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I just wanted to share this great article put together from Kayin (Zerokai)He asked 17 successful WA members this simple question:What are the 3 affiliate marketing tips/advice you have for beginners to help them reach affiliate success?There are some hidden gems in there and he even summarises it at the end. It's amazing how similar the advice is and I wish I had read this when I had started out here at WA!---content deleted---(I've been told that linking to Kayin's post counts as spam... I gu
This is possibly the most important message that I would like to pass onto as many people as possible. Ever heard about having a strong "why" to do something?Well this message is my "why" for everything...First of all I want to start with this...I do not intend to preach or try to come across as someone who knows exactly what's about to happen and...DO NOT TAKE ONE PERSON'S WORD FOR ANYTHING THAT YOU LEARN OR HEAR.That includes mine! Back it up with your own research and take others opinions/ v
So you've probably seen some of the changes going on at WA with their hosting. Here's some of my thoughts on what this really means.First of all what is the change?...Wealthy Affiliate is reducing the number of hosting websites you can access per account from 50 websites (25 own domains/ 25 free domains) to 10 websites (any type).When will this happen?This change is going to happen on Monday 16th March 2020.If you are a premium member before 16th March then you will be "grandfathered" into the
Have you ever read a book, where it feels like the author is speaking directly to you? Like they know exactly what's holding you back and what stage you're at? The last couple of weeks MJ DeMarco been helping me unlearn so much crap (can I write that here?!) we get taught throughout our whole lives... it’s genuinely pretty scary when you think about it!But it doesn’t have to be...His second book unscripted is very similar to taking the “red pill” in the matrix.If you hav
I know that title is weird... but this actually goes somewhere...I've been using the "pomodoro technique" (25 min work, 5 min rest) to improve productivity for a while now. And during my 5 mins "rest" I like to mix it up depending how I feel.Sometimes just sitting in silence helps...Apparently watching nature is the best way to relax your brain...But sometimes I feel like I need to do something and move! (like press ups, sit ups, yoga etc.)So I figured... why not finally learn what the 10 year
This has been inspired from other members that have left behind some clues in the past.But it's also so I can keep myself accountable as I know a lot of things are about to change over the coming months, and when change comes so does my productivity levels!Here's the statsSEO traffic- 6164 (up from 3200)New posts- 25Total posts- 225Words written- 64,896Refs- 45Upgrade- 7Recurring- 10I realised that I hadn't really been tracking things that I could control until recently. So things like how many
This is mindblowing and the first time I've seen this speed ever!I finished writing a post (yeah, I'm working by the pool today!)... Put it in Search Console...Checked Google...And I'm already ranking!!!... 3 minutes to get to second position.#wtf!Man I wish the days were 72 hours long I could just write on demand!By the way my website on Google doesn't say the date/ time it was posted... any ideas why or how I change that?Or is that a good thing that it doesn't show?Opinions are welcome :)....
So I heard someone say this the other day...Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. Well, people's stories like this may suggest otherwise... over 1 million dollars within 10 years is certainly not slow in my eyes. And making $100k in a week is pretty quick to me!The issue is, people mistake "get rich quic
So I just stumbled across a comment between two people that I have referred to WA.I have messaged them both regularly and they've both started an online business thanks to the help of WA. I feel like I knew them pretty well and they both have really amazing reasons as to why they are here... but there was one thing I didn't realise...They knew each other (in the real world!)It made me think of L.D. Sewells post that I read the other day...
February 04, 2020
So I started my podcast in January 2019.And I only joined Wealthy Affiliate and started my website in September 2018!I genuinely had no idea podcasts could actually make money when I started it (a bit like when I started a "blog" at the end of 2017... although it wasn't really a blog it was just me writing crap on a free wordpress site) am I allowed to write "crap"?... I've just done it twice now so I hope so!Why Did I Start a Podcast?The reason I started is kind of selfish to be honest... I wa