How To Be Really Successful With The Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: May 17, 2020

First things first; I want to say straight off; I am always getting New Members asking me: "How do I make money with Wealthy Affiliate?". All I can tell them is to start with the training; other than that; I will admit; I don't know. I am not saying that I don't know information about The Wealthy Affilate; I do. But, I am not sure what to tell new Members.

I want to say too; this is my 25th Blog with WA; so I wanted to make it special. No Offense meant to anyone; I just wanted this to be special.

But, to get to what I am saying; I am asking Really Successful Members? How does one become Really Successful with The Wealthy Affiliate? This is the meat of what I am asking? For Members here at The Wealthy Affiliate: How did you make a LOT of money and find success?

And I will say; yes; the training is important; but there is more than that; for myself for instance; I sort of missed this. How to make a successful post on our Websites? I sort of missed out or did not pay enough attention; and this is for New Members too; can Members who make Successful Posts; please either give an Example of a money making and successful post; or put a link to one?

Also; I would prefer if Members put typed answers; but if Successful Members want to put links? That is okay.

If I have missed anything in being Really Successful here at WA: I ask Really Successful Members to talk about it?

As I said; for the last while: I have been having new Members asking me how to be successful with WA? But, this is for myself too; and as I said; I may have missed out on how to make a Really Successful Post. So, if Really Successful Members want to talk about it? Or put up links to some? That would be great.

And of course; I am talking about putting them on the reply part of this blog. If Members want to post elsewhere too; that is alright; but please put some Replies on this blog?

I hope no one minds if I put up my Email Address? I put it up on all my work; just in case someone tries to steal my work. So, I put up my Email Address just to verify that I am the Typer of this work. If anyone minds? Please PM me; and then I will go to Kyle and Carson and ask if I have to take off my Email Address? And if they say I have to? I will take off my Email Address. But, I prefer to have verification with my Emial Address that any work that I do is mine.

Thank you:


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JKulk1 Premium
It's fairly easy to find fellow members that have of are successfully here. If you scroll down your dashboard page it will eventually bring up success stories. Just of the top of my head I can think of a few. Littlemamma (Grace), Nathaniel, Israel. It also depends in your definition of success, my websites are still struggling a bit but I feel successful in that I purchase domain names that I feel are potential asset increasing ones. To date I have been reasonably successful with them.
JKulk1 Premium
Jay at Magi Studios and Jerry Huang are two more. I know there are heaps more, all it takes is to do a little research
michaelw777 Premium
Thanks for the advice. I am trying to get this blog as informative as possible; if Really Successful Members want to continue to Contribute? That would be great. Thanks again.
michaelw777 Premium
Okay, I did this before; and made a mistake; so this time I won't make the same mistake. And if anyone is offended by what I do here? Please take it up with me rather than complaining? And I am going to say again. If anyone has a complaint: Please take it up with me?

"There is an easy answer to all these questions and it is a very simple one.
Install Yoast SEO plug in and they will guide you along the way.
It may be annoying at times however you will get better at writing and achieve greater SEO."

I am quoting hanley here. Please pay attention. I am giving the original Author Credit. I am quoting hanley here; OKAY? I gave the Original Author Credit.

And once again; I am quoting hanley; OKAY?
michaelw777 Premium
Sorry if I was a bit miffed. But, last time; it did not seem that Members read the full Comment I made; so I wanted to make sure it was clear. And last time I offered the Author Credit; but did not mention the Author in the post. But, I offered credit; and no one read that. So, just being sure this time.
michaelw777 Premium
And I offered hanley credit; if hanley wanted to take it? Just saying. Now, I will just put the Author from now on.
CandP Premium
Pardon my ignorance but, who is Hanley? And to whom is this post directed? I don't see anyone having posted a comment or asking a question.
michaelw777 Premium
Okay, first; if you go down the comments; you will see a comment by hanley; it is way down. That is why I made the new comment; I wanted it a little higher.

As for the rest of your question; hanley is the original Author first things first. And as for whom the post is directed at? I will say this; I got into trouble; and it was because someone did not read my original comment and reported me.

There are those here on WA; who like to report other Members. This is true; and if I get in trouble for saying it. It proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

But, there are Members here on WA; who like reporting other Members when that Member makes a mistake. And rather than talking to that Member; they report a Member who makes a mistake. That is not all The Members here on WA; but I am guessing a few. So, it is directed at those Members.

For the full situation; I might already be getting myself into trouble. So, but I have said this. And if you read the comment I made; you might see more; hope this informs you that there are Members on WA who enjoy reporting other Members instead of just talking to that Member.
michaelw777 Premium
Oh,and I am just going to say; once you are reported; you are blocked from "Write Access.", in other Words you can't put any typing on WA. And you can't answer questions.

And once again; the meat of the comments was directed at Members who like to report other Members when they make a mistake. Yes, there are those types of Members here on WA.

