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To make this simpler I am only going to report from my Make Time Online website (I will ignore our health and wellness website Well Fit Fam).As usual the stats first...SEO traffic- 26,897 (up from 17,129... 60% increase)Pageviews- 42,526 (up from 26,835... 60% increase)New posts- 26 (21 reviews- 14 written by Jomar my amazing new writer I hired using Jerry's amazing training 5Total posts
You see that picture above? Podcasting is super hot right now because you're podcast DOES NOT need to look anything like that!Here's what my podcast looks like...Here are some epic reasons why podcasting is something you should seriously consider:You probably already create content online (just read it and you have a podcast... if you have YouTube just use the audio)You do not need to spend a penny to start a podcastPodcast is sooooooo undervalued and under-used right now (especially comapred t
Let's get straight to the stats then (just for you Derek!)... there's been a 2,733% increase in traffic from Google in 6 months!SEO traffic- 17,129 (up from 6979... over 140% increase)New posts- 17 (12 reviews- 8 written by Jomar my amazing new writer I hired using Jerry's amazing training posts- 252 Words written- not tracked... a lot changed this month and I don't have all the numbersRefs-
Take a few seconds to look at this picture...Now I want you to look carefully at the picture below... who do you see in the picture below?How old would you say the lady is? You probably can see a fashionable young lady around 25 years old with a petite nose.If you were a young single man, you'd probably want to take her out on a date. She probably works as a fashion model somewhere. ---But what if I were to tell you that it's actually a picture of an old haggard lady with a big nose?If you were
If you haven't already, you HAVE to read this post by Gina... 5 Months in: My Slow but STEADY modelLet me quickly introduce you to Gina...In case you haven't already met Gina in the WA community here is a quick intro:She is a full time HR managerA wifeA mother of 3 childrenA property investor in New Zealand (where she lives)She loves all things travel, food, sports, music, hiking, and property development.Simply put... she's one busy lady and pretty time poor!She's been part of Wealthy Affiliat
Just a quick one today...Did you know about this feature in Google Analytics?I've never really paid attention to it to be honest but I just checked who has visited my website from when it started in September 2018...It turns out it's been visited by people in 186 countries...How cool is that?! It only needs to tick off 9 more and it will have literally been in every country in the world. Incredible...Have you ever checked this before? Any idea how many countries your little website has visited?
Wow this month has been a weird one!With the whole world on lockdown with COVID, you may think that more and more people would be interested in starting an online business or learning how to make money from home. But here's what happened to my traffic from Google:This is the first time my traffic has taken a notable dip since it's started growing. It's safe to say this is how I felt at the start of March...My wife and I were supposed to visit Singapore and our parents had booked a week each to
I just wanted to share this great article put together from Kayin (Zerokai)He asked 17 successful WA members this simple question:What are the 3 affiliate marketing tips/advice you have for beginners to help them reach affiliate success?There are some hidden gems in there and he even summarises it at the end. It's amazing how similar the advice is and I wish I had read this when I had started out here at WA!---content deleted---(I've been told that linking to Kayin's post counts as spam... I gu
This is possibly the most important message that I would like to pass onto as many people as possible. Ever heard about having a strong "why" to do something?Well this message is my "why" for everything...First of all I want to start with this...I do not intend to preach or try to come across as someone who knows exactly what's about to happen and...DO NOT TAKE ONE PERSON'S WORD FOR ANYTHING THAT YOU LEARN OR HEAR.That includes mine! Back it up with your own research and take others opinions/ v
So you've probably seen some of the changes going on at WA with their hosting. Here's some of my thoughts on what this really means.First of all what is the change?...Wealthy Affiliate is reducing the number of hosting websites you can access per account from 50 websites (25 own domains/ 25 free domains) to 10 websites (any type).When will this happen?This change is going to happen on Monday 16th March 2020.If you are a premium member before 16th March then you will be "grandfathered" into the