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Can wrongly dissaproved comments be removed please?

Can wrongly dissaproved comments be removed please?

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I have six comments that I feel is wrongly dissaproved. It upsets me because I loose credibility. I make a lot of effort with giving comments as I rely on good quality commen

You said you're going through Site Comments and arriving at blank posts? I'm not sure I understand.

It's an entirely blank post with just a comments section?

yes, it is a blank page. One of them had "home" only in the middle of the page

i can give you links if you like, one of these sites has been completely removed in the meantime.

I guess my question is, if you see that there’s no content on the page why would you try to leave a comment? Definitely back out of those and save your comments for actual content.

I thought it's either that or skip the comment, with both I loose.

It's totally ok to skip. You can also back out of the whole thing and try again. :) At least now you know.

yes, thank you Eric

Hi - you don't have to skip the comment request, simply click back on your browser, or go to another page on WA.

Then, when you go back to the Comments section later, hopefully, that particular post request will have gone and you will be presented with another one. That way, your skip rate isn't affected.

Remember, that a comment will be published on their website, so if you are offering advice to help out, then yes, the owner will likely disapprove it, as it wouldn't be appropriate to be seen by visitors.

oh wow, what a fantastic idea, thank you Diane. I will surely do this in future when this happens again.


May be you want to reach out | direct your question to Kyle on their profile space


Hi, thank you for your reply Abie. Why do you refer me to them on their profiles for this? Is it a sensitive question? I am just curious.
I will refer my question to them too, thank you.

I do strongly believe that I am not the only one who experienced this situation with the same sites recently. I can see from comments on these pages, that this was a problem for a few of us.

We are members like you and limited to what we can do.

Kyle can help out here, why I referred you. Hope that's okay, to get your situation figured out.

But I see Diane has a suggestion.

oh yeah Abie, you are right. I always forget, in my mind everyone at WA is experts at everything, and they all can do anything. I am usually the one dragging behind.... Just joking, but you're right, I will surely contact Kyle about this. Thank you for the great suggestion.
I like Diane's suggestion a lot. I will surely do this one too.

Thanx Abie and have a great day

You're very welcome.

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