My Website Traffic Reaches 70% Increase In 7 Days

Last Update: June 08, 2019

Update: I'm working on a 5-day FREE email course about this one. And it's not complete yet. All you need to do is to sign for it while you wait until the course commences. Within it, I'll be putting my 5-year online writing experience in this one. So, if you're up to learn how I write killer blog posts, sign up.

Although I've been taking some time to write my next epic post, I noticed that my website traffic keeps increasing to almost 70% in the last 7 days after I followed the strategies here on Wealthy Affiliate. That surprised me, though.

All I did was following the tips from the first level now to the third level. I did nothing except this.Writing high-quality content.

If you recalled my previous post about this, I emphasized the need for quality content (and even Kyle mentioned this in training himself) to give a long-lasting impression to both Google and your readers (your potential customers).


This is how my website traffic looks like after applying all the strategies here + #1 secret to effective content marketing. You see my bounce rate decreases alongside the increase of sessions within the last 7 days.

By the way, if you want to leverage you content, feel free to send me a message. I'll be willing to teach you how.

And in those times, all I did is publish 1 high-quality post and write another one while I pinned an image to Pinterest. That's it. Nothing else.

As of now, I'm taking my time to write my next blog post which is quite long (you remember my post about 85 writing tools?), and it will take more time than I expected before I complete it.

At the same time, I earned my first $25 as an affiliate + 1 referral to Jaaxy. How great is that, yo! *woohoo*


While I accomplish this less than a month as a Premium Member, I feel thrilled and grateful to the immense support of the community.

I admit that before joining WA, I felt lonely whenever I achieve this kind of things. I have nobody to share these accomplishments because nobody could relate and understand what I was doing and how a 70% traffic increase means.

Now, I feel reassured that I have a community whom I could lean on and could understand what I was doing. I haven't felt like this since I attended school. It does feel different when you have people who motivate and urge you to do more.

I'm still working with my next post. It takes a lot of time before I could update the 85 writing tools in details. If you want to be updated, follow me. On the other hand, if you're going to ask for my help, you can send me a message. I'll be delighted to be of assistance. *winks*

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JAHisgreat Premium
With the rate you're going, and the passion, you'll soon be seeing increases you've never dreamed of attaining! Kudos, and more, MGaspary!

Thanks and cheers!

MGaspary Premium
Thank you so much for that, Edgar! It really means a lot to me!
AmyHD Premium
Great job! Amazing result in such a short time. I like your website layout.
MGaspary Premium
Oh, Amy! I'm glad you did. The website has been in a lot of ups and downs in the last 6 months from one theme to the other. I'm glad I used Studio Press Themes to achieve that look. :)
NormanS1 Premium
I have had a tripling of my traffic in the last two months. I think it has to do with quality content and longer content. I am excited for your success. Making some money-- that is great.
MGaspary Premium
Yes, it does. Google loves high-quality content. Although the outcomes won't show up the first few days, especially for new websites, but there's no doubt that's the #1 thing in the algorithm. Why? Because it attracts backlinks. :)
ClareKangaC Premium
That is fantastic!!! keep up the great work!!!!!!
MGaspary Premium
Thank you so much for that, Clare! :)
Cherry21 Premium
Congrats on your success. Keep it going. Be Blessed.
MGaspary Premium
Thank you for that, Cherry! Be blessed, too! :)