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I actually did a blog like this before; and did not get much of a response; so I am doing it again. I want to ask? Can Successful Members who succeed with their posts or articles: Can those Members please give advice on how to make a successful post or article? Not only that; and I will put a Disclaimer in here; can Members who have made at least $1000.00 off of a Successful Article; can those Members please leave a link to the successful article or post? So, that myself and other Members
I am just asking here; and I will give some Information too; which Sites are best to Post The Wealthy Affiliate Links on? I am talking about the links; that if someone joins a Member should make money eventually. And I am talking about Websites. Two examples are Linkedin and Facebook. I am asking for Information for Websites or Social Sites that Wealthy Affiliate Links can be posted on? I will say for myself; and this is only my experience; if you think you will have trouble with this? Do
First; this is my 27th Blog; so I wanted to make it special. And Members have been asking me about Jaaxy. So, this is my Response. Now, I must say; I actually had to do a Google Search to find this. I tried here in WA; and I wasn't able to find the link I am putting up. The only thing I found was a Video about an hour. And I didn't want to take an hour to learn about Jaaxy. No Offense to anyone here. I am just saying; as I have said; I don't always have time. And I didn't think I had a
Now, I have Published several E Books; and I am going to name 5 Free E Book Publishers here. I am doing this for Members; who may want to Publish an E Book Free. But, they don't know which one to use. Also I am doing this for Members who are just starting out trying to Publish an E Book Free. I am doing this for myself a little too. Because I will ask Members who know Free E Book Publishers to mention which ones they use? Other than the ones I state. So, if other Members know free E Book
First things first; I want to say straight off; I am always getting New Members asking me: "How do I make money with Wealthy Affiliate?". All I can tell them is to start with the training; other than that; I will admit; I don't know. I am not saying that I don't know information about The Wealthy Affilate; I do. But, I am not sure what to tell new Members. I want to say too; this is my 25th Blog with WA; so I wanted to make it special. No Offense meant to anyone; I just wanted this to be
This is Paraphrasing and Quoting. The first thing I will say; is that when doing this; you have to give Credit to the Original Maker of the material. Now, I am not sure? But, I am pretty sure; that with this; it is enough; to list the website you got the original material from. You at least have to list the website; and if you want to; you can put in front of it: "Source.". You don't need quotation marks for that. Now, for Paraphrasing; you are puttng the material in your own words. In
I'm just going to say; if you have more than one Niche Idea? It may be a great idea to Generalize. If you have more than one Niche Idea. Rather than having to get a bunch of Sites. You may want to combine your Niche Idea into one Niche Title? I'm not really going to go into examples too much. But, if you can and you have more than one Niche Idea? And if you want to? You could ask The Community here at WA for help on combining them. I'm just saying; if you have a bunch of stuff you wan
Okay, if you want to get Free Images on Google; you might want to try this first; and see if it is enough: Try "Free Images Plus your Subject Plus Images." And after that; you will see a bunch of websites; but if you want to? Try Clicking Images in the top left Corner. Now, if you don't want to do that; try this: Try: "Royalty Free Images Plus Copyright Free Images: Plus Free Images; and your subject; and Images.". Now, when I say Plus; I mean you don't have to put "Plus" And you don't
This is 7 Free Social Sites that you can post on. If you know them all; well; I am trying to help. The first is Facebook; if you have more than one account? You might try both Accounts. If you have job groups that post on your page? You need to join them first. But, you can put WA Links in Comments; but eventually Facebook will say something about "Community Standards" When that happens; change to another WA Link. From what I know; Links are in Banners and Links and Tracking here on WA
This is for New Members who might be having problems finding a Niche. In Google or whatever Search Engine or Browser you use. Try looking up: "Amazon Associates.". And you can do it without the quotes. Look up Amazon Associates on Google; or say Firefox. Once you have joined Amazon Associates; there are Tons of Products; that can help you choose a Niche. I did Blog about this before: I think? But, if you have problems with the tax forms; try Site Support first; they are in Websites at