that bubbly in 2021. 🙂


It is a huge leap of faith and to be honest, I worry about it a lot! It may seem all rosy with my income reports etc. but you really do need to consider these decisions properly and it's not possible for everyone.

Sit down with your other half and really think about income/ expenses/ how long you can afford to not make anything for.

Go through the "worst case scenario" and how you would feel if this happens.

Start putting things in place now, before you make the decision so you can be prepared for it.

Rooting for you, but do think about your own situation as everyone is different!

Very solid advice, Mike.

I agree with you.
This is a leap of faith and you have to be well prepared to go the distance.

Thank you.

Thanks, Mike,
It is easy to be lulled into the belief that if ”that person did it then I can too” wanting to believe the narrative is simply ”consistency” and if we are then eventually it will pay off.

I like the reasoned approach you have, and yes it can seem rosy with the income reports of both yours and others (here and Income School members, for whom I have huge respect) but even the most successful will tell you that much of the monthly income is reinvested or expenses.

I do need to have the ”courageous” conversation with both myself and with my other half.

Thanks again for The Beatty words of wisdom, I think now and again I do need to question the truth and reality, my motives and if I genuinely have the staying power day in day out...

I think you will have a good 2021 Mike, not least because you have the right mindset and tenacity, I look forward to hearing your progress throughout the year.

As for me... I am unsure how it will play out but I am going ”part time” from Mid January, I hope to goodness 2021 is a good vintage.....🤞

Too right Cordelia! It’s simply not a “one size fits all” thing. There are soooo many ups and downs and I’ve had plenty of times when you’ll question if you’re doing the right thing (if you’re like me anyway!)

I’ve been really tight on expenses to be honest apart from the $400 a month on the writer.

But the plan is to reinvest a lot of this into a new project I’m starting and really treat it like a business, instead of keep working “in the business”.

If this was easy everyone would be doing it!

For sure... If it was as easy (as those you tube adverts tell us) then no one would worry about redundancy, or furloughed.

Thank you 👍

Thank you for being honest


Wow- I’m so moved by your post. I couldn’t agree more with your points.

Sometimes, I might question whether the training works, and whether my “big” days will happen. But your story is another reminder that the WA training works, and that we have to keep writing content.

I always say content is the key to long-term success. We got to keep that in mind as we build our businesses.

I’m so happy for you. Great timing with your young daughter. I hope you get more time to spend with your family. Financial freedom is a thing after all.

Thanks for sharing- keep up the excellent work!



So glad it could help Eric. It’s really not easy at the start. There’s so much to learn and the truth is my content sucked for a long time.

I wasn’t writing things that could actually rank and help people. But there’s no way to get through this stage other than keep taking action and making small improvements over time

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