Instead of just talking to you; they report you; and you get blocked; so be careful, okay? And this is true; I have been through it more than once. They like to report Members who make mistakes. And they enjoy reporting new Members too.

I am just saying; there are Members like that here on WA; and if I get reported for saying it; it really proves they are there.
bluemagic64 Premium
Wow! This is a very interesting blog to think. I am asking myself always how I will be one of these people makes tons and tons of money. Yes, you are right Michael find hard to explain to co-members in here, especially those are new and no experience in what is Affiliate Marketing all about.

If they are thinking on the first place they want to earn money by doing nothing. Their mind set....not a kind of work hard for money. Then, this is not a quick easy click of fingers money.

For me this is an online course to learn. If I will go to School to become a successful entrepreneur that cost a lot of money for me.

I am to the point that I learn a lot in here. The subscription I pay every year and the knowledge I learn more than enough.

Anyway, nice Blog Mike...Keep up the good work!


michaelw777 Premium
Now, first things first; I am going to get to the meat of the matter; and then go into other stuff. "Install Yoast SEO plug in and they will guide you along the way.
It may be annoying at times however you will get better at writing and achieve greater SEO."

Now, a Member suggested this and it is there for anyone to see. If that Member wants credit? That Member can contact me; if that Member wants to? Or just put a comment that it was what they put.

And the Member said: "It was an easy Answer to all the questions."

So, I think and that Member can post again if that Member wants to? That to create better posts in Wordpress and on our sites; try Yoast SEO Plug In? And I am going to ask that Member; please put another Comment?

I am putting this; because this got buried; and it is something that can Help Members Really Succeed. So I am putting this again.

And it was buried under a TON of other Comments.

I just want to say too; I may have gotten off wrong with some Members. I didn't realize that I may have offended some Members? So, I Apologize. But, what I have put here is the kind of information I was sort of looking for. And it was buried.

And one more time; I will ask the Member who originally put this comment; to please comment again and explain more? No Offense meant; I am just not putting the Member; in case that Member does not want to be mentioned? It is possible.

One more time; if I offended some Members; I did not mean to. But, information like mentioned and other Information is what I am seeking.

Thank you and Thank you in Advance. And if I Offended Members? I Apologize.
michaelw777 Premium
And I think; just to say; that Member Meant Yoast SEO All In One Plug In. It would help Members with their posts; so that their posts in Wordpress and on their sites would get better ranking. And be more Profitable. If that Member wants to Comment again? Please do?
Linda103 Premium
You are being given advice and yet do not take it.
The really successful people expect you to find the answers the same way they did by learning and following the training.
Have you asked your mentor, the person you joined through?

If that person cannot or will not help then you have to find the answers to those questions in the training yourself. Follow the training and watch Jays webinars and you will learn the answers.
The information you find yourself is the information that will help you the most.
michaelw777 Premium
Yes, I Understand that; yet; I did the training. I did complete the training; and like I tell People now; I did not take notes; so I am now saying to new Members to take notes.

But, I wanted to say here too; I wanted to create an easier way to get the information Members need. For instance; and I mentioned this; there was a Video that was an hour to get the information I needed with no text.

I am not being rude here; but I wanted to create a text; mostly: A Text mostly blog of advice in replies from Members who are Very Successful; I don't really have the time right now to sit an hour for an easy question. So, I wanted to create this blog.

Not only for me; but for other Members too; I wanted to ask Really Successful Members to give advice on here.

And I don't want to sound uppity; but I am just going to say; myself; and maybe other Members don't have the time to repeat all the training all over again; or watch a video that is an hour or longer.

No Offense meant; just explaining. Please take no Offense.
Linda103 Premium
If you want to be successful then you have to make the time to repeat the training or do other training available.
There are no shortcuts. Really successful people are really busy building their empires having done the training and every possible training they can.
Read blogs on here, many impart knowledge on what they have learnt, a easier way to do things, new tools they have found etc.

You should put your website you built while training on your profile and your social media accounts.
Social media is a very important part of having an online business. If people don't see you, they wont visit your site to buy from you.
When you create blog posts on YOUR website you should share them on social media. It brings traffic to your site.
It does take time and effort however but is worth it if you want to be successful.
I don't think writing posts on here (the WA Platform) and breaking rules by adding links in them is going to help you become successful.
michaelw777 Premium
I think I already talked to you. If you want? Review what I said last time and get back to me. I don't know if you looked at what I put last time? If you did not? No Offense meant. But, please if you have not already? Look over what I said last time.

But, I am just going to say here; to not be rude. I created this blog; and am asking Members for their advice: Really Successful Members; and I will give one reason. I looked for something here on WA. Couldn't find it; and only found a one hour video; it was just a simple question. And I did not feel like watching a one hour video to just answer a simple question. So, that is why I created this blog; and other reasons and am asking Really Successful Members for advice.

If you are going to put another reply? Please look over my first reply; and then look over this. Would you please just look over my replies before getting back to me